Never think being a escort agency in new york is easy.

being a escort agency in new york

Never think being a escort agency in new york is easy.

Let me tell you the truth: after half month,more i do , more i know about escort agency.There have two different kinds of service.we call them: incall service or outcall service.

Remember the first time customer ask me if i can do SEO for NY Escort keywords, I can’t get it,because escort is not a simple words.Escort service seems like is only for outcall,at least in means.Maybe i have misunderstanding with this words. I don’t even talk about this with local if that would be possible i call incall as one of escort agency.

Most of escort agency in new york are working on incall.They may open the massage spa or rent an apartment for those girls.they post the ad in their country’s News.For this thing, if you have enough young girls and enough lucky,you will earn money with this.But you have to know one thing,about this,it’s illegal.My friends have a job before for working as driving for NYC escort girl.Because the police’s chase make him quit his job.

For incall,young escort girls always try to find better escort agency,if you can help them to earn more money.It means you won’t have stable escort girls.If you wanna be safe,i have to hire two people,a operator and a driver.It means you at least have 3 girls,so you can earn the money.before this,there will have enough reason to make you quit.  You need to pray the police don’t arrest you.when you work with this,you have enough escort girl. and the ad is good enough to help you attract enough customer.If you have a family with you,they will stop you doing this.Before this work out,there will have hundreds problem pop up.

But,there’s one way you can success,you have to believe you can make it and never doubt with it.and learn everything from competitor.Work hard and lucky.There’s so many people wanna see you down,they don’t hope you have good achievement on this. I told my friend about this,a lot of them just talk about this like joke and deep in the words ,they want you down more than others.That’s human psychology.I work for job website before,after i quit that job,i hope the other competitors will down on this.The thing i wanna tell you is if you wanna have do better on this,trust yourself and believe yourself,never confuse by friend’s words or family’s words.Maybe they’re right and they hope you have better choice.But once you in,you really don’t wanna take a shoot before you quit ?

For escort girls ?

Don’t ever think they’re easy.Have you ever try robbed by customer and tie you in the chair,then rape your month.Have you ever stay in the jail for 24 hours with hungry and depressed.Don’t say you understand.Hearing those from their calm sound.I know they went through more hard than this before.I don’t like to write escort article until i met them. I find out i really wanna share the story about them with you guys.please be gentle with them.

Couple days before,one boss ask me if i wanna come back and work with them(wholesale company). I think it for long time,i ask myself if i really wanna stop right now and put the 3 years experience with escort and seo in the trash.I’m not a guy who working really hard.only i saw something i really make it works.That remind me the first time to do something i never do before.

I’m the one who wanna change the escort’s world.The new escort world that i made,escort girl can work safe and easy.The customer can find the hot escort girl they want.I hope this gonna work more easy.less rob,less cheat.After watching thousands movie,we know the time we can enjoy is really short.

I hope one day i don’t need to write any article about escort girl,they will share them in our group.It seems like some words look like useless,but you have to say it.Now, I’m telling you that i won’t back with not excuse.


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