Clever use a condom, I from sexy New York Asian escort the know!


I often go to New York Asian escort agency, so I know a lot of Asian escort.This is very good, because I know   a lot from them, such as how clever try condoms, increase the pleasure of mark love.

Now, I share it with all of you several methods:

1, If you are very good of sex, you can choose to make some lubricant in a condom, when playing, you can feel double stimulation, very comfortable!

2, for premature ejaculation man, can take two condoms.After take a condom, on the package glans place a circle of toilet paper, don’t be too thick, if not you will not ejaculation one hour.

3, to prepare a condom, the condom off, with a rubber band, set in the glans ditch, and then take a   condom, ensure that your woman all climax, stimulating!

4.Take a condom, and then cut off the front, pay attention to the second don’t hurt yourself, and then in a set, the play also is to have fun!

After putting on a condom you may need to jerk yourself off for a second to get it a bit harder before you stick it in her.

At ordinary times,I andsexy New York Asian escort in this way, let me have mark love more interesting.

Maybe you can also try tonight, make sure that you won’t regret it.

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