Guo meimei’s one night over 50 thousand dollars.

Guo meimei's one night

Guo meimei’s one night over 50 thousand dollars.Guo meimei is a network star in china.That’s absolutely high class luxury escort.I hear about Chinese movie have higher price than this.Even i think these are so many Asian girls hotter than them.It shows one more thing : situation and opportunities affect the escort price directly.

Even “Is escort service legal or not!?” already be top 4 topic in china,other three are “one child policy should be continue or not!?”,”transgenic should be support or reject!?”,”when do china attack japan/Vietnam/Philippines!?”,until now,There still only have some people can make this clear.In avoid to make this transfer to another topic,I’m not going to use the event for Guo meimei to spread out the conclusion about escort’s legal,But i can use economic to view this rationality with “Guo meimei’s one night over 50 thousand dollars.”

Similar like “escort service” already have in early of Qin,those escort service had enough market size and update’s history.In theory,they can merchandise as listing deal method,Make price clear must make sure those business can still work stable.Because of complicated external factors in contemporary society,make this oldest industries changed a lot by economic factors,the first one is about price tactics.

Why?Is escort girl should be high-income group in anywhere?sure,make Beijing as example,whoever the one work on the spa or work in the high-class community,those escort girls come from Two lakes in northeastern,Szechuan have different accent and good or bad service can make the money same as model.In order to defend entrapment and high-risk transaction,begin as Asian escort rate. spa  and clubhouse’s rate have big improvement.Such as Yihai(The clubhouse name,high-class clubhouse),before two clock can have push oil and masturbation service,now at least for 4 clock,even some company’s request should have membership for 1 year VIP.Even in the small business,because of “law’s threaten”,they only support Eros service in second time you come to their place(So,they can put down the guard).

But it can’t still stop escort girl’s rate,according to “one view” magazine’s data report,average escort service’s rate is 140,But according to Mr. orange estimate(who work in hotel),this rate should near 200,even in the big city,the price can only around 1000 -2000.So if those Asian escorts work for twice except menstrual period,their salary for month will over 8800(whole country),big city should over 66000.

One ounce silver(Old currency in China),If one ounce silver equal 400(calculation method is too complicate,so we take the middle price ) .Asian escort have excellent salary in long time ago,gold collar is not enough for them,diamond collar is more proper —From <Yu Chun Tang>(PS: Chinese Peking opera),When Su san meet the Asian hooker,he spend 300 ounce silver,and he spend 36 thousand ounce silver for Asian escort service within one year.If you don’t get it clear,let us talk it in currency right now.Su san spend 120 thousand for one time escort service.and the year fee for Asian escort service is 14.4 million.fen Meng Long(Novelist in Ming dynasty)’s novel have related narrative,Wang mei liang(Famous Asian hooker in Hangzhou)’s first night worth 300 ounce silver(over 120 thousand RMB equal 20 thousand dollars),each time for 10 ounce silver(4000 ,and 10 ounce means can feed one family have 3 people for 1year) after first night.Even the price is high,there still have so many customers.Unbelievable is about the officer in tang dynasty write the own book by his real life<bei li zhi>, refereed to view the famous Asian hooker cost 100 ounce silver(40 thousands).Bai ju yi(he was a Chinese famous poet of the Tang Dynasty and officer. )’s annual wages can only pay for twice.

Any people who have regular education can see it,4000/time and “so many customer in the city” can’t describe the situation for Asian escort service in china now.If there’s have more reason and lack of sophisticated statistics make you don’t believe it .OK,let’s see <economic people> magazine how to describe escort service rate’s vary.In 1911,NY escort’s income equal normal worker income Multiplied by 385%. Move on to the 2007,the number drop down to 144%.

Yes,not only in china,Asian escort earn less money than before in every countries.Such as  nycsupermodelsclub ,Top-est escort website in USA,have top-est escort girl in New York(another escort service in twitter ,Facebook ,Back-page can’t never compare with them). the rate for hour can’t over 1200 dollars (7200 RMB). There’s something you have to know in medieval Europe,famous hookers will cost you 4 or 5 gold for one kiss,equal to white collar’s six month salary,if overnight for 100 gold,that would be 10 years salary for white collar.

What happen for this ?why ?

Think about it,one century before,except escort service,how do men enjoy the extra happiness.Not more we-chat,Facebook,twitter,momo,QQ and internet.don’t have fast and cheap transport,face to to the girl who live the same community is too hard to talk in dirty and don’t have one night stand’s friend who can call anytime you sentence — Non-commercial sexual communication is too hard to achieve.Even it looks like so expensive,but this escort service have another advantage,forced marriage or accident pregnant won’t annoying you .So,1933~  1942, over 20% men end up their virgin life with hooker in USA.


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