Late at night, don’t want to sleep.

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That night, I don’t want to sleep.This is not my physical needs, because I am thought of before.

A lot of people in the middle of the night also don’t sleep because they desire for sex, no matter men or women.Sometimes I also is such, but tonight my think is not that.I was memories before life with my girlfriend together.

Sometimes I will think sexy New York escort, because having sex with them is very interesting.But no matter how late, as long as I want to go, I’ll drive escort agency in New York.But one thing is I can’t, I can’t go to look for my former girlfriend.I often miss her, in the middle of the night.

This is a very happy, is also a pain.Happiness is our previous memories, painful is we broke up now.We didn’t even spoken, but I’d like to make friends with her.Know that she had a good life, that’s enough.

That night, I don’t want to sleep, it’s not because I couldn’t sleep.I’m just memories, memories of life with you together, I smiled.I was just in pain, the pain was you left, I cried.If I can return to the past, want to love you in good time, may be you will not leave.

Sometimes I find sexy New York escort, only physiological needs.The stars in the sky, just know how much I love you, goodbye my love.Shmily.

That night, I don’t want to sleep.In addition to you, who I can miss.Take good care of yourself, my love.

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