The Successful experience for new york escort SEO

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I told you I’m gonna share the Successful experience for new york escort SEO for the first time.

That was long time ago,and this website is the testing website and another 2 websites.i using 3 months to improve their rank in Google.How ? and what’s the result?

Both of them have top 10 rank in Google,even the keyword is “new york Asian escort“.

OK,let me tell you the details for what was i doing.

I bought many domains,and using those websites as blog and post article(even the quality isn’t that good) every day.i have to make  sure i can find those articles in Google.Sometimes i add links to those article.and i try to create own blog in 55 third-party  blogs.and only 10 of them left.So i update the articles in those websites also.what’s the content in those blog? we all know Chinese novel,and there are too many of them.i transfer them and type the some content from the article.and i can find the i realize i got the enough articles.i add link in the the same time,i build some links in some big forum and some same type websites.some of them have to spend money to add.and the result seems not bad.

One of them got the top 10 rank in the way,in that time,Google just change the Algorithm,i think that’s the important thing.

I will show you the rank disappear and show again.what am i doing for those change.

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