After the woman naked, what they need?The six chapter

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I don’t know the first few article to be of help?No matter useful or useless, today I want to mention this topic finally, after about women naked, what they need?
The previous article content has told everyone how to sex.Today I want to say is that after sex.My New York Asian escort friends was remind me.I was in New York Asian escort agency after sex, sexy Asian escort was call me holding her.
“After sex, I think more tenderness,” this is a woman of inner thoughts.Some women complain that men to sleep.Indeed, many men after orgasm, no move closer.But at the moment, the woman wants more hug or can chat for a while, it can make them more satisfied.
Like a man’s penis after ejaculation, also like in a woman’s vagina for a minute.Because it is feels more comfortable and enjoy the warm after sex.I think,a lot of women like to enjoy warm after sex, so they will feel more happy.Men, don’t loathe to give up to, so will make you more comfortable.
Come to think of my past, I didn’t do it.After sex, I was choose sleep basic .Because I was already very tired.But after the experience, have sex and sexy Asian escort.I know, give a woman a little warm at the end of the sex, so that she would prefer to have sex with me.
Hope this post articles are helpful to your sex, this is I want to get in return.

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