If there have someone wanna read the articles in your blog for new york escort article.

new york escort girl

If there have someone wanna read the articles in your blog for new york escort article.that means you will get the rank in Google soon.believe it or not,it’s the truth.

I don’t write the articles for couple days,i use those day to research some forum.there care more about the online people than search engine.

They hide a lot of content,you may not understand what i said. for example,you have to log in and you’re the VIP or you can browse the hidden content.and they build the system.they make people write more readable article inside.you would never believe i spending over 10 hours to read those articles.

This forum is “bad boy club”,the content is surrounded how to pick up girls.  PUA means  pick-up artist,if you’re the men and you’re not rich,handsome,tall,you’d better read some articles from there.they teach you how to build your inside,how to attractive girls and women.

Back to the escort website,people like to talk about escort girl,if you get the right Platform.you would like to be here post something they wanna said. like free new york escort service.is that possible?

Everything can be possible if you believe it.just learn hard,then try hard.you will get what you want.

Now,if you’re not understand what i said,it means you’re newbie,bring your realization to get the high rank in Google with new york escort keywords.

The Successful experience for new york escort SEO

chinese escort girl

I told you I’m gonna share the Successful experience for new york escort SEO for the first time.

That was long time ago,and this website is the testing website and another 2 websites.i using 3 months to improve their rank in Google.How ? and what’s the result?

Both of them have top 10 rank in Google,even the keyword is “new york Asian escort“.

OK,let me tell you the details for what was i doing.

I bought many domains,and using those websites as blog and post article(even the quality isn’t that good) every day.i have to make  sure i can find those articles in Google.Sometimes i add links to those article.and i try to create own blog in 55 third-party  blogs.and only 10 of them left.So i update the articles in those websites also.what’s the content in those blog? we all know Chinese novel,and there are too many of them.i transfer them and type the some content from the article.and i can find the result.so i realize i got the enough articles.i add link in the articles.at the same time,i build some links in some big forum and some same type websites.some of them have to spend money to add.and the result seems not bad.

One of them got the top 10 rank in Google.by the way,in that time,Google just change the Algorithm,i think that’s the important thing.

I will show you the rank disappear and show again.what am i doing for those change.

Working-hard doesn’t mean you can get the ideal escort rank in google

escort rank in Google

Working-hard doesn’t mean you can get the ideal escort rank in Google,Believe it or not,it’s the truth.

2 years ago,I’m a newbie for Seoer,i established my first company about making websites and web-marketing.My first customer is a escort agency.he wanted to build two escort websites.and want me to improve his escort website rank in Google.At that time,i don’t have any confident to improve the escort website rank in Google.So i tell him paid me in Installment.top 30 in Google,paid me 30%,after top 10 paid me others.

Because I’m a newbie,i only know some Theoretical knowledge.First i research the top 10 websites,like search http://www.newyork-asianescorts.com in Google,then try build the same links as them. then i failed. I build the links every day,and over 13 hrs per day.but i still don’t have any good rank in Google.so first month,there’s No progress at all.

One day,i saw their websites have own blog and third-party blog (like Google blog),so i try build some blog and use the robot to write the article Automatically.It still don’t work out.

Working-hard doesn’t mean you can get what you want.it must be in right method and right way.I’ll tell you that my escort website have the top 1 Google rank in next article. so,waiting…


Traditional Escort website still work in new york ?

escort girl with purple bra

Some business may have the same question.so if they wanna have new escort website,they have to think about this question hardly.because the structure is very important.and website design company never tell you the truth,they usually tell the easy way to build the website.so they can save more energy.So what can you do?

When you ask website design company,you have to tell him something necessary.

it must include escort, and main keywords, like new york escort,it would be good to connect with you domain name,like my domain name is : http://www.nyhotasianescorts.com  The title can contain “NY Hot Asian Escort“,Best escort service-NY Hot Asian Escort or VIP escort service – NY Hot Asian Escort.this title include “NY Asian escort”,”VIP escort”,”New york escort” and a lot of keywords, you can see it right?


now, i think the keywords would be to surround the domain name, and don’t use too much keywords in home page,it’s not necessary,Why?  Check the websites have good rank in Google,like you search “new york escort”,you can see some website don’t have “new york escort” in their keyword’s content.


Never be the same as other websites in Google,try write it by your own,it’s very important.it should be over 20 words.

And 18+ or 18- is necessary or you will be put in the jail.

You can add more content or article in the home page(this is important,at least i think it is needed.)

Think about if you were the customer, what would you like to see in your website.

Anyway,today’s topic end,i hope you can learn something from this article.

Now,let me show you how easy to write an article about “new york escort”,only couple pictures.

If you had read my last article,Really want to know the detail for writing the articles easily?!let’s stop the trash talk,step to the main content.

First of all,get the hot pictures from Google or Baidu.For example:

big breast new york escort girl

Do you like the big breast new york escort girl? I do. and   i think a lot of men have same feeling.this photo is come from Weibo.there have a competition for breast,who get the biggest and nicest breast.this picture is one of them.i guess this is 36D or 34D.my pre-girlfriend teach me the  chest circumference.The  shape isn’t perfect.but it’s very nice,the skin is very white.

big breast escort girl

what do you think about this one? maybe you still like the last one,because you can see the face,and you more like white skin breast.So big breast escort need to have a nice face also or in special Environment,like KTV,club. with some Makeup.even the second picture’s woman don’t look ugly,and it’s kind of hot,but it’s not my style.so.what’s my big breast escort girl’s style:

sexy escort with big breast

I think you probably know how to write an article for “new york escort”,it’s like chatting with other strangers.you two both saw the hot girls,you talk about your ideas.something like that.


How can you write a lot of escort article and you don’t have too many ideas to write for it?

How can you write a lot of escort article and you don’t have too many ideas to write for it?

If you’re also come from china and you’re working for seoer,and the keywords are about “new york escort” and “new york Asian escorts“.so you have to write articles for those keywords,not article not Google rank.it maybe too Arbitrary,but if you don’t write any articles for your escort website.you have to build double links for it.

I’d rather to write articles than to build the links,links are unstable,especially from Forum,there are two kinds of forum make your links bad or useless.first one for forum,they have manager in their forum,when their manager find out you try to build the links in their forum,they will ban your IP address and  your account.in a lot of times,we using 20 minutes to build one link,it just disappear like 1 second.how do you feel in that way? and you have no choice,because not links and not articles mean you don’t have any Google rank in “new york escort” this keyword. the second forum ?  yes,you can leave a link in their forum easily,and another people can leave a link in their website also.I do believed you know the link factory. trash link never help your website,but hurt.

Let’s pass how hard to build the links,let’s talk about how easy we can write an article.

for example,check below,i will show you how :

write article for escort girl

You can talk about escort girl for detail for the photos.

Like: this escort girl don’t look beautiful,but she got big breast, maybe 32C, i guess.  the body is perfect,in special occasion,she has more attractive than other beautiful escort girls.

In next article,i will make a sample,but let’s end for it today,i feel unhappy today.

Escort: The Asian Wanted Nurse

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Already got bored living in NYC? Looking for something interesting and exciting? Now a NY Asian Escort can fulfill all your needs. To comfort the spirit within, battle the morality, you will found your self lost in a brand new world. Say good bye to all the pressures you have, all the unnecessary bonds that have chained you away from freedom. The world needs you, but sometimes a world only belongs to you and somebody who can relax you.

Personally, without the services that they have provided, i also enjoy the way they have posed in the photos makes me burn, they attracted me in the appearance but heal my lonely heart.  Just like the holy duty of nurse, cures you in all direction. I conclude, what a man needed is to have a angel’s blessing, she is the angel you looking for.

How often to write an article for escort website is best ?

Before i talk about the detail for how often to write an article for escort website is best?let me show you a sexy escort girl photos.

sexy escort girl

We all know the articles are important to escort website’s seo.if you weren’t born in the native.you will be difficult to write articles in english,so some of you guys gonna transfer Chinese Articles to english(you guys are using google transfer right? don’t do that again or you will  be punished from google,trash articles are useless.)

It’s never about the numbers, “quality” , “readable” and “useful” are most important.try write article everyday or two days for one article is better than writing 10 trash articles for  one day. When google search engine  hope people can find the results they want as always.Like the articles i wrote since 2013/10/05.I write every article by my own and i try to write something useful article for new york asian escort website.i add every keywords naturally and more care about if someone wanna know more about escort website,so he or she can learn something from my articles,it’s not open it then close it within 10 seconds.

I don’t know is that useful for google rank now,but it always never gonna hurt your website.


A lot of people still confuse with is escort service legal or not?

escort service

Are you still confuse with is escort service or not ?

As i know,we can’t tell it legal,but it’s hard to said is illegal also.because escort service is to send a girl date with you.it’s about you and girl.why do we can see some hooker being put in the jail,The customer show in the newspaper with mosaics,nobody wanna show in the newspaper like this way and no one wanna be in the jail also,even just 3 days.in here,the thing i said before is  illegal and because we call that incall for hookers,but escort service is not.i can’t say escort service is legal,but you would never meet with police,only you share the drug with new york escort girl.

Yes,never share the drug with new york asian escort,police come for the drug,not for the escort service.

Anyway,keep escort service in legal way and you will be safe and happy.is that right ?

If you still confuse with is escort service legal or not?you really need to try to browser our website: http://www.newyork-asianescorts.com  ,and try to make a call. you will know the answer,nothing bad gonna happen to you,only happy and passion.

What kind of website would be good have better rank in google result for new york escort

google result for searching new york asian escort

As i said before,a lot of websites lost their google rank in new update. but there still have some website that i still have some rank,but too far from page 1.

Searching “new york asian escort” result :http://www.newyorkhotasianescort.com in number 64 .

http://www.nynyasianescorts.com/ in number 70.

Those 2 website is made by templates and i can write some content in it .

By the way those 2 websites have not bad pr, both of them are 2.

So pr is still important for “nyc asian escort” keywords,before the update,pr is not that important.my website is pr = 0,http://www.nyhotasianescorts.com have not bad google rank in  “ny asian escort” and new york escort.

Traditional templates gonna be better,and more contents in home page,try to improve your website’s pr.and  post infomation to some website like eros  or cityvibe,backpage ,something like that.

Anyway,if i find out anyway to improve escort website rank in google,i will share over here,thaks for reading.