Forget about trying improve your new york escort website’s Google rank!

new york escort

Forget about trying improve your new york escort website‘s Google rank!

Recently i usually write some article about new york escort and how to improve your escort business everyday.And post the link and title in Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest.

Do you know what happen? My friend told me that he can get some calls from those websites.i was so curious about this situation before,i was thinking maybe about old customer.and i find out nothing about’s about Facebook.yes,it’s of new york escort Facebook already have 300 friends.I Guess all the customer from there,because i got none of top 30 Google rank.

And,there’s something i wanna told you also,before i got top 10 Google rank with “new york asian escort”,don’t have that good Influence.

Even i still not sure about those data,but i guess more than 80%. Anyway ,I gonna try to prove this as i i decide spend more time in Facebook,not more about Google.

You know,we want Google rank,because it can bring us more customer,but i just find the other awesome way,and it’s more easily.

How ?

Build your own new york escort Facebook,post some picture more like real women in our life,not for model.if your Facebook attract more will see the “result”.

So,if you still spend a lot of money to hire seoer to improve your new york escort rank in Google,just stop it.

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