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Nowhere in Ningxia, unable to extricate themselves

Nowhere in Ningxia, unable to extricate themselves First, people will often talk about their first woman. My first was a woman of my classmates, "Lin."

       That was when I was 17 years old, when we do not understand what is love my grandfather was an old revolutionary, our family lived in the military compound are related to my grandfather. Later, my grandfather died, the state has not the resumption of the house, we can afford to live for generations to come.

The two, who lives close to our daily walk to school, I always met Lin, and she does not know why I always run away to see, one of the other way around to, or simply walked ran the school. What did not at first, but over time, gradually move her unusual caught my curiosity.

I often take advantage of her escape when the mischievous went to find her way closer to the front, suddenly appeared and threatened her jump, and then looked at her flushed away.

Although we are students, but she was introverted, almost no conversation with any student, of course, including me.

One day after school, I routinely dogged her, she should not escape, but slowly approached me: "Ningxia, do not trouble, and can walk with me?" I was scared that a sudden change jump, casually promised a "good, good, just a lift", "Ningxia soldiers do you like? My father is the soldier," "I do not like, I do not want a soldier, just a big future as a hotel owner," "our class have a girl like you, you know? "" Stop it, people like to learn good "," Ningxia ... ... ... you believe in love? "We chatted aimlessly so do not know the topic of some of their own . I found this very cute girl. So on this road more than two close friends, we came home from school together almost every day, accompanied with Lin, and slowly become a habit.

Close contact is the first in a summer, I and two friends had just quiet and some wine, make a small river in the endless talk about their ideals. Ideal for a child a lot of people are a scientist, pilot, or something, then my dreams of being a hotel owner, because that can drink together with friends every day.

Just then, Lin has come, she and her cousin Mary in a walk. I am enthusiastic and they prodded, she smiled and nodded, did not speak, but Mary is indeed very bright.

"You Jieliang This is where to go ah?" "I accompany my sister get some fresh air, a few small guy, this is to talk about lofty ideals?" "Little girl film, this is an adult thing, that you do not understand, "" cut, I do not care for listening to it, rogue! "several of us also issued a burst grin.

Summer weather is really changing rapidly, and soon covered with dark clouds, heavy rain had appeared to be. We do not have an umbrella, it seems possible to run home too late. So I suggest that the side of man, to shelter next to the watermelon.

We just got the consent of rain spilled down on the relentless, Lin is also next to us far away, was going to run back to the direction of home. I yelled her: "it was too late, has been rain. Quick to shelter it with us! Mary, you have come!" She looked hesitant, innocently standing there. I did not think so much, quickly run past, and we pull together Lynn's hand ran over to the watermelon. Previous steal watermelons, I remember that there is a small Guapeng is you reap what you were makeshift, though not great, but shelter from bad weather is not the problem.

Guapeng the owner is not, we just packed a total of five people squeezed into it. Outside of heavy rain, trees and flowers had been invisible. Dajiadoumang rain on the facial side, while blaming the weather.

Lin is still by my side, I suddenly felt my hand has not let go. Subconsciously, we also let go his hand, standing face to face, her face turned red. I still looked at her innocently, I suddenly found that she was beautiful, long eyelashes, white face, the mouth has a small mole. Black hair the rain, hanging on his shoulders, a white T-shirt has almost wet, not too plump chest also revealed the curve.

Then more rain, and near the door of my two friends, they say: as soon squeezed inside, the door was flooded, use curtains block it. Then push us hard to the inside, Lin, at the most, and I beside her. A push does not matter, I hug her solidly into the arms, with the curtain down, no windows Guapeng in this dark moment.

We still talk with, to talk with a smile. By this time the two of us in the world, is so quiet. There is no struggle, no resistance, the first contact has been so close. My chest felt her heart beat rapidly, my ears felt her breathing rapid, my face felt the blood surging to her cheeks.

An impulse, I know that not called love, just an impulse, I am about to hug her tighter, Lin also respond to a tight hold me. I gingerly probing kiss her mouth, when I touch her lips the moment, she was whole body trembled.

I was afraid she was scared and decided to terminate the abrupt move. I did not think she found me to be back, took the arm around my neck and brought her sweet kiss. Our first kiss in a full view, a dark place to start. Time of stagnation, do not know how long it took us slowly separated. Two hands are clenched tightly together, as if determined a relationship, the promise of an oath.

Early next morning, I came home on Lynn. Father and mother went to work, it appears that she is the result of reconnaissance rushed in after the wanton. I was still in bed, was awakened by a knock on the door. Open the door to see turned out to be her. Immediately no sleep, she looked surprised, really did not expect, it seems usually introverted, actually will take the initiative.

I would like to pick up her immediately, but after all, lack of experience, they seem to feel a little embarrassed. So I took her to the door, I lay back on the bed and made her sit beside me. I took her hand and asked her: is not before you like me?

Her little head.

"But I've never liked you, you just catch a good wizards everywhere, this is true." "I know, I can feel to a" "But now I find that I began to love you," "I know, so I come to you, give you the opportunity to "finish we were both laughing, and I one of her arms, from which a serious taste of the world's most sweet fruit.

Throughout the summer, we are tired with my buddy who also know the things we were together when they will play with her. Fishing with us, along with picnics, sing together. At that time we are alone, in addition to kissing, and did not go beyond the boundaries of other moves.

There is also a school week, and really could not bear this beautiful holiday. Today is my birthday, early in the morning, I came home on Lynn, sent a well-prepared for my gifts and kiss her. But she looks a bit depressed mood, like a lot of minds.

I repeated questioning, she told me: "After birthday was originally thought to tell you, my father is a soldier, you know, his job transfer, we may have to army and mother to a very distant place, estimated to have left school. "sudden fall in the bottom of my heart, why should just announced the end of the beginning? For 17 years we have, the way to school has been very far, "go very far," What is far? From her words, I feel, may we not say goodbye.

However, we still pretend that some "I'll see you", "write contacts" and comfort her and their own words.

"What you and your family where ah?" "Ningxia ..." "Why go so far?" "Units arranged it, do not be sad," "I can write you?" "Well ..." night, my a Young shouts of moneyed sworn no one home, he was specially arranged for my birthday party. I invited a few friends, of course, Lin. We play very fun, drink it, only when I look and Lin intersection will produce some of the lost, so we deliberately do not see each other's eyes. Swig just toast with friends, she never drank much wine to drink.

Has until late at night, two friends walked ahead of the rest of us have drunk five individuals. Buddies house is large enough, he suggested that everyone sleep at his home. Naturally, I and Lin are arranged into a room.

I have drunk out of shape, fell down to sleep. Lin seems better, but also to help me take off the shoes, she's lying quietly beside me.

Dream, I dreamed that Guapeng back, once again revisit and Lin's first intimate contact. The sky as if it began to rain, rain fell on my face, gently flowing into my mouth, a bitter wake up from a dream about me.

Lin is next to the original look of my face, it is her bitter tears. I know she must be very sad, must be very frustrated, she certainly did not want to leave me. I slowly sat up, opened a bedside lamp and her bright eyes met, when the collision together with her eyes, the tears would come to my eyes.

She threw herself into my arms and shoved, burst into tears, crying while kissed me. At the moment I felt something called "love" feelings reminder to us. We tongue intertwined, almost in madness, her close to my ear, "I want you !!!", although only 17 years old, but we all know exactly what will happen, not what people want to stop, have all come is also as natural as suddenly. Perhaps the world's only "I want you" than "I love you" are much more violent, right? This is a dedication, a pay, has been inclusive, "I love you" all the emotions.
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