What can you do if your escort website don’t show up in top 100 over half year!?

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What can you do if your escort website don’t show up in top 100 over half year!?

There’s some new york escort agency have same situation as me,so i decide to share something that it may help you.

This is my first website for new york escort,if you search http://www.newyork-asianescorts.com in Google, there’s like “276,000 results” ,but 80% of them are not about my website.even that,this still kind of too much. i do a lot of things for this website,you can’t image it.

Even the articles,i write for this by my own already over 100,and copied article over 2000. the websites also have two different style pages. and this new york escort website have 3 blog(i only one of them right now,it’s this one.) and 1 forum(i delete already,because too much trash comment.).

Out link?trash outlink more than 5000 thousand. homemade link is Spread all over different websites(include third-part blog,forum in different countries.personal blog(i delete all of them already,because Google don’t like them)).

I spend more than 1000 hours on this website. even i still spend the time to write something in this blog,post something in this website’s Facebook,Twitter.

I decide to change this website’s ip,recently i find out this website’s page have some rank in Google with “new york escort’s keyword”.

I know this website is hard to back, but i can’t let this website go,i would make any change if that help this website.


You may see a lot of new york escort website said they’re the only one have real hot escort in new york!!!


You may see a lot of new york escort website said they’re the only one have real hot escort in new york!!!

If  you do the same like me,you had browsed more than 100 escort website,I’m the one have to write the escort article every day,so i have to read more information about new york escort. and i find the thing you may notice on it.

I can’t write something detail about the sentence,because if i write the sentence,you probably will know them or they will come for me,I’m here for share something not for judge someone.OK,the sentence’s mean is :In many new york escort websites,their escort girl photos are not real,if you’re not not a customer,you probably will meet a lot of things like this.

In other way,if you’re the good escort agency,do you wanna let your escort girl’s face let everybody know ? if you wanna call a escort girl for company gather,actually there’s have 2 men know this girl is escort girl.they probably don’t call for escort service,but they check the website once.The goal of you call for escort service can’t be accomplish,even worse.

I don’t know if that pictures are real or not, but the thing is i know something about “Measurements”,through this,i can analyze a lot of escort’s girl are fake.the first thing,if you see the “33D- 24-34 or 31C-25-36”,       Bust can not be singular. and let me make an example :


The girl like this, Measurements probably is 32C-24-34,after first step’s analyze, i find out there’s only 10% of new york escort website can have real girl.

I hope this can make you find out the real escort girl you want,not  for the “so so”,we spend money for our dream girl not for “not that bad”.


Why am i get the top 10 of “new york asian escort”,but no one call me?



Why am i get the top 10 of “new york asian escort“,but no one call me?

Yea,it happened,my main website used get top 1 in the google for a long time.but there’s not even one call for this.but after 4 month.it changed,i can get the one call every day.why?i change the website  a lot .more care about if I’m a customer,if i were a customer should i call when i browser this website.it seems not that important,but it’s important.

I used to  rent my website to other customer,it cost $500 each month,they always return my website in second month and tell me  “there is not even one call.”i don’t know it’s true or not . until some good customer told me the true.and i also help my customer improve new york asian escort website’s google rank,they are still complaint for not even one call for each month when the website is in the top 10.

I used to think about give up doing seo.but i don’t wanna work in restaurant again,so i keep researching for seo.but i still don’t get good pay,even I’m good at seo now.

There’s one customer want me help him improve his website’s google rank,but it didn’t work out.it makes me know website have  so many different when this website have history.it’s not about domain’s year,it’s about how google think about your website.

Wanna keep doing good in new york asian escort website ?Don’t give up,it will work out.

How can we get high-quality outlinks for your new york asian escort website

How can we get high-quality out-links for your new york asian escort website?

i have been research for this question for 2 years.there’s so many times i think i get the good way to resolve this question,but  all of them is not correct.but now,i think i get the real answer for this.

if every one have 10 website,100 people will have 1000 website,it can be 1000 high quality outlink.i do believe that for a long time.but it’s very hard to find 100 people.if i ask for 100 people,there’s only 3 people are interested in this topic.if i need to finish my goal, i need to contact 20000 people.so i try the new way to do this.i post this as a article to some famous forum.but no one answer me,because no one are seriously watching for that article and only 3% also.

I also know no one gonna read this, so I’m gonna end this article.by the way.there’s some website i wanna introduce:





Those all are new york asian escort website.

How to get the hot asian escort for free?

hot asian escort

How to get the hot asian escort for free?

I do believe there’s so many people don’t have enough money to call hot asian escort.you may don’t work right now or something else.

If you wanna get some hot asian escort for free.i do have some method you must interested in.

You know “free” always mean expensive.but it may don’t means money but something else.

I do have some experience about this.i hope it work for you.

First of all,i call hot asian escort to hotel first.that’s pass the sex,i have talked with her for long time,i got her telephone number.i don’t know another hot asian escort’s status.but she don’t have friend to talk about,after that day, i have been talk too long time.

For now, i don’t have to work,and i get sex and money all the same time.

Maybe i’m lucky one,but if you believe that, you gonna be the next one have hot asian escort for free.

New york escort business pages in Facebook’s number Limited.

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New york escort business pages in Facebook’s number Limited.

Maybe some people will say”if you can build 100 Facebook business pages,go and build it.”In some way,more pages means good,but are you sure you can manage all of them to keep page have new information at least twice a week?and the information isn’t copy from another website?

If you still can say “yes”,that means you have a big team or you use the auto software to run it.I have to share something for the second answer’s people. I don’t use any auto software right now.and i have more than 80 websites before and i decide to delete more than 70% of them now.

Quality is more important than numbers.That’s very important thing you need to remember,that’s the reason i only write an article everyday not four or five(if i need to write that much,i probably gonna copy more from another,then change their words to my own words.but i don’t do that..)

Two month past already,my new york escort website still out of top 100.I got a big soul hit from that.but there’s the only way i can walk out. It’s the quality,not about numbers of trash.

Anyway,you have to reduce your new york escort page in Facebook or you won’t work out anything on them.

If you have own escort business,don’t cooperate with your friends!

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If you have own escort business,don’t cooperate with your friends!

I guess a lot of people read some book about not cooperating with your family and friends.

Just let me make an example. if you get two troops,one of them are the people in troops all related with you,the other one don’t have any related with you.Now,they gonna have a big fight,we all know  the relater’s troops absolutely fail.

Because,you can do some serious punish on them,and a lot of problem on it.

Anyway,i ask my friend do the new york escort seo with me before,he never pay attention on it.After that,we do something together,still don’t work out,there’s someone always be lazy but still get 50% Net profit.

Anyway,if you want your escort business work out,don’t cooperate with your friends!


Forget about trying improve your new york escort website’s Google rank!

new york escort

Forget about trying improve your new york escort website‘s Google rank!

Recently i usually write some article about new york escort and how to improve your escort business everyday.And post the link and title in Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest.

Do you know what happen? My friend told me that he can get some calls from those websites.i was so curious about this situation before,i was thinking maybe about old customer.and i find out nothing about it.it’s about Facebook.yes,it’s Facebook.one of new york escort Facebook already have 300 friends.I Guess all the customer from there,because i got none of top 30 Google rank.

And,there’s something i wanna told you also,before i got top 10 Google rank with “new york asian escort”,don’t have that good Influence.

Even i still not sure about those data,but i guess more than 80%. Anyway ,I gonna try to prove this as i can.so i decide spend more time in Facebook,not more about Google.

You know,we want Google rank,because it can bring us more customer,but i just find the other awesome way,and it’s more easily.

How ?

Build your own new york escort Facebook,post some picture more like real women in our life,not for model.if your Facebook attract more comments.you will see the “result”.

So,if you still spend a lot of money to hire seoer to improve your new york escort rank in Google,just stop it.

How to use Facebook to improve your new york escort business?

new york escort

How to use Facebook to improve your new york escort business?

I get this picture from Facebook.Do you know what i mean ?

I don’t need to upload some real picture to our new york escort business in Facebook.

Actually we can always find some picture looks like real,like the picture on the top.

What do you think if you’re the customer and saw this picture,and there’s one call for escort service.

Some escort agency will said “if escort girl come there and don’t feel like same,they’re n not gonna call again”.

Let me tell you something true,every time i come to hair salon and i show their picture about “hair style”. They always said “they can cut the exactly same like the picture”,but in the end, forget about it.

It feels like you call for the products in TV,it never be the same.

We try to get hot new york escort girl in our circle,but in the same time,we also need to eat food.you know what i mean,right?

Great,by the way,there are bunch of them use their picture to attract more customer to see their store or MLM system.a lot of people never care about this details,sometimes those guys buy something from her for chat with her.

You understand what i say?easy as you think,Don’t be Dedication.

If you don’t know how to write an article for new york escort,you can make a video for new york asian escort

If you don’t know how to write an article for new york escort,you can make a video for new york asian escort.

There’s a example for new york asian escort video: