New York escort of love

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Recently I saw a post on the Internet, love about New York escort.I’m curious, now that a girl has a job as a escort, her love how can again?

I am hold curiosity entered the site.It was a sexy New York escort to write their own posts, the content of the lot.Life of New York escort, escort’s work in New York, New York escort of love.Perhaps this post is written in others, in the real life doesn’t work, but I still admire him for his imagination.Because the post is good here.

With everybody share some simple, sexy New York escort in life have a boyfriend, but the man doesn’t know his girlfriend is a New York escort.So their life is very sweet at first, their friends was envy men have such a beautiful girlfriend.But one day it was made known to man, this is a very bad thing.

The end of the story and I don’t think the same, and you can think of is different also.The ending is, men have long known that his girlfriend is a New York escort, but he didn’t say it.Because he is afraid of losing her, his love is the soul, rather than the body.Although the later, the girl was change work, they got married.

Maybe the real life there have not this thing, but I like this story, because it is very beautiful love.Next time I go to New York escort agency, I can ask New York escort view on this post.The attitude to this thing and how did you?

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