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After Taipei's love story

After Taipei's love story

The car's clock indicates 12:58 "squeak Ga ... ... ... ..." The car's wipers did not have air force swinging.
Hate the boss, fast work, just before I take a bunch of copy to "get" piled on the table is higher than my head, and led me to work only half-past twelve ,@#*%$ ... ... think about it reimbursed on a good weekend, and was always thinking about the family goes on a soft bed ... pig ... go back and do it fast!
Strongly depresses the accelerator, the beloved 405 new students in periods of heavy rain and flying South, turn right onto East peace ... ... far far away lights shine in front of the march with a white card hanging River Delta failed to stop in the fast lane, a girl Chengzhaoyusan is a rush do not know what ... get a look at clock 1:14 ... thought: a girl can repair it? ... I have the same situation is when someone does not help? Moreover, I graduated mechanical, Air Force completed the repair units served plus the usual study of vehicles have, ah ... ..., O. K.
Help her! (O-Leo "gods" spots) parked in the street, hold up the "five million" umbrella. engaging chinese escort in bronx went to ... "Miss, need help?" She thought for a moment, nodded.
"Thank you, my car suddenly no more, really bad ..." view after a while, found her "high-voltage ignition coil" burned.
"Miss, your vehicle's" ignition coil "burn." engaging chinese escort in bronx tilted his head a look of confusion.
I went on to say: "To be resolved to the garage!" "How to do that! ..." I am anxious to see her asked, thought, then said:
"Miss, now Sangeng middle of the night and heavy rain, you take a taxi girl dangerous, I do take my car, I send you!" She took a long time, nodded, and got on with me.
Pulled, I start the car, turn on heating, and turned to face the back seat took a carton, he smoked a few, and then handed her to open the front of the lights, cleaning the body of water, she is also the same polished the body of the rain ... ... I do not know how long, all of a sudden she stopped the action ... ... and I still moves forward, but I slowly found her unusual, looked up at her, actually ... She stared, a face could not believe the expression, by her trembling lips spit a few words ... "you ... you are ... ... Hsu?! ..." I looked her up and down very carefully, my mind flashed a name, blurted out:
"Ping ... ... ... ... Yaping Zhou Yaping?!" Stared at each other and do not know how long, when suddenly a passing truck rumbling engine sound, so I regain consciousness. Put a hand brake, driving forward into the file.
"You ... you still go in the store?" engaging chinese escort in bronx looked out the window like the absence of rain, did not answer me. I still remember the direction toward the store drove her home.
At this point the radio came "Youkelilin" and "mistake" ... ... "I Don't Believe, I give you, just no reason for a decision ..." This song, which we then broke up the most popular songs. Every one song, until now still makes me sad.
Although she left me ... the red light, and stop the car ... ... the eyes of the remaining light to see her, head bowed as if in tears, looking at their own side was intimacy with the girl, now so alienated ... ... was the first pure student, now is a long hair.
Was not applied face powder, is now the standard white-collar workers.
I smell vaguely of "DUNE" perfume ...? That she had not the most annoying perfume it? Time really can make people change.
"A pair of ..." according to impatient car behind the speaker.
I looked up to see ... Oh ... ... ... ... ... and finally the green light to the door of her house.
Turned her head down while in the purse, looked up at me.
"I ... I seem to lock the keys in the car, but I no one at home, my sister and her classmates go to Taichung to play, came back Monday afternoon ... ... really a bad enough ..." I looked at her wet appearance, not to mention she had and I was so close, though she left me ... forget it! So many years! I do not care about the ... ... mind made up his mind.
"If you do not mind, I was going to spend the night now! Else you want in the rain until dawn?" She looked at his watch, to see the door locked, and then look at me, nodded and agreed with ... ... She returned to East peace stamped on the top floor of a building, that was my "Taipei home."
Finally home, and open the iron gate that goes soft bed, he rushed up ... "... ah ..., I am almost worn out," Oh! ... And other people in, quickly returned to normal.
"I get a dress to you, go take a bath!" I took a shirt from the wardrobe, turned his head, she was watching TV on my orchid photos ... "is your girlfriend now?" She asked , "ah ... ..., she is a good type of woman his wife" "I like not this type of woman Oh?" ??I laughed.
She went to take a bath, and I threw her clothes dryers, cooking a pot of cocoa, open sound.
She washed out into the wash for me ... "hair dryer in that?" She asked at the door, "the right of the drawer in the bedside," I replied in the door, wash half, I just think that my "cap "also on that drawer ... ... no matter, we become years, and are not afraid of her to see. Anyway, now she's not my girlfriend can not control me.
... I came out, saw her automatically to a cup of cocoa, drink hand side on the bed looking at me on the album ... "Hey! ... You too automatically, right!" I snatch my hand album, because I am too much force, photos scattered over the floor. I found her to see that this is all I kept my photo album and her then ... ... we were both bent over the photo to pick up scattered on the ground, picking up her side of the face, said:
"You still like remembering! Is still the same do not drink coffee ..." "Yes ah! ... I like you so it becomes ..." I snappily replied, her head bowed, hands draw circles on the ground said coldly:
"You ... you still hate me?" "The world you are not only a woman, I blame Yurenbushu, early consumption of gas for so many years," she looked up at me, suddenly drops shed tears, rushing holding I burst into tears again. I instinctively want to push her, but she drill into my arms, crying like a baby girl ... ... she was like holding my exhausted strength, once so familiar with breasts, across my chest pressed shirt ... I am unable to respond, but in the past think of all the heart, the smell of her hair fragrance, thought to want after school in the community for the love of intense classroom ... ... and so on, make my heart speed up her hand ... ... ... ... her hand into my jersey, the start touching up ... ... "APPLE, you do so, before our relationship and not so different ... ... ... ..." (APPLE I said to her before) but she hand does not seem to listen, she arched a finger nail gently down by my neck taken away, and then caught up by the waist.
God! She still remembers my "taboo zone" and I desire to provoke her way ... ... gently tongue licking my ears, teeth gently bite my nose (this action is before we make love before the signal, like to the other party nibble nose), her hand stroking across the pants I had an erect penis ... ... "APPLE, you do so, fast stop, do not ... like ... this ... ... ... ..." At this point I have She was pushed to corner, no turning back the. And my desires have been faster than the limit of my control, fast out of control ... She slowly bend over and across the sports pants with his teeth gently bite my erect penis. This is an action she, like a match thrown into a pile of TNT, let my desires ... I broke out like mad she picked up, the pressure in the bed, like a very hungry beast, forced her shirt tear to pieces, pull out her bra, take off her panties ... She opened watery eyes, watching my movements, reach out and take off my underwear ... ... she is still white and soft breast Her skin exudes a touch of flavor, I like a lost travelers in the desert, see the well-like thirst, sucking all over every inch of her skin, fiddle around with the tongue down her stiff nipples, and her manpower clutching a pillow, straighten the lower abdomen, her woman's most sensitive areas to withstand the pressure of my fingers ... I clip her ears light, with the penis in her lower abdomen before and after friction, she grabbed my arm manpower. I looked up and saw her cheeks flush with excitement, I suddenly felt that she had not then push his hands swatting Hantong random girl up!
I put her legs apart, aligned to the guy whistling up her Hongnen of Xuekou, a waist to send it in. She secrete enough Aiye, not all at once into the root, APPLE Enliaoyisheng, holding hands ring I am, I suddenly found her in gently twist her waist ... ... time really change everything, and now she will pursue the pleasure between men and women!
I started pumping her warm body, the impact of time and time again, I slowly accelerate the rate of pumping, I heard the sound of her moans of rapid, relentless my cock filling up her tight body in unbridled mad rush her eyes were closed, locked brow, fingers clasp my arm, down my pumping up and down the frequency of exercise of her lower abdomen ... I think she likes the waist Xiadian a mat, I took the next a small cushion, waist and lifted her to the mat on her waist. I started pumping slowly, her breath whistling opened his eyes looked at me ... "You ... you ... ... a lot of progress ... ... Oh!, They still remember my favorite ... ... pad mat." "You are good, is a mature woman! "" It appears that your orchid is also very happy ... ... Oh! '"is ah! I can turn you into a happy woman!" had finished speaking, the cock out of me, with the light into the light of the glans, and then apply again and again into the half out, so she has been circulating the ... ... Every time I insert a half, she always looked back, looking forward to more in-depth exposure to, and I once again playing her, she increased desire to again and again, when I see her nibble her lips, began pumping fast and violent, a time-depth ... I lifted her legs, stand firmly on my shoulders the pumping, my cock in her undulating lines of the body of a second impact, cock and body connection, again and again and unsparing abuse her Pink small nucleus, a strong current rushing storm like her body, her confusion thinking, she can not open your mouth any sound ... ... her body like excessive lubrication, excessive pumping Aiye when I mixed into the air, strange sound issue, I grabbed her hand tight, and my cock still out of control like in the pumping, and suddenly her body has changed, while the contraction while sandwiched my cock, her legs like an electric shock-like straight, muscles tight, clutching her nails hard my back ... ... no matter how she changed, the climax of the reaction is still the same general weakness in her panting, and I still pumping hard, suddenly, a familiar signals to the brain, I have something to report Xin happened, I immediately out of cock, too late to do any preparation, while a strong contraction of the pipeline, the water column of white semen like a fire-like injection, spray in her breasts, hair, and sprayed on to the bed ... I lie on the her breathing, and she picked up the bed of tissue paper, wipe the semen on the sheets ... I got up and picked up the wet towels on the table, wiping her poor Rouxue, rub her semen.
At this time, I found her on the TV and I had blue flat photos.
I asked her why Sangeng middle of the night on the outside looked out, she did not answer me, but focused playing my ears, nose, pull my finger ... ... In this way, we stumbled and fell asleep ... ... while PA awakened by the sound of my device, downstairs demonstration team are going through, she was lying to me sweet sleep, I gently stroked her hair, slowly open the memory box, call out those who have not clear memories of ... ... year, I designed two buddies in a class of students called BiBi, "phase" in the first year of a chemical section of the school girl, because I admit that I looked "very sorry", so image is also not afraid to bash (if there is image, then ?!?), after I agreed to her class after a go-between and friendship in our class ... ..., while APPLE is that school girl friends, friendship first, four of us boys and their triplet girls sat together, I try to create topics, driven by the atmosphere, play the game.
I first noticed her, she laughed the way people have a brain to forget the feeling of trouble, about a hundred she was about 60, there is always a touch of bright red face, the beauty that is unique to girls. In particular, her lips, ruddy and full, like a cherry-like mouth-watering, but she did not accept the opposite sex seems to care.
Later, BiBi finally got his wish "to" on that school girl, and our classes and their relationships are getting better and better classes, most of their computer operations from the class of "interested parties" arranged. However, the next class "gun class" even spotted APPLE, began to chase her, but she always ignored him, then "gun class" brain Xiu anger, misplacing it in school, said she was "off the wings off Aberdeen In the Room "," rupture "and so on, then, even once, BiBi Sao APPLE to class and find BiBi," gun class "even in front of their classes in the solicitation, and then pointing to APPLE, said:
"Is she, Sanbai like her, but first-class technology trumpet!" ... Angry she ran to the top floor, BiBi daughter asked me to go up ... wink ... I go see her, lying on the lights on in the weeping I stepped forward, patted her shoulder to comfort her. She shouted frantically:
"You roll! Boys did a good thing ... ... roll it! ..." I am stupid, because she actually seems weak so out of control, I do not know that to the courage, to the front, gently holding her ... ... "Do not cry, I know that roses have thorns just to protect themselves, people do not understand it's hard to pull her, will get a self-injury. Learn it people will quietly appreciate her ..." She is no longer rejected I cry in my arms ... This is the first time, a girl so near me, and I smell the incense of her light hair ... from that after the addition of a pair of campus inseparable shadow.
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