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And a married woman is very attractive to me

And a married woman is very attractive to me

      After i "grow up",i more like mature women,but i'm not suck at cajoling women.so there is only way to help me. i hear about mahhatan Mature asian escort is very good,so i make a call,after that night, i called for couple days until i didn't have money. mahhatan Mature asian escort is awesome,if you try once, you'll lost all of your money.

    Her 34-year-old home, her son 5 years old, the skin is not very good, a little freckles, but the body fantastic, high bar, waistline, protrusion after Alice, Alice is not general, so we gave her a a name is Alice total. I, her 4-year-old small, top-level officials of her hands, not only good business, work ability, liquor is not bad. So, whether official or private business, she always love to bring me. For I am assured that no alert mind. 

      But men are lecherous, but there did not show to them, so the face of such a body bar, and especially Alice woman, I certainly have non-cent thought. But will actually boss, and it is the big sister, just thoughts and not a sense of something to do. In fact, I know some of her sex, and sometimes night out, sex is also very upset, and men often go out to play. There is also a biggest problem: a high drink remember nothing the next day. This is the most loved people who have something to drink. It also created the conditions for me. 

      That was three months ago to do her husband travel more than a month, is the Shanghai research, I heard it go for three months. One day, the city's and province's people down the inspections, after a busy day, we all went to the Merlin's Hill to eat, but also deliberately kill a cow, there are many delicacies and game. People outside favorite, and particularly happy to eat, we are particularly pleased with the total Alice, and I do, because to drive (no full-time drivers), not too much to drink, drink a few glasses to help her from time to time, other colleagues that he kept the battle turns, the top to the leadership drink happy drunk.

      Drink almost a meal in the evening went to sing KTV. To where it all is the madman. Because all drunk, let the chaos. There should be more chaotic than chaos. But they are civilized people, the action is not great. Alice is our total drunk all the way to go unstable, and that filling a filling wine is a drink, is people can not stand. To 11 o'clock, we drink to die, and some have to go home. Lying a few rickety private room, Alice is also half the total lying, can not move. At this time, our financial (number two) slowly shook me and said: "You always get back to Alice, and she die." I said: "That's you playing, I took her to the first one will come back and take you. "Then I went to Alice total. I said: "The manager, you can go, I will send you back to it, the company's people are gone, we go home." She did not air force, said: "OK ..... OK ...." .

      I took her stand on the shoulders, with a towing pull to send the car. To her house downstairs, the door is locked, and miscellaneous do it, I called to her home, no one to listen, I thought: is not no one in the ah, yes, today she went to entertainment, will be his son where to go to her mother. So I asked: 'manager, key in your home where ah. "She did not respond. Seems to be asleep like. I climbed to get to look through her bag after, when I noticed that she wore short skirts Nepalese fans, the kind of career suits, looked at her half-section of the thigh leak, the color of my heart suddenly jump out. Look to see her motionless, I deliberately by Zhao Yuechi reason, a hand on her thigh. Mouth muttered: your key is not on the bag, ah, ah find miscellaneous. She is not to be, looking for a while, touch for a while, but the action was not feeling too great. "Found" I said.

      Off, open the door, then put her out of the car, when she has a soft ball, and back is not a frame no. Go on hold altogether. So he picked up the stairs. Really great, my little brother to have a tilt. To her home, opened the door, no one there, so I directly into her bedroom, put her into the bed. She seemed to know when I point something, rolled over and the way you want to undress, but can not move, and fell asleep. I called the call, did not respond, so my evil thoughts bubbling to the brain: perhaps this is my chance of a CD, so drunk her drink, some do not know anything. Alice then combined with the powerful little brother, had enjoyed days. I deliberately said: "Come on, I can help you coat off, it will put me to sleep point." So while talking on the side of hands.

      The powerful heart, their appearance can be heard. She did not move, I helped her sit up, take her coat off, she has a son on the back to the bed. There is no response, I was especially happy. Then I deliberately gave her the quilt cover, said: "quilt cover me." And then got up out of the way, shut the door up, it also made sound, but not locked. new york escort

      I sat in the living room a few minutes, take a look at the table almost 12 points, and can not wait. Then they open the door quietly into her bedroom. She then also and just as motionless. I then started working up.

      Off my own clothes and pants into bed, first try to ease across the underwear touched her breast, touching a meeting she did not respond, the action on the zoom point, stretch the hand into the mouth kissed up , also deliberately shouted: "Wife, you asleep?" did not see her reaction, a hand touched down, touched her buttocks Alice, could not resist, got up and took her underwear off. Then she rolled over and scared me, cold sweat, suddenly scared out. But she not moved. Sideways fall asleep, but fortunately, took off his underwear has half a. Her ass is now more Alice Alice, and her pussy in my eyes the whole.

      So I gently touched his hand, a short while wet, it appears that she really did not do a long time. The water so quickly, and did not think hand holding dick, first at the door rub for a while, then slowly, gently into a little bit, I do not know when the mixed feelings that good, I feel especially cool, especially excited.

      Finally all go, not too tight, not very loose, slippery, cool. I slowly twitched, felt too fast, if she woke up, my future is gone. Pumping for a while, she did not respond, so I speed up the point, grasping hands on her breast. I twitch a little bit of speed, she is almost silent, sleep, and became as dead men, but I am still very excited, she's Alice ass and my posts closely, and I insert more faster, is thought to be shot, she suddenly grunted, suddenly I am anxious, pumping out, do not speak out of a sense of what is waiting for her reaction, scared me.

      After a little while later, I thought: or forget, leave it. But looking at her no response, but not willing, or shot to say. So he put the last dick inserted into it, this time I had more guts, go in the fast twitch, and she sing it together, but no other response, I am happy, and evidently her dream is to do it. So I accelerated the twitch, a short while on the shot.

      This shot, the heart fell down to see she is sleeping it the incense, then sweep the battlefield. Gently out of her room.

      The next day, I have been waiting for her to react, I was still worried, what if she found a mixed run. Phone rang, the phone is always Alice, I hesitated for a while, or the courage to pick up. "Hello, manager, yesterday slept okay, mixed up so early ah. Nothing to do it." She said: "The headache is dead, you gave me to buy a few bottles of hangover medicine sent to me." I said: "Yes, one would in the past." She added: "Yesterday you sent me home?" I then anxious, heart of the powerful. .. Of .. said :"... is mixed? "She said:" Nothing, yesterday I was not drinking too much, did not fool you? "My heart suddenly fell down, smiled and said: "No, no, we will protect your thing, but you do not mind." She said: "That's good, you quickly come ah, buy something to eat on, I'm hungry." I smiled said: "Yes. a will to."

      This thing had passed. But in retrospect, my heart will jump quickly, too exciting, too cool.

    The most important thing isn't money , it's New york escort.i believe it forever.

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