I met a New York escort, in my work time.

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I am a mechanic, I work in the repair shop.But today I unfortunately run into a New York escort, in our maintenance shop.

I am a shy man, although I is an old man now.I’m not good at dealing with women, because they see I’m softhearted.When a beautiful woman standing in front of me, I will be nervous, don’t know how to speak.You can imagine, if standing before me was a sexy New York escort, what I would to do.My response might be worse than you might think.

Yes, I met a New York escort today, because her car in our maintenance, I repair her car.So, I met with her, but that’s not what I want.The New York escort has a slender figure, huge tits, black long hair and a pretty face.If let me go to look for a New York escort make love, I will choose her.

When I was in the car maintenance, she wanted to strike up a conversation with me, why is she wanted me to help her to do more things.I accepted her offer, you know, I can’t refuse.She used her sweet voice talking to me, I was stunned.Don’t know how should refuse to her, my penis are nodded.

Unfortunately I was criticized by the boss, because I do the foolish thing.The sexy New York escort, even to ask my number, it makes me very excited.But I know that she wants to that I help her to repair the car for free.If this can be free to make love with her, I am very willing to.

Looking forward to her call me, in the beautiful night.You know what I want, comfortable sex.

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