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After the first seizure

After the first seizure

Do not know since when, I had a great interest in women, probably grown up now!

But I am very low self-esteem, because so short, in with a bad facial features, so little girls will have sex with me, so I got all day to think what a beautiful girl!

There is a chance to see the F-line drugs for sale advertising fans, I think a few days, this is the best way to engage a woman, so desperate to spend 380 yuan to buy 50mg fans F drug (FM2), but Because timid, so we did not used at home.

In April, I received notice of our regional offices, to me in the district where the militia training. In the latter part of our training, we have to go to college there, xx to report performance, the day before we went, is to familiarize yourself with the venue.

University really good, full of beautiful mm, all running at once to see us training, we are proud of the show for a while, to noon, we class a few people went to the college to eat inside the restaurant .

Well decorated inside, outside sun faint of spirit as we go on the masterpiece, and why? Inside the air considerably, and there are many waitresses, they saw us go in so many wearing camouflage clothing is also immediately stir up.

For a while we had finished our meal, and a look at the training was early, sitting in the hall on the sofa to rest, not far from our lobby desk, I saw the table wearing glasses behind a beautiful mm.

I have carefully looked at her, a tall, slender figure, with a pair of glasses, like a Japanese "uniforms girl" So come on and tolerant asian escort in ny put up cavity.

After chatting a while, a little familiar, that we are living in the same city, not far from each other also, so the strangeness becomes less, about her at the door with my dinner, she was promised, that even with on a female companion.

Night, two men and two women such as we meet about, tolerant asian escort in ny does not wear glasses, and also a point of makeup, hehe ~ also more beautiful.

We went to a hotel, drink and chat, and soon further familiar with, her name is Frances, aged 22, her companion called keke, 23 years old.

She can be both a good drink, a man of no two of us to relax, and tolerant asian escort in ny frequently look for opportunities to both drink and see that they look the same subject.

So I say you drink a lot of wine, get some fresh air this out, they went out, my friend did not pay attention while I rape drug placed in the girl's glass, the two later she came back to put the drug alcohol to drink, I just finished proposal to karaoke to play, and she both agreed on one!

In fact, I know she had two episodes of herbs, according to the description Ecstasy, as long as the drink will be made over 1-5 minutes to do.

Fortunately, from the far to walk for a minute, we went looking for the boxes, one with two large sofa, very comfortable, I see them just one by the sofa, on the soft die, two eye Weibi and kept in breathing.

I immediately sat down beside her, grabbed her shoulder to ask her: "how do you?" Who would have thought she was almost unconscious, and I do not know what the hum? I did not understand! I look at it next to two, accusing him of not keke, another male companion scrambled at her side, with the room lights are dim, the TV still open, but does not affect who tell you who!

Because I am timid, I first tentative touch her hands, very soft, boneless. I saw no response, it touched her face, really slippery, is indeed the city girl, I took her a hug over, leaning on my arms, deliberately touched her breasts, or did not respond, Oh ~ I do not care, and gently stroking her breasts.

Thin silk shirt bra which also separated, I solved one of her buttons, hand out the inside, to raise her bra a little, so my hand can touch her breasts fully. She eyes closed, occasionally hum it.

My hands just can overshadowed her breasts, it is also very soft and plump, nipple is very pretty, I want to see what color, not too much action but I fear that she woke up, did not have to touch the breast.

I gently pinched her breasts, fingers on her nipples rubbed back and forth, she actually did not move a bit, I doubt that she was really drunk, or deliberately let me touch her ... I put her two a breast playing a good while, until the hands sweat, and having left the show before hand, put her clothes the whole good.

I saw her wearing a black dress step, exposing half of the thigh, I touched her thigh, following unconsciously hard up. Her thighs are smooth, very soft. I slowly touched up along her thigh, has been gently upward away.

Soon to her underwear, and I felt a burst of heat hit my fingers touched her panties, I felt like a slight damp, just be careful Feel, she suddenly clamping of the legs , opened my hand.

Then her reeling, I help her to go to the toilet, I held her shaking? ? Came to the toilet, I was waiting for her at the door, for a while, she came out.

Go back, I see the edge of a room which is empty, so I said: "I help you go Xie Hui, right?" We go in, I opened a little dim light, lying to her on the sofa, I sat on her side.

She lay down, immediately closed his eyes, a very comfortable way, I know for a chance to have leaned over and kissed her face up, while my hands on her chest , gently touching her breasts.

I feel like she can not resist the same, and does not refuse me, my more daring, and gently untied her shirt, her bra pushed up, exposing her breasts, her breasts really fullness, slowly rubbing my hands, her little black areola, I think she must already not a virgin.

I took her nipple in his mouth, tongue fiddle back and forth, sucking, and soon, her nipples began to harden, Ting Ting stood up, my breasts were free to pinch to squeeze.

I put aside her skirt, touching her thighs, I saw her wearing a thin white panties, and she begins at the swelling, you can clearly see her pubic hair. I touch her genitals across the underwear, soft, slightly damp, I took off her underwear, exposing her genitals immediately in front of me.
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