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New Algorithm about new york asian escort,should we change the website’s structure

New Algorithm about new york asian escort Just show up 3 days before,some people may not agree with me,they will said it update more than 1 month,but affect to “escort” keywords just get big change for 3 days before.even i find out some website have changed their rank in mobile phone’s searching result,i remember one of my website:,searching “new york… (more…)

After google’s Hummingbird update,search any keywords about new york asian escort have a big change.

The picture in the top is the new result for searching new york asian escort. I block some website,because those website’s owner is a asshole.why?check below you will know. If you’re new york escort agency,you will know half years before,a lot of people can post their business on google maps easily.because that can Attractive┬ámore people and earn the money much… (more…)