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Off-site look for spring

Off-site look for spring

A large village lying to live dark living room Zizhenziyin, he wants to use alcohol intoxicate themselves. However, that made him
Loss of self-esteem, self-confidence, humiliation scene, but deeply branded in my mind, when it surfaced dead of a deeper,
Things have been more than a month away, just like a place, clearly enter the eye. A village was really a bit regret, that afternoon
Well not much to go home! Witnessed but make their own troubles, troubled bear, in the end he see?

    It was a spring rains in the afternoon, Ah Chong bit confused, it can not support, decided to leave busy
Official to go home and sleep. Before entering the large living room, beautiful wife Mimi have heard voices of obscene language, and both Arab village
Shocked and angry, he was Mimi so good to see their Touhan sentimental escort in Long island hiding? Yinsheng is coming from the room, Ah Chong
Creep foot went housekeeping, he wanted to see who stole the hearts of Mimi. Not on the door is ajar,
A village by the slit door peep, still can not see, look angry eight awakened a smoke, the original Mimi lying naked in bed
Felt on the feet and bend share open open, looked like a maternity position.

    The big dogs at home more microphones are out of piece of a long tongue, lick her sucking hole that spring, carpet clear
See the watermark, apparently caused by her sexual secretion of the cave, she pro-small eyes in wire groaning, said to himself from time to time
: "It's fun, really fun!" To the later, sentimental escort in Long island fell to the ground felt more vertebral microphone on, get to see on the big dogs of Goubian
Moving up and down the next stroke, the Goubian stroke was hard, and V in the dogs body, stuffed the piece of Goubian spring hole,
Keep moving up and down very bottom.

    A fire from the village to see here, little knowledge, if the man Mimi stole more than he was young, handsome, than his thick penis
Large, he can tolerate, but Mimi actually making love with dogs, it would mean that they are better than dogs do not like? A village can no longer
Can not be patient, take off the belt in his hand, rushed into the room, waving the white belt of severely to Mimi
Big ass pumping continues, while pumping side of the curse: "You killed this whore, slut!"

    Mimi broken off guard, but also the hearts of disgrace, not here know how to dodge, big white ass out of the fifty-six blood
Marks after the party jumped up and avoid. A village remaining hate still lingers, holding the belt unthinking pumping down to the big dogs, and more
Microphone with bark bark, sprang tail hanging outside the room. A village walked in front of Mimi, her right hand clutching the back of the head hair,
The Zhenshou pulled her, his eyes firmly fixed on the fire-breathing she asked: "Why, why are you so cheap, actually
However, intercourse and dogs! "

    Mimi scared plainer looking, mouth local earthquake, said: "A village, forgive me! I do not know why? And
Shepherd comes, I feel that stimulus event addiction! "A village sneered:" Mimi, you are not a small girl, this
Kinds of things how can forgive it? We separated divorced now! How much alimony you and my lawyer said yes! "

    That afternoon, the Arab village will become depressed, low self-esteem. A Tommy Chong's brother summoned the Arab village,
Tommy Chong Jiao sit down and said: "A village, things are so long, and how you fit all day, using alcohol
Xiaochou, A village, you also know that the wine into the feeling of sadness worry even more unhappy ah! I worry for ah! "" Brother, you do not understand me
How deep the trauma! I know you care for me, I know that does not understand, but Mimi and dogs, a lustful
Screen, always come to mind from time to time! "

    Tommy patted his brother's shoulder concern, said: "as to how the field for some time? To a different
Environment, may be gradually forgotten! "A village replied:" in mind, try it! "Soup
The United States face a lighted, said: "That's great! You know braided in Ha Erbin Office can make decisions is the lack of a
Italian people, where I was going to develop and expand the business, where there are five that we sent to the staff, plus
Through 40 local staff, we are not Ha Erbin largest and most powerful trading company, tomorrow, I immediately thiophene
Employees who commanded there for you looking for an apartment, you need everyday, including your favorite video and audio equipment, you can
Packing air in the past! "

    "Well, I went home to pack things, the sooner the better, at home alone a real lack of taste?" Soup
America smiled and said: "A village, I heard the northeast many beautiful women, all white in the pink, white meat fine leather embossment, forget
Remember the Mimi, enjoy life! "

    Taizi Ye Yu Jia foreign crusades is no trivial matter, nearly fifty people of all company employees opt for queuing at the airport welcome, A
Zhuang, director of the Hong Kong sent a small party to accompany former, drove straight to his rented by the Russians built the original Russian villa
Years. A village of the companies in Harbin can bring very root of the foreign exchange, the leaders of his grand arrival by Crown
Welcome to the first few days, A village sewed, met with the parties met with the arrival of the head extremely busy from morning till night,
Mimi intercourse Hing ruthless dog ugly lens, actually there is no longer in my mind, he was bracing to cope with new challenges!

    Settle down, there is no nightlife in Harbin, Ah Chong Jiangan lonely at nights bored, only occasionally by a small square
Quarters to accompany him to his villa, drink, talk about the day, listening to music, see video. "Fang, you and
Other colleagues do not normally come to my house, what consumers left, you feel depressed lonely? "A village asked. "Old
Board, is not, frankly tell you that I and other colleagues in the mistress here, where more than beauty, such as
Stars of heaven, demands are low, really want to play that on the play that, we often for painting! "

    "You afraid of being caught and police it? Heard heavy penalties for prostitution ah!" "We here have the right to
Powerful relationship between the characters very well, who would interfere with us? We will seek public security head for their exports to a
Batch of prisoners made handicrafts, imported a number of them are needed in all types of vehicles it! Moreover, we are not
Prostitution, but to make and is closely related to our factory, mines girl.

    A village suddenly realized: "So, no wonder you do not have shouted demands repatriation of!" Small
Side interface, said: "Boss, you are looking for twelve enjoy it? Guarantee fresh, tender mouth no mess!" "I
First came, I do not know how to start, but also might affect the company's reputation. "" Boss, you want, those girls
Racing comes, do not say outside of a woman, alone, deputy director of our company, translation, female accounting, they are on the
I am asking you, just because you are the boss, and pious, high above, they only dare not discharge! "

    "Small side, I'm afraid they sticky itself, the rejection is not open ah!" "Boss, no, they are dedicated only hope
Hope to get the benefits of his position and money, and very easy to meet. Now my mistress snow, the original is
The company's small staff, I raised her as secretary, is very grateful of. "" Good snow gentle, so beautiful,
Small side, you really visionary! "" The boss is interested, I called a few nights with you how the snow? "A small village square rub
Leather shoes. Unexpectedly, a small side rub the wrong shoes, A village looking sank: "The small side, you see I'm a good person who wins
It? "

    Aberdeen is a striking small side, and immediately wake up to rub the wrong shoes, the boss will not use his worn old shoes of. His dark
Curse their damn, he drinks a first taste of the soup, only bosses turn to drink, it can not air it? Secretly find that, before and
He has had a relationship of a woman, must not be introduced to the boss, or boss will lose face, blame their own. Small
Side is very clever, lightning turn the idea in my mind a few turns, immediately said: "snow angel sister has a seemingly
Xue, graduated from college this year, she would like into our company, I look at her private secretary to do your best
Together. "" Xue University of Reading in what subjects? "" Department of Foreign Languages, the English are first-rate. "

    Ah Yan Zhuang then head out of a small party secretary snow in the shadows, she really is a good Facets, blowing
Shells have broken the surface with two deep oval charming Jiuwo, red lips, set off by a row of white teeth,
Figure is tall, slender legs, high peaks into clouds, her sister certainly not bad, and then said: "Tomorrow
Evening, we eat dinner together how? "Small Fangda Xi said:" Very good! "Dinner set live in the most high Harbin
China's hotel guests in the Candian, authentic Russian dinner.

    Snow led a small party, which Xue sisters come, Ah Chong themselves, wearing a blue snow
Western-style suit, set off by a white silk shirt, Xue wearing Western suits lined with pink silk shirt section. Percent
Percent and sister are very similar appearance, but the snow plump, Xue slender point, and a sexy style of thousands,
One is fresh with shy.

    They presented their small Arab village and understanding of the young sisters from Hong Kong on the big boss of admiration not Yingwei
Has been, all day night, they are talking and the Arab village, near the small side seems to have become friends. Sisters to make riding
Between the hours after the Arab village: "The small side, more snow tonight, I want to talk about her sister's working fine, do you mind
It? "This is the best opportunity to curry favor with the boss, his girlfriend and more Here is why would mind? Even
Busy, said: "Boss, of course, no problem! I have said to snow last night to accompany you."
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