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Short a sex addict confession female university teachers

Short a sex addict confession female university teachers Online notification: at continuing education study, Professor Zhang seminars, "the prevalence of zoonotic viral disease status and prevention and control measures" in 2009, popular "swine flu", the exaggerated campus guard my thoughts all of a sudden the atmosphere every now and then to the "SARS period", and now recall, that can be described as crazy or day, whether it is social, school or me.

In 2003, I just participated in the work, became a university teacher, the work is not good but not bad, the young heart is full of novelty, excitement and vision, I have felt the head shining halo, shoulder heavy mission, not that ambitious, but it really is dedicated towards work, their students really have teeth like a mother's heart. Although I still can not as a mother, but I'm sure, in my first day of work, to see the students at first glance, I suddenly have a mother like a sinking heart, I have been put down to my kind of inevitable the results.

Wave of SARS in 2003 shocked the whole of China, social and even reached the panic stage, schools were naturally self-protection, not only the implementation of our school, "Feng Xiao" policy does not allow students out of school, and to each class equipped with a temporary guide member participate in classroom management, the students implemented a "sub-system", who is in charge of who is responsible, then a class will, I became a member of a group of children's temporary lead, said the child, in fact, I will years older than they are nothing. School in the morning of the day fixed the "fitness"

Time, I play with my class and pocket, jump rope, as happy as a child nursery. Naughty students a point called a beautiful teacher, asked me how old, have a boyfriend, well-behaved point just in the back Hey laugh, talk secretly asked the teacher to be flushed. I have always appreciated about pursuing education for students has always been cordial and easygoing, so, and students at quite happy harmony, of course, I like a lot of juggling the old teacher as the students develop their own small spy, used to control students Dynamic.

A rainy morning, I really received is reported that there are two boys in our class did not sneak out of the school campus, I like the detective, as he gave to the place of their standard, intended to catch a current, warning to others, serious discipline. These two boys are the only two classes of students toward the family, that is not authentic Chinese, the two together to Jiliguala said in Korean, there is a point within called Lizhe Wei, another peculiar little idea on the death of that stubborn race, named Park. They usually contact less and Han students, always toward the family and other students are often mixed together, play, drink, so popular in the poor class, the students take this most students cut without jeopardizing the emotional, can serve as a warning, I secretly made up his mind.

While I was wondering how persuasion and education, while bitterly think it must be led astray Li Zhewei Park, big rain, and see what movies they secretly ran out of it, to see how I deal with you both. Residential area around the school is always open these special students earn money, sub shop, home version of the Lu Xiangting, computer housing, and even many small hotels. I quickly found under the hands of the intelligence of their entrenched place, a knock on the door turned the corner of Park Chinese ask, "Who," I knew I found the right place, I did not answer just another knock on the door, the door was Lizhe Wei.

Opened the door I was stunned, they both wear a bar on a small underwear, pants in support of the Lao Gao, in addition to the house They, as well as a male I do not know, simply half-naked in bed, TV on the man's ass in a provocative, high-pitched voice of a woman moaning in ecstasy. My face was on the hot, did not think they see the "movie"

This turned out, the scene is so unbearable, after all, I was a cute japanese escort in bronx, which, prior to the expected criticism of the education scene just as different as day, the case of sudden I, Park, Lee is transfixed. The strange boys asked a grinning Park a rumble, then put my hand pulled into the room and shut the door, one to hold my breasts, I scared ah of shouted, only to say "you "" you "words of mouth was hot big tongue to seal the big hand is kneading my unbridled bimodal, I desperately broke free, cried," how can you so! fast I Go! "He smiled a lap licking his lips" accidentally pulled three people to see, do not be afraid! breast really big, really strong, I like big breast girl! do not be shy, play together Well, what the brothers are anxious , ensure you thoroughly cool! "

This sudden blatant tease me afraid Xiuyou gas, single-minded wanted to quickly run out before I open the door, his face would suffer the burning of a sudden, he actually hit me a slap in the face, I leng moment, the skirt was pulled down straps, buttons have also been the solution of a similar, he angrily shouted with in Korean, is estimated to curse me. Where I have seen such a scene, suddenly started to cry, straining to beat him. He fiercely hugged me, I tied breath to see if I honest gentle voice was deliberately lowered advised me, "first came out? Do not worry! Do not be shy, one would like, I'll help you think of a way it will not be shy! on when the little game. "Then with my crony tied my eyes. That moment, my mind flashed the idea turned out to be Maid, followed by provocative television just seen a man's ass, then lick their lips grinning his tongue ... my mind just gruel. Although I have already tasted the forbidden fruit, but have never seen adult films, but have not seen three teams up with strange penis, and more who have not had such harassment and humiliation, I cried desperately seeking only his rumble of a few words, my body a lot more hands on, clothes were stripped, hands tied in the back seems to be used with shoes tied together.

I really would rather they tied me, so I do not see, they do not like, and also no longer find any reason for his woman like this, once stripped, it was nothing restrained good to resist, and then there resistance are also kind of weak. I feel particularly helpless, like a slaughtered lamb, washed by others sternly prepared in vain to tie the use of torture. After cute japanese escort in bronx heard the voice and body collision Jiaochuang sound more loud pops, and fiddled with my nerves, just on a combination of sporadic glimpses of the screen makes me feel abnormal stimulation. My legs were forced apart, one hand is fiddle with my lower body, I felt really very water slide, "Fuck, little bitch, originally due to operation of the tart, no pants blocking the water flow to the heel are , and also non-pretend to be pure! wave it, straining waves, for a Shuangsi you! "

Of what I call being anti, the throw on the bed, tied my hand, so only the side lying curled up like a shrimp only. They exchange a few words rumble, I was fully armed on the: mouth inserted into a hot helping of chicken, not a big head, cock was straight, full of desire to conquer, has always been worth a deeper; two a kneading of the breast have been left dangling nipple was also a big mouth; below the person must be a veteran, tongue, or light or heavy, or I am deeply moved up or down, unable to control my passions sudden expansion, secretly looking forward to carrying their own mind what. Multi-stimulus, plus I could not see anything, it seems that the actress is not my feeling at this time are there any resistance to it? I was nothing less than a symbol of chastity martyr, I do not enjoy their affection, nothing more. I finally surrendered, and accept their fate, and my body gradually relaxed, no longer tie up tied, and do not need him straining to pulling my hair I also let him out of the mouth.

About the changes I make them feel relaxed, I began to hear the heavy breathing of a man emotionally and have a finger inserted into the hole I began to stir, although I tasted the fish to water Huan, can the original He never went over useless fingers, he has been stroked or kissed start to the excitement of the sexual intercourse to ejaculation to end. I hardly begun to taste the flexible fingers can not own, the kind of pleasure swept through the body like an electric shock, could not resist tightening force to force a few, below the hand harder, and Youshen into a finger, I feel your fingers for a quick flexion and extension movement, rhythmic top Chuzhe my wall, so I never had to produce a strong pleasure, but also accompanied by urine, really can not stand, I moaned and twisted ass climax, and it also urine. 2 years later, I will be online before we know the wave is called the blow, it is so far the only time I Squirt. Do not finish high tide back, I felt out of some of the salty mouth of the cock slippery liquid, head suddenly become very hard, I know he was about to shoot up. Make a woman climax is crazy, believe it or not, really does make a woman climax completely crazy, but then I was crazy. I deliberately looked up, let his head be strong helping of chicken in my upper jaw on top, add a fresh one mouth suck a suck, tongue clip with him, he suddenly hum up, said something I did not understand it then is from the raging of the hundreds of millions of super-force, full-bodied taste is simply to choking point.

They finally let go of my hand, handed him a tissue to wipe me, I suddenly felt all over the room seem rich and strange sense of smell of the child. I did not take off eyes crony child, really have the courage to take off, I do not like the scene saw that Yin Mei, afraid to see their own sense of shame so crazy. Covered with it, all the better when covered, covered, when I only take orders from people. They also seem to really like my eyes covered, in this matter, we have quietly agreement. They let me kneel on the bed, I began to enter the real, natural and a change of mouth. I believe they are not sure Sentimental boys, and I suspect like so many times they had previously worked. If you just from the perspective of sex, co-They are so understanding, and women from sexual intercourse is the physical conquest of her, and let a woman oral sex may be more from the spiritual conquest of her.
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