Still confuse with not even one customer call for your escort service?

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If you’re new for escort agency.After first round spread,you still don’t get any call for your escort service.
You may post a little backpage ads,just have new website,post some free ad in category website or you post the ads in eros.
Be patient or get out of this circle.this is true.a lot of new escort agency don’t earn any money for first three months or more.I’m not kidding you,they talk to me about can said they lied to me,it doesn’t matter.
Not only in escort service,like 2 years ago,me and my friend try to sell sexy toys in new york.our target is the chinese in us.i don’t find any competitor in new york sell this online or they don’t know how to improve their website’s rank in Google.
Anyway,i get the rank in Google easily.a lot of keywords are top 1 in Google.but no one call me for service or buy my product in my website.I’m almost get despair.
But things changed after 3 month.i don’t why,more and more customer call me for product or buy product in my websites.
Laterly,i build the first new york escort get the same result.i call this “D3”,means “delay for 3 month”.
The another wired thing happens,but i gonna show you in next topic.

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