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Engaging chinese escort in ny on the Bus

Engaging chinese escort in ny on the Bus

Here today with you recall yesterday something happened to me. First to introduce myself, I am 35, wife 33, I do

Network technology, graduated ten years through their own efforts to achieve technical director, my wife and I graduated from college together, so many years of ups and downs

Really not easy, I love her. My wife works in a bank, what line do not form, the director of this year just mentioned, it also remembers when it comes to

For her celebration of the scene when the wife is a cold beauty, why do you say, because his wife normally more like cool colors, very few clothes

Ubiquitous, as is often the nature of the work because professional package, rest is like wearing a casual gray or white black brown beige off

Busy loading more, but my wife really know how to mix, dress always fit, slightly restrained but all seem to wear on her very noble, weekdays desalination

Makeup, eye shadow is the dark lines, one over the shoulder long hair are basically set up, I really admire women get their hair the way, every morning

His wife are good  long hair on the disc, but there will be a lock of the right forehead bangs, plates beginning of the wife and is particularly competent. Now also considered

Led a small, Shoudi Xia tube with more than 10 individuals, to speak in an orderly, things leak, won the leadership appreciated. Wife is oval face,

Eyes relatively large, very long, his eyes than the average person on the list of some a bit like Hsu?, Eye hair expertise, when the wind is often squint their eyes and eyelashes

, Very very straight nose, lips, in my opinion, this is the most sexy part of the face, thin, light painting lipstick always makes me think of my home appliances

Ladder in the recent release of the lipstick ad actress, I feel better than to see her face, feeling very bad Oh charm. Wife 1 m 67, about 1 to wear high heels

7 multi-meter or so, the normal chest is just a man's hand can grasp the hand, is not sagging, waist 2-foot-2, the body where the most sexy

Is her ass, white and plump, but the shape is very nice, very touch, especially when wearing suits banks, described as S-curve

, Thin skirt plump ass hugging, walking rump Yichanyichan, unlike some of the woman's buttocks and feel is great, but stiff

Sleep, daily wear jeans or casual sweater sets, taut buttocks are often tempted to secretly touch my love.

Late last year, engaging chinese escort in ny saved our money to buy a used car, I do not know what the car is, in short, what happened yesterday is cited by this car

Hair sensuality ... ...
    July weather here is really good good stuffy heat, yesterday, 5:30 pm I drove to my wife about units such as door to pick her up from work, very good car

Open the sunroof point a smoke out of his wife, then I have from the bank's large glass to see inside, see my wife is the way to the lecture a few people, table

The situation is very serious, from time to time raised his hand, pointing to an employee what to say, think of it like my wife said the recent decline in the number of credit card contract, nor

Know why, in short, no matter what I do, continue to smoke, think of online banking on that to take a wife, how to say
    "Marry a wife works in a bank, engaging chinese escort in ny would not quarrel with you, because this place is special in the bank tempered person, even a hedgehog has been in the bank

Stay for a long, thorn is polished, so engaging chinese escort in ny will be a gentle wife. "
"Wife works in a bank, careful planning will be more aware of what should and what should not be consumed, definitely not just a flower

Bottles of woman. "
    Smoked a cigarette and pondering pondering really is, although his wife seems to be a cold beauty, but for me it is obedience, and often also play like a baby

Whine, and it is in bed by me, old couple, but more and more emphasis on fun, and I like to let her wear one-piece fishnet stockings from the rise of big butt

Grass behind her and used the thumb into her ass, at first she did not agree to dodge, and now also by me, especially after she rose leadership

I later into her beauty when the ice is more a sense of conquest, and occasionally let her wear clothes the grass of the bank, she was more posterior, the base

I have this quick shot selection inserted, because I love my wife's big ass no way, my wife is also very strong sexual desire recently, do not know

Working pressure or 30, such as wolves, are often showered at night rushed to kiss on me, made me bloated.
    His wife is a unit of the parking lot opposite the bus station, there are a lot of bus, so every 5:30 to 6:00 in the mountains turns people

Sea, far more often see a bus coming when it starts up all kinds of men and women, in order to go on the car or the first

To the car and began to seize a favorable position, that the scene was covered from time to time, because this street shopping malls, banks, office buildings is very large, very large flow of people. Also

Because of this there is also particularly beautiful job, where to stand for a really very seductive. Thought he could finally leave the crowded bus ... ...

I did not expect yesterday's story or in transit, but also the heroine is my wife, and I do not really actor has opened the door this time Bank

, His wife came out quickly, pass the high heels on a woman his mother would not normally walk, walk faster and more powerful twist, this time wearing a wife

White shirt, hem at the waist, with a row of non-edges, in front of a row of buttons, rounded lapel collar is also very very delicate feminine, but

Is this the kind of shirt is not very tight, hot, Well, lower body is a black skirt, some to the knee, do not know is called a step dress, skirt

Sub cable on both sides, a good fit to wear the body of his wife, sometimes his wife would normally wear stockings, too hot these days may not wear, leakage outside the

Legs straight and white, a pair of black high heels stepping on the foot, I particularly want to hear the voice of her high heels when walking do not know why, left collapse

A white leather bag. Then I saw the back of a 40-year-old man as if waiting for the bus, smoking his mouth, his eyes had been fixed on

My wife ass look, although I know my wife in the car behind, but I view a good, plump ass wrapped in a skirt, the small number of hip

With the rapid sound of the meat must be Yichanyichan high heels, but also obviously an intermediate hip joints, it is eclectic, I gave my wife this group

Selected, texture thin and breathable, the recent general work she would go home for this package. Well look at it and see, if I, I stared.
  I closed the sunroof open air, quickly opened the door his wife sat in, I suddenly put on the palm of your hand on the passenger seat, his wife end strong

I am sitting in a real hand to hand, got off the door wo ~ ~ good and feel, soft, I pinched hard, the
  "Ah," his wife laughing and said, "really annoying"
  I said, "I think one day without touch, His wife Which wear underwear today ah?"
  I kissed my wife holding me over a, say "I did not feel it?" I concentrate all my point to uppercut the hook, wo ~ across the baby's skirt and

Felt his wife's underwear abalone, said, "estimated to be wearing it," I finished laughing, I am so glad that we can open older couples play

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