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Cabaret in the hard work to force the United States finished white ass

Cabaret in the hard work to force the United States finished white ass

  Buddy has a MA in karaoke bars do, and often call me to play, all his money to pay a person, right when I play with him. Previous are singing, man is a fancy my voice, let me show off his horse in front of the child, he seemed peculiar face. His MA, also there sort of pretty, in particular, stick figure, though more serious in front of me, I will occasionally touch, of course, to avoid my buddy, a friend's wife is not his wife Well, hey.

        A long time my heart can not help but itch, especially at her bulging breasts, big ass Qiaoqi, heart dreams, forced to think on her love want to become stronger and stronger. Once again, satiated with the man again came to his MA at the point of a box, the first to sing a few songs, the beer man go out to pee more, the opportunity came, he immediately rushed to sub-floor into the arms of Ma, the first touch breast, that's my place at night and think, and then explore the beauty of her force at the following, inserted into the vagina along the slippery fingers too fun to say.

       Jin Ma show that full, although I prefer to touch, but the mind is very clear, my buddy told me to see no good, why does my man happy. I think also, but I told her that I really want to force a show of her. She said so, so my buddy came back, she helped me to make another call a lady came in to chat with me, she believed that man will not object, let me sing sounding, Miss Fu Zhege their own money. Within a short man back to the box, sleepy eyes dreamily round the MA and then to sing, Ma said opening, and a call to help your brother and then come in and let people have a happy thing, I then say, OK, I paid plus a money, buddy said: shouting, people pay money or I, ha ha.

       This MA is really distressed me, help me pick up a person, came to see eyes light up, not only tall and lanky, a face peach, and erect breasts, skin white, you can play 90 minutes of beauty, see my buddy the eyes straight, I am afraid he thought there are so many beautiful, hate how his horse is not introduced to her son. I am naturally happy got the idea, not about courtesy, and immediately into her arms, kiss her first face, touching breasts, the flow slowly down into his skirt, pulled down her panties, probe into the love that Taoyuan dead. She quietly told me to put it mildly, I can well understand, the pain can not be deducted Kazakh people.

       Look man there, has entered the hot war, only to see his son's hand to pull the horse to force, the horse has been with the child's mouth on his big cock, is down Taonong. I asked people around, all right? How to do was come in, she said it does not matter, people generally will not come in, the Master came to see if service does not matter, they have become accustomed to. Original way, ha ha, I immediately took out a big help already hard cock, after she saw, not two, then after a few hands with Taonong into his mouth, then up and down, swallowed whole, and specifically lick suck glans penis, the feeling of crisp linen from the glans penis has been spread throughout the body along. In her work at the same time, my hands are pitching in, taking off her panties in her soft white ass and he found between the repeated forced feeling, where as early as the Yellow River flooding.

       Gradually, the body can not tell at the moment fresh, just want to cock forced into her day, I asked her all right, she said yes, but to bring a set of dry. To be honest, with sets of dry is safe, but compromised on the feeling of forced, forced to see her clean, unlike the problem, I tell her, I never had Miss Japan, cock absolutely no problem, I do it directly, I really do not want to take cover, go directly on the two of us will be very comfortable. Stand my silver tongue, she finally agreed to let me direct dry, so stand up lying on the **, the United States to force completely exposed in front of me, I could not help a big cock in her forced to take a rubbing of the door, go directly inserted, insert a particularly deep feeling, every Choucha once, and hit her pale beauty ass time, holding her white ass crazy day for a few minutes later, to slow slow Choucha, explore hands to her chest, while touching her breast, while on her force, cute japanese escort in brooklyn moaned in the following comfortable, so my desire even more excitement, can not help but violent Choucha, feel the waist of an acid , body quivering, an enthusiastic semen gushing out, I stopped Choucha, firmly resisted her white ass, cock, after the pulse of the next seven or eight, and finally quiet down, all the semen does not leak a drop to All fire forced her inside.

       At this time I was feeling tired and found his horse buddies and actually concentrate on the child staring at us to see, he was the first time I saw a woman on the force, I force the day in front of others, just days vigorously when not completely Note that the person next to, when was feeling a little, um, hey. Fortunately, generous lady, do not care to hold my hand so I went to the bathroom to wash, the solution to my embarrassing moment.

       Miss left me her phone, after I went to several times their own, because karaoke is not finished off the clothes, put her out about part-time open house, naked to fill her days, every time I think no matter what kind of pattern, are gentle and considerate with her, is really a perfect partner, to be honest, I really fell in love with the beauty of her force, a week once thought was going to die soon, even with his girlfriend in the night side companionship, or really want to date knowledge of the karaoke in the United States to force white ass.

       Some women do not feel anything on once, and they will not be remembered, but some had a day after a woman no longer forget, karaoke in the understanding of the United States forced the white share is such a beauty.

       Her name on her ID card I have seen, the middle of a Rui word, she let me call her Ruirui. Ruirui most I can not forget that she is white, round, smooth, very sexy ass, holding her white ass every day to the climax, wore her ass does not move, so that dick in her force in the pulse of ejaculation, that feeling can only be described with Yuxianyusi.

       Force in the karaoke in Japan because there are always limitations, not the clothes off, but also that someone will come in, targeting her about it, at first she was reluctant, afraid for a long time affect her business, I had to increase the introduction of charges and said that if I no longer want to come to her, and she certainly do not want to lose my force this Fall in love with her U.S. patrons, it readily agreed.

       I remember the first time I was in a place far away from her karaoke hour open house, take off his clothes and touched her second child to call her and tell her the room number, and soon she came over. Here it more convenient to let her into the room, locked the door, to help her take off her clothes, to show the white body immediately in front of me, some can not wait to hold her kiss, kissed After her breast, lips down, according to the United States forced away, then forced her smell some Grievance, thought should be to help her wash. U.S. pressing in the bathroom pulling, open hot shower, carefully wash the body to help her in person, the focus of U.S. force to wash her, cast a bath agent, rubbing her U.S. force also very interesting, on my cock then very Lao Gao, and keep her body to Mount Mount, and she would also take the initiative to help me wash up, cock in her hand up inside more and more high-spirited, I told her cute japanese escort in brooklyn would very much like kiss my cock, So cute japanese escort in brooklyn rushed me to bath liquid, off Sheung Shui after kneeling down, holding my ass with my big cock into his mouth Taonong, an abrupt departure from the heart, desire, and I put her mouth as a force, like, holding her head-her mouth violently Choucha, the climax coming soon, a heat can not help but shoot, her mouth did not back away, wrapped my cock, let me All semen shot in her mouth, the soft down until my cock out, then spit in my semen toilet, she told me she did not like to eat semen, I would not force her, and she let me put sperm shot in her mouth I've been very satisfied, after all, is such a beautiful woman (tell the truth than my beautiful girlfriend), I let her carefully rinse the mouth, hugged her to bed, holding the naked The U.S. force, although not quite up cock a moment, my heart still can not describe that cool.
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