When I am wake up in a dream, this is how disappointing.

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I had a dream last night, about sex.But in a dream, something makes me uncomfortable, I was woke up.This is how unfortunate.

Last night, my goddess appears is in my dream, she is like a lascivious escort in New York.In the dream, she ask me to go with her to travel.As you know, this is a very exciting things.Walk on the road, she was naturally took hold of my hand.Chat with me, on purpose.The moves was made me very excited.

In the evening, we live in the same room.Although there are two beds, but I prefer to sleep with her.Just as I was lying on the bed, the goddess was knocking at my door.I open the door, she said, tonight is very cold, I can sleep with you?I immediately answer, sure,this is my honored, welcome.She was wearing sexy pajamas, like a lascivious escort in New York.

If according to the development of the plot, the next will be my best moment with her.But this moment, I was woke up.When I wake up to the first sentence is shit.You know, this is my most don’t want to happen.I haven’t enjoy intercourse with her.Being as to why I wake up, I will not say, it doesn’t matter.

Because have not mark love in a dream, I’m going to New York escort agency tonight, looking for a sexy New York escort.So, at least I can finish what didn’t happen last night, it was my physiological needs.But now, I still very angry about woken up last night.It is just like my dream of being robbed, this is how angry.

Woken up in the dream, this is how disappointing.

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