Monthly Archives: April 2014

Something in Dongwan

As you know, some time ago a great things happened in China.Dongguan is seen as China’s sex cities, where sex is acquiescence.Many people like to look for a beautiful escort.The escort agency is everywhere, hotel, bar , bath center.Where you want to have, where more than you think. Although I have never been to Dongguan escort agency, but I am… (more…)

I like my life now

Now I’m trying to let my heart feels comfortable.This is a very enjoy thing, just like my attitude towards life.People always confused in their present situation, has neglected the original method can make oneself happy. Perhaps some people will need to find ways to release the emotion, in your sad. before I was the same, but now I don’t like… (more…)

When I am wake up in a dream, this is how disappointing.

I had a dream last night, about sex.But in a dream, something makes me uncomfortable, I was woke up.This is how unfortunate. Last night, my goddess appears is in my dream, she is like a lascivious escort in New York.In the dream, she ask me to go with her to travel.As you know, this is a very exciting things.Walk on… (more…)