The real me in escort agency

hot Asian escort

“I need a hero to save the” this is a sexy escort said to me.

In my opinion, girls are wish they have a hero;Each men all hope oneself can be a hero.At least this is what I want, I hope I can become a superman.

Since the childhood, I hope I am a superman, I have a lot of skills, very strong, have a clever mind, nothing I don’t know.But now I what also have no, whenever I see the hero in the movie, I hope that I am a superman.There are a lot of beauty like me, have a lot of friends rely on me.

Sexy escort said to me, I need a hero.I said, maybe I am your hero.As you think, maybe this is just a joke.But you don’t know what I was thinking.Yes, I don’t think this is a joke.Because I hope myself is a hero, the hero of all women.

If you have such idea, that means you like me.When I was a child, we want to be a superman, but now we have to do a ordinary person.Want never to win, because we dare not to imagine now.How sad it is.

I like to go to New York escort agency, because in that I can release myself.Escort will never take you seriously, this is just a joke.But for me, this is my real think.

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