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Passion next to the station, a memorable lingering

Passion next to the station, a memorable lingering

This is an experience when junior summer.

Because the transfer to the school to train in Huaihua, Huaihua, and always stay one night in. That age are junior
Hormone secretion is a strong period, that summer vacation to end, to return to school days when just getting dark in Huaihua
Off, bought a train ticket the next day after looking for a single-room hotel opened up the luggage, took a bath, eat
The dinner, would like to find a place to kill time. After visiting for a while, see a video halls, thinking, or to see video
Slice it. Video halls in the evening time after 10 pm A film will put a few of what, in the home is not easy
Look, just look cool now. On the inside, overnight $ 10, everyone has a small bed can be spaced
To lying.

Previously been to video halls, but did not come across Miss, is this accident met. After half an hour reading
, Heard a woman's laughter, came three woman, video halls in the dark light, Geyuan the not see, only to see
They Maozhao Yao, look east look west, turn a half-circle, one went to sit down here, I said: "The guy
, Do not accompany you to the movies? "I immediately understood what was happening. Excited ah, life is the second daughter of the first
Her door, though Miss, I have not touched the woman does, I thought sure that money, anyway look at the first play
. Said: "Well." Then Cheerful asian escort in Queens lay down, and looks very young, 22-year-old with an estimated annual
Ling told me about the same size, looks good, Ye Hao body, wearing a skirt, not as long or short, just to the knee,
Him puffing a touch of perfume, long hair. Then her first word, people ask me where, where to go, I
Was and said casually, said he was a student, this did not lie to her. Then I asked her something, and asked his name
Word, I guess not a real name, and then I ask you how much money, Cheerful asian escort in Queens said that if the holding is not only with the clothes off
They touch one hour 50, and if done on the plus 100. I asked her why we needed this line, she said the family was very poor
, Has recently been sick a lot of money to spend, there are a lot of money to his brother to go to school, no way the only way to make money fast
, Then also broke up with her boyfriend, anyway, her boyfriend did, and also talk to other men to do nothing
. Although I try to keep calm, but the cock has been hard to die. I give her 50, that you promised to
Oh, with me one hour, she said our money that's for sure. Then I hold her to see the film, hands on her chest
And buttocks touch from time to time, he still felt embarrassed, and she was quite relaxed, said to me directly:
"Touch it, it does not matter." Really, her breasts and buttocks are rounded and elastic. I asked her how she
Not a hotel to do, she said the business for only two weeks before her sisters do in the hotel, but the place to go
Introducer, also many rules, but also made money hand over their part, did not pick up free, run into the kind of old man
Or ugly men have to take, so myself and two other sisters, separate out, to get money is from the hand
Own, you can also choose their own men.

In fact, he wanted to do, but afraid to be infectious disease, in the hesitation has been so casually in a chat
, And then touch it touch it.

After about 20 minutes,

Cheerful asian escort in Queens spoke: "Either do ah?"

I said: "For here ah?." The location of the front window is the 3rd row.

I was hesitant, she estimated that thought came to see me: "I just came out not long, not the disease, with
I did not more than 10 men. You under the care of my business, and I brought a condom, just a bath tonight
. "I have heard her come to the taste of shower gel and shampoo smell.

I said: "I have never done, do not know how to play"

She laughed: "see that you are a student, played with his girlfriend did not it?"

I said: "There is a girlfriend, but has not developed to that sake."

She said: "Look, you are a virgin, I receive less points, plus 50 you can"

She looked at me like a very affectionate, and I looked at her, to be honest, she really is the way I like it
Kind of woman.

She just looked at me, not how to move her to make me feel so embarrassed.

I asked: "how come you pick on me?"

She said: "You look pleasing to the eye, the young, I do not like very old, and do not like watching a bad mood.
This baffle is still relatively high, they do not stand up, people do not see the back, and I can take you above, but there
Condition, can not kiss. "

I feel strange: "Why can not kiss?"

She said: "kiss unsanitary, kiss with a loved one only pro."

I thought to myself, you have to sell out, so also pay attention to.

In fact, I want to want to taste the taste of sex with a woman. This is just sensational film A film that he
Also horny.

Our location is near the window, baffle a bit high, if not deliberately stand behind the people from here
See, can not see us.

I said: "Then come once, you would do?"

She smiled slightly: "first touch you, if you did not taste a bath, I can give you oral sex for a while
, Then you can do lying down sideways, I can take you above the pan, until you shoot out. "
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