When a woman naked, they want is what?The first chapter


Because I often go to New York Asian escort agency

Thank you for your attention to my post, in the next few days, I will tell you, when your woman naked, they want you to do.About sex, many men feel like a successful people,have a lot of sexual knowledge and skills.However, the survey showed that many men do not understand women inner thoughts.

Because I often go to New York Asian escort agency, so I’m very familiar with sexy Asian escort.Also they taught me the knowledge,  after the sex life are of great help to me.

Now I share it with all of you.

“Talking happily can arouse my desire, the most”, this is a lot of woman’s inner thoughts.Before sex, women would like to talk to the man of your life and thoughts.They hope that husband and wife can relax on the couch to talk, or chat while walking.Then some man if you can say “I love you”, “I care about you” such lover-like speeches, women will therefore produce strong sexual desire.

It is like a suggest that make them prone to fantasy.Actually More women than men desire for sex, but sometimes they don’t show the inner thoughts.But this is not a sign that they don’t need.In fact, their response to sex to slowly, so they need a men to guide.When you call out their sexual desire, you will have a more wonderful sex.

Often with sexy Asian escort, let me know more knowledge about sex.If you want to know more information of sex, you pay attention to my post.I’ll say a lot of, you don’t know about sex.Because I have a lot of sexy Asian escort friends.

Clever use a condom, I from sexy New York Asian escort the know!


I often go to New York Asian escort agency, so I know a lot of Asian escort.This is very good, because I know   a lot from them, such as how clever try condoms, increase the pleasure of mark love.

Now, I share it with all of you several methods:

1, If you are very good of sex, you can choose to make some lubricant in a condom, when playing, you can feel double stimulation, very comfortable!

2, for premature ejaculation man, can take two condoms.After take a condom, on the package glans place a circle of toilet paper, don’t be too thick, if not you will not ejaculation one hour.

3, to prepare a condom, the condom off, with a rubber band, set in the glans ditch, and then take a   condom, ensure that your woman all climax, stimulating!

4.Take a condom, and then cut off the front, pay attention to the second don’t hurt yourself, and then in a set, the play also is to have fun!

After putting on a condom you may need to jerk yourself off for a second to get it a bit harder before you stick it in her.

At ordinary times,I andsexy New York Asian escort in this way, let me have mark love more interesting.

Maybe you can also try tonight, make sure that you won’t regret it.

Maybe we should try to mark love with the New York escort in the car

escort in front of mirror

Used to see in gossip, men and women have mark love in the car.There are some pictures you can see, online about the sexy New York escort and man.But now, I’ve seen in the park.

In the evening,I work overtime in the company, go home very late.Passing by park, I was amazed to see that side of the road a shaking car.So I watch the shaking car .I saw the car and there was two people groan.Just as I thought, they marking love.

I feel my penis grow larger, my whole body was very hot.I wish in the car.I guess that a woman must be a New York escort.

In a short time, the car stopped shaking.I see a sexy New York escort got off the car.Men give New York escort some money on the car, so New York escort be away.

I also want to what try to making love in the car, so I catch up with the New York escort, asked her what is the price of one.

The New York escort, said she is very tired today.Even if it is no use my penis very excited now, then I have to go home.

Maybe next time, I was going to New York escort agency, may I ask if this is the service.Make love in the car is also a very good feeling.But the premise is that you need to find a secret place.If you’re having sex on being a: excuse me, it’s going to be a very unfortunate thing.

I will try to share with you the next time, the feelings of making love in the car.

If you have just come back from New York escort agencies, should be how to decorate themselves.

big tits escort model


I have a wife, but I also often go to New York escort agency.Get married for many years, I am tired of mark love with my wife.So I often go to New York escort agency, looking for a sexy New York escort, through a wonderful night.

And beautiful New York escort after making love, I have to go home, because my wife is waiting for me.But now,I have problems, how to do can not found by my wife.As you know, and the New York escort after make love easily leave fragrance, lipstick and so on.Women are sensitive animals.If you don’t to decorate yourself, it is easy to be found.

Let me have multiple experiences.Now, I share it with all of you.

First, don’t throw your phone in New York escort agency.

Second, change the name of the New York escort to leader, in the mobile phone.

Third, to point the wine in own body, cover up the smell of New York escort.

Fourth, wash your face, don’t leave prove.

Fifth, check your clothes, don’t leave a human hair.

Sixth, to drunk, go home to speak less as far as possible.

These are my many years of experience, hope to help everyone.If you like me, and share your method to me.Let us home wife said, you are very good.

At the same time, I also want to, and everybody discuss about the New York escort together.This is very normal, because this is the man’s common hobby.

When you meet New York escort online, what would you do?

take shower with escort girl

When you meet   New York escort online, what would you do?
A few days before the evening, I got a bottle in the QQ and write inside, who came out to accompany me to drink?Is the master of the bottle is right around the corner, so I’ll reply his telephone number 135 * * * * * * *not for a moment the phone rang, came the voice of a girl ‘
She : where are you
me: I live in   * * street
She :let us meet in * * bar
me : well, see you later
It happened so suddenly that I didn’t think she’s really not only call me, but also go out with me.The phone girl’s voice is sweet, I can’t wait to see her.
In * * bar the door, I saw a cute and sexy woman.I called the number to confirm, yes she is.We said hello to each other, in the corner of the bar and sat down.Not too much, we began to drink.Between her and me that she is a  New York escort, complain about work with me.I just told him that I am a salesman, is more often heard her say.
Drank about, she said want to go to tonight I sit over there.As you suppose, after we had a wonderful night.I haven’t wake up the next morning, she left.
She will find when I’m unhappy, we complain about each other, and encourage each other.But we never tell each other each others name.Because we know that each others name is not important, the important thing is the time we spent together.I look forward to, she is my little for him, too.


what if you have a friend as new york escort girl

imba sexy escort

If you have a friend as new york escort girl, what would you want to.Will ignore her, continue to make friends with her.
    In my college time, met a escort girl in New York.she is the student of our school.

At first I was surprised, why she will go to a part-time do New York escort.One day she asked me, would you hate me.I can’t speak, I look at you.
    That day she and I said a lot, including her why to do New York escort.Get the job for New York escort, she says, is not lack of money, can buy the things like;Can do what you like;Don’t have to ask family for money, and so on.
    I think she said yes, own a lot less trouble.Not only the happy life, and didn’t do anything bad.Everyone’s choice is not the same, values also don’t understand, but I think she is doing work is not important, I look at her, not her work.Until now, we are still good friends.In my free time, will also go shopping, eat, watch movies together.
    My friend, what do not important, it’s important that we can play together.real friend never care about what you do,only for who are you.

Do you know that’s big tits escort girl?

big tits escort

Do you know that’s big tits escort girl?

If you’re not born from US, you probably don’t know what’s big tits escort girl. i know this keywords because i take a research for data from my website.there’s a lot of customer search the keywords,like “big tits escort“,”big tits girl”.

I try to transfer “big tits escort” in Google,but it shows this means some animal.so i decide search this on Google image,do you what i see in that page,you can do the same as me,you will see.

Let me make this clear,big tits escort means new york escort girl who have big breast(Over D Cup,like).

I like big tits escort,some girl don’t looks that much petty but have big tits, i still gonna like her.

Through the research, big bits escort girls have more attractive than others.

By the way,as i know, the escort agency i know have a lot of big tits escort girls,maybe this escort agency have the same taste as me,anyway,if you’re interested on this,you can take a look on our website.

And,there’s something i need to share also,keep writing topic about escort,it would be work out.

Remember one thing,try use different keywords in every different topic and surround that keyword.

Write your article for your new york escort and build the links for new york escort website,it’s gonna be..

escort effection

Write your article for your new york escort and build the links for new york escort website,it’s gonna be work.this is the truth,but you have to believe this and work for this every day,no more excuse and give up on the way,one week before, i try write the article one time in two days.Never think about this is not enough or too little,actually it’s much hard more than you think.

At least i have to write 2 article a day,everything about new york escort and escort information.you may think this is not that hard,but when you do it once,you will realize you can write some but it’s too hard to write it every day,before i teach 10 students do the same thing as me,because they said they wanna earn the money like me.Before they try,they think this is not a big deal,after the first day,100% of them give up.

By the way,i have something share with you,if you do the same thing as me.Don’t check how many words you already wrote,if you did, you will find out how hard you can write more than 200 words.but if you just write the content you want,even just for fun.sometimes you don’t realize it’s already done,but you already wrote more than 200 words.

It’s 206 words already,follow your heart,not for writing,not for works,just for sharing the something you know about new york escort.

Write your article for your new york escort and build the links for new york escort website,if you really did the same like i say,your escort website should be in top 10.



How to join escort,be the one of new york escort girl.

join escort

How to join escort,be the one of new york escort girl,if you’re interested in escort,you may don’t know how to join this circle.
You can search “new york escort“,a lot of escort website have the page for Candidates escort and they also have form for this,you can post your information on it or you can call for them with more details.
But there’s something i have to tell you.if you have to take care about something.
First one,don’t let your customer contact you without escort agency,if this thing let another people know,you won’t be this circle anymore.

Second,before you decide join which one,you need compare the company,the good company always can bring you the good customer,either way.

Third,if someone say something bad to you,don’t say it back.never Start a feud with another new york escort girl.

Forth,actually that’s all i know on the top,but you have to know one thing,this circle is much complicated more than you think,this isn’t my words,other new york escort agency told me about this.

But,i think there gonna be more people join this circle,I’m not kidding,As i know,there already have 40 hot escort girl join this circle.

So,you decide it and that’s all i can to introduce to you.

Google’s rank algorithm have some change for asian escort website.


Let’s talk about the keywords “new york asian escorts“,Top 10 website :

No.1 : from Facebook page,
No.2 : from Facebook page.
No.3 : from white-pages page
No.4 : from yelp page
No.5 : from yelp page
No.6 : from yellow-pages page
No.7 : from YouTube page
No.8 : from Citysearch page
No.9 : personal website
No.10: personal website.

As the result,Google like yellow page more than personal website.I’m not just talk,i have the evidence here.
In top 10 website about “new york asian escorts“,There are 3 belong to me.Facebook page,yelp page and personal website.
You must curious about how long do i take for those three.
Be in honest,i do nothing in yelp page,i pay more attention on personal website than Facebook page.but,yelp page have higher rank than personal website.
Over here,you must think about one thing,personal website’s seo is not required,you can build a yellow page for exchange.there’s something,you don’t know.
You can’t add picture for yellow page,you can’t decide yellow page as you want.in other words,if yellow page have the same rank as your personal escort website.personal escort website can bring more customer for you.

And,it seems like yellow page can have rank,because it exist for long time,so if you build a yellow page,it’s still not easy have rank as personal website.