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Winter men's skin care needs attention

Winter men's skin care needs attention Sebaceous glands and sweat of men than women, the skin than women of high acidity, the secretion of sebum and sweat more, face and body hair is thick and concentrated. Therefore, men should be science of the skin, and reasonable care and maintenance. Men's Skin Care Beauty grasp the following four key elements:

Adhere to massage: new york escort massage the skin off the surface of senescent cells in a timely manner, to promote the facial blood circulation, improve skin's breathing, the use of increased secretion of the sebaceous glands and sweat skin nutrition, increase the vitality of skin cells deep, making the skin shiny and flexibility. Massage method is: first, the face painted some of the massage cream, facial skin with your fingers along the bottom of the circle-type texture massage, morning and evening to wash your face every time new york escort massage 10 minutes. Massage, wash dry, can be coated with toner.

new york asian escort service to tell you right Shaving: men's beards grow faster, some people also particularly thick beard, require regular shaving, shaving. Shave in the morning should be chosen, because at this face and skin are in a relaxed state. To select a good quality, *** of the small shaving cream, shaving water and mild soap. First net surface, to be relaxed open pores, soften and then began to shave his beard. When you order from the temples, cheeks, neck and around the lips and chin. After shaving, wash your face with warm water, then cold water again, open the pores in order to facilitate recovery. After put some moisturizing liquid, cream, etc., in order to appease the skin, reducing irritation. In addition, the disorder usually avoid hand or forceps pull his beard, so as to avoid bacterial invasion cause folliculitis, boils, and other skin pores valgus, which damage the skin.

new york asian escort service to remind you not to smoke: To clean your face shiny, men have to quit smoking. Because cigarettes contain many harmful substances, such as nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, which can damage human health, skin gray light. Smoked life people, ranging from face dark dry, wrinkles were old, black, brown teeth, vision, hearing loss, while in cancer.

new york asian escorts for your attention to the sun frost: often in outdoor work and activities of men, to the summer sun and winter frost. Do not forget to prepare for the summer to go out some suntan lotion, creams and the like protection product to prevent sunburn. Men's health club experts believe that the skin should spring sun, although there is no summer heat of the sun of spring, but dry and windy, sunny and more, less cloud, UV is very strong. Therefore, the sunscreen can be used in April. When the winter season to go out, put some oil or antifreeze to cream, to prevent frostbite or chapped face.

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