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Internet Collection dry mad woman

Internet Collection dry mad woman

When I was in college, basically in the Internet bubble of the day and night, and I always go there a cafe, and is a die-hard member of that cafe, network management and four years for a lot of bar cashier, only we how these players do not change.

I remember one day I entered the cafe and found that the cashier has changed. Is less than 30 a 20-year-old woman. Called a plump body, looks can only be moderate, but commendable is that the fullness of the body, and that the big tits! Clothes almost could not cover, and that big ass, the same as the disc, dangling, do not shake No, that ass that size, it would have to walk Akira. I was also glances, because in the game into my heart, how full possession of her mind is not full.

Since I am here all day online, and this woman did not know how long, and I found her not only plentiful, but bold and coquettish, talking all the time is always a bitch like to seduce people, is inherently a parade show less than the Cotyledons. A network with the words, places, when night package with a dead pig, as she slept, she was speaking of you are white parade. We then breaks into laughter.

But things really took place in a residential night I package. But I was not doing while engaging chinese escort in mahhatan was asleep. Can be so fictional, but it is too exaggerated. First, the bar on the front of the machine into pieces, separated by a bar, who would pack places in front of room full of people who speak more than when others do not exist ah? Second, people speaking a dead sleep and then do not do not know, exercise is also willing to endure the line, if it would drop a rape charge against you when I was two more than ah?

It is still a good description of the facts. The way it is, on my package to the middle of the night places, touched tobacco, found a got left a. I rely on it not to smoke not the life I had? We all know people who are generally packet places while pumping side of the bag, and I is representative of these people. I must have a Coke package places have smoke, no food no problem, as these two and no less.

So I quickly got up, came to the bar. Was already more than two hours of the morning, I went to the bar to see, I speak, than this bitch really asleep. My Jia, online friends also waiting for me. Actually, I do not want to wake her, I know how to sleep wake up people unhappy, but I do not smoke even more unhappy. I had to wake her. Then I suddenly remembered the network Xiao Yang's words:

"You do not know who engaging chinese escort in mahhatan was speaking of the parade, ha ha ha ..."

Was summer, she is also wearing thin, though not very exposed, my weak point through the light, to see which of her very large breasts there, thin clothes were holding up her breasts almost burst, 2 and protruding from the top nipple seemed to be clearly visible. I watched it on a few of my hard, on top of the pants, it felt extremely uncomfortable. I thought to myself, she must not speak, I may feel sure that all right, she is also woke up not top the original intent of the day is indecent, we also all know, and will definitely let the matter rest.

So, I boldly, hands over the bar, go to touch her breasts. We do not think I wore the bright lights of crime. Internet cafes at night to save power, all lights are off, that I am very disgusted, but also very familiar and cafe owner, can not care for this thing. Therefore, in addition to monitor the light outside, without any light. Think, has been out into my hand on her breast, I slowly hand buckle up ... ...

I rely on! Soft soft, but flexible in general, may be due to her good health and fullness of her breasts actually very strong, although the tentacles touched the soft, but it is still very resistant to rubbing vigorously kneading, if you head chewing beef ribs Pakistan brain, the more they want to chew chew. Her breast to me is this feeling. I simply hands together under his arm straight, hand a large breast, kneading with a circle around, enjoy, it has long been a few of my die hard, really anxious to press rushed to put it on the sofa and operations are run the.

Feeling the feeling, I felt her nipple even stand up. Stiff, and I think I speak still feeling this bitch! I saw her body slightly swing. I like to meet with the touch of rubbing, I am even more cases of sexual, greater efforts, selfless rub her breast. She is also a large body swings up, the mouth slightly open, eyes seem to move a little. I saw her eyelids move, afraid that she woke up, I would have to immediately let go, but I could not bear to let go right away ... ...

But do not let go and not ah, sooner or later engaging chinese escort in mahhatan would wake up, so I hard-hearted, hard touched one, and then drawn back ready to handle quickly. But I caught this one force, but no hand pumping back ... ... to be one pair of very soft hand on the breast of that on the big! I was in a cold sweat from head to toe, after all, take advantage of people who sleep touch capture of a breast was present. How could I not sweating ... I bite the bullet and looked up, I saw her eyes, saw the pair of angry staring eyes. Is glaring at me! Then I saw her mouth quickly Da, and that the situation, TMD her to shout! I was desperate and closed his eyes ... ...

Unfortunately, I pierced the night sky waiting for the show's female Jiaochun sharp but did not occur. Instead, my hands were her "pa" to push back, I suddenly, his hands hit the bar on the table, and the pain enough to choke me. I look at her, she looked at me edge of the eye. I think nothing, because it is not my first, she did not call it good. I then pretending to be calm, light a light voice:

"Box of the Ambassador, a bottle of Coca-Cola."


I spend 10 dollars, find me two. I took the Coke and smoke, did not lift head and walked to the seat. I went to the half, I could not help but think, looking back, I always felt she had been staring at my watch. So I go back. Sure enough, my sixth sense is Emmanuel, she really looked at me. It does not look like just as angry. As the light is dim, I could not see her in the end is how a face. But no matter, and then play the game! Online buddy yelled:

"Shura, TMD kind of smoke you go?"

I "Hey ..." continue to fly their big upgrade. It really enjoyable. Probably had less than 10 minutes, we return to the city, is preparing to go to a good clean up neatly to play Po, I suddenly felt my chair was a harsh blow a bit. Chair of a cross, I hit the table leg on the bezel, and the pain I grimace in pain. Cursed is what I was about to turn a blind eye than to walk is not long, but to see a full body went from my side. Flash flash a big ass, step, shake about, that sensuality. She is not receiving female fuck you! I saw she turned the corner, go straight out from behind a small door.

I think the back door in addition to the toilet nothing ah? That was in the outdoor cafe toilet. But also the flush, there are male and female 2. Later this cafe for a place, only one toilet in the house. At that time, the toilet was outside the house. At that time I thought, this show bitch, you TMD toilet you do not go directly from the bar, you hit my chair around the corner it a few dry hair? I just want her in retaliation for me, so then play the game. Over 2 minutes, I looked up to see if she has not come back. Then I head a eureka moment. Oh my fool, this show than go to the bathroom around a circle also hit my chair. This is not by my show I followed her out to parade her?
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