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Massage room story

Massage room story

School in Fuzhou, the work has been seven years, has never been irregular ambiguous place that night nothing to do, thought out for a walk, then went out on a walk up. I live near the great blessing, a long way to go on to a nearby beauty of a street in Fuzhou people should know that here is the famous red-light district known, are lit every dark red bulb, it really is real red light district! Oh! Was the summer, most of the glass doors are closed, the outside surface do not see a person, seems to have a massage in the package box! Really disappointed, do not see the woman.
Walked a few, most are like this, wanted to turn back, you can see far
Have a door was open, there are two girls sitting in front of the sofa to chat, it seems as if no guests, I slowly walked over, wow race, sex, and a ramp * legs, upper body harness yellow goose vest, pants wearing a white miniskirt, and the other a black tight-fitting Dress, delicate white skin, full breasts, low-cut clothing exposing deep cleavage tape, also good long face, large eyes watery, rhyme with with an awesome heart and soul of obsequiousness. Body really did not say, but I wonder how a woman is not such a good guest? Is not difficult to sell? To see the guests, wearing a white dress of the girl got up and greeted as a very short skirt, she will pay * with the legs apart, I saw a dress in a pink underwear, can not help but secretly excited. Is like
It, I have come before her, engaging chinese escort in Long island  looked at me, I looked at her daring, her eyes strained from time to time sweep swept away in the chest, then she whispered to me that the sentence: "knock back it, handsome? "
I usually do not enter this place, but today I do not know how, just want to go wash the head. I looked around, as if no one is paying attention to me, on the inside.
At the door only to see a woman sitting in the shop also, it seems thirties, long and normally, needless to say, must be boss, and when the white dress the girl asked me: "wash your hair or knock back? "" will wash it! "
She let me sit in a chair, a towel on the head and neck around, pour rubbing up on shampoo. Then I looked at her mirror, it looks also 18,9 years old, tall and embossed a cause, not very hip, but
Is a sharp upturned, watching exciting. Ears show off her short hair better this ZHANG Xiu-face, the body
Exudes a faint smell, not like a perfume, the scent of a woman is probably right. Very nice, may not sell it, so it no guests. Thought of here, I am quite disappointed. I chatted with the proprietress East La Xila days, do not matter the topic, I also absent-minded did not have a random sentence accosted.
Soon, the shampoo girl said to me, almost, red about it, I stood up, flushing can not find a place where, she said: "inside!" I saw behind the curtain there is a block up half of the
Place, behind Zhang chair, I went over to see the original beauty as high as people are up to punch above his chair, and good good, good equipment, I lie down, the girl stood in my around the bend
Help me wash, wow *, chest less than an inch from my face, camisole hanging down through the neckline, to see the deep cleavage next to the exposed lace bra. Because of her hands still for me the punch, so which of the abundance
About full breasts shaking, big mouth swallow my saliva, really want to touch. Curtain hanging, I can not see the outer room of people, to hell with it, intentionally or unintentionally, gently touch her buttocks, as bent,
Skirt close to the body, I can feel the underwear of the triangular shape. Tried two or three times, seeing that she did not respond,
Big up my courage, on hand to hug her waist, gently stroking. She also did not make the resistance movements, only obliterated in serious bubble on my head, I have more daring, and on her back by a little, her chest on the pressure in my face, I on the situation in the cleavage Shangtian a bit, she immediately straightened up, put my hair with a towel wrapped up for me: "it! to blow out about it!" I thought, perhaps it really
Not to sell, or tease me that this time. So I stood up and walked out of a chair, then look at my boss asked me not to wash the knock back, I would like to have no drama, said: "Head first
Dry it to me! "Hair of the girl came to me blowing hair, blow after the start of the semi-dry scalp and face massage for me and brought my head down on her chest * a, Zhenshuang. When I feel my little a brother, a little impulsive, etc. shoulder massage finished, I asked the boss how much knock back? boss said: "50. Money is also inside the shampoo, "I do not know Then comes the question, anyway, have come, they can only be the final say. Said:" That to a bar! "Then wash your hair on a girl I went to just punch collar place, I said:" In this you? "
The girl said with a smile: "No, there is a door you did not see it?" Then put the door open and went in, I want to just focus on her full breasts may be on! Here's a side door did not even see, Oh, normal to normal.
House which is not large, decorated with two massage beds, a small light hair with dark pink light, surrounded by the atmosphere full of lust. My little brother has a bit hard up. Girl shut the door, I lie in bed,
I began to massage the back, technology in general, but the action was very gentle, still feel very comfortable, according to a while back, she told me to stand free, massage it in my chest, I feel tickling, say, do not , and by
The other bar. engaging chinese escort in Long island  is my arm massage, I will close my eyes to enjoy, and after a while, my hand touched a mass of soft stuff, I open eyes aiming a bit, because she touch the chest at the time with my hand,
Ha, began to tease me! I also blunt, I take advantage of her chest touching up. Just across the vest touch feeling not so cool. I put down to pull on the vest, but did not pull down, then the girl looked at me and smiled, put on his vest, lift up, revealing impressive breasts, no bra strap is pink, and that the half of half layers of translucent layers of lace around the edges, forming a deep cleavage groove, a pair of pink and purple nipples and a half
Has revealed, suddenly my second child fast hard up support from a small tent. Then my hands began to move down, pull down her bra, suddenly revealed the bell-shaped perfect breasts, rubbing my hands with milk
Room, pinching her nipple. Then she put the body, took off his sandals and climbed up the massage table, raised to mention him in my riding skirt and began to squeeze my shoulder, beating with my hands touched her breasts, thighs apart as ,
Of course, within the triangle dress pants at a glance, it really is pink, the middle of the narrow, just to wrap that place, the upper half or semi-transparent, so that I can see faint black domesticated hen's pubic hair, if present, underwear is more clear around
Reveal a handful of obvious black hair, and engaging chinese escort in Long island  begins to bulge like a small head high, excited me, little brother of the higher branches, top in her ass. She also felt the changes I deliberately move a few hips, rubbing on my little brother a few. Then she began: "The plane hit a bar!" I want to hold onto what little brother, then it may be too sorry, and asked: "How much?" She said: "50!" I said: "Too expensive, too expensive! outside shot also hit a 100 (listen to my friends say). "
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