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Cute ass (anal sex teacher)

Cute ass (anal sex teacher)

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Parents will be over, the crowd gradually dispersed, the class teacher Huiying out school buildings, outside the school to see that forLong time waiting for her mother, the child's right hand was tightly holding her mother's left breast fruitful. 

"Minmin, shiny, to keep you waiting."

Huiying grinning and picked up the boy's left hand, full of the same on his breast, and that is called Shiny boy smile directed at Huiying journeying, hands on her chest even more force, and Wai Ying's heart burst Waves, loving boy stroked the soft hair. Sandwiched two plump mature woman look like a junior high school male Children, to stop the car in the distance walked ... ...

Huiying Zhou Min college students is, on the beginning of this year, Zhou shiny as her son in a classroom Students. In the home visit process, the three established such a relationship, a failed marriage, a woman two Shiny body found in a second spring.

Min Zhou and opened the door, bright open a stay in the hands of her bulging chest, set of white tunic Left a shiny black fingerprints, "shiny, go take a bath, mother and teacher in the bedroom waiting for you oh." Zhou Min Sympathy and affection for the boy said.

"Well no, I want my mother and teacher to accompany me to wash." Shiny clinging Huiying said body, pleaded: "Teacher, you accompany me to wash."

Looked lovely boy, Huiying holding his little face, "bright, obedient, teacher and mother to speak.
Oh faster, the teacher quickly can not wait. "

Shiny disappointed to take off clothes, ran into the bathroom, looked at the boy between his legs dark snake, two women People looked at the mouth are raised a knowing smile.

While joking while they discuss what, two pairs of huge tits mutual gazing, Zhou showed that for
Papaya-shaped, become heavy, as if accidentally dropped, and Huiying that pair is pear-shaped, it is Very thick, like two bowl buckle on her chest. new york asian escort service

Today is the birthday of shiny, good mother and the teacher said to him today to be a surprise, shiny side of the cleaning His own cock while getting an erection happy imagine any of his four great grandmother to play the scene.

Shiny naked went into the big bedroom, piles of white meat has been lying in that big bed, looked at the boy Kuajian piece of very thin body with his coordination of the penis, they are directed at each other nasty smile.

"Bright, Come." Urgent Huiying said, Zhou Huiying a white "on your hurry, that
But my son, come, Guaier Zi, to my mother this, the mother feeding you. "

Shiny in the middle of two women to lie down, and left to see, right look, very hesitant to look. Finally, shiny Huiying sideways down in the arms, two hands holding Huiying chest fat mouth for a left-right would suck Two red nipple sucking.

"Teachers do not have a mother, a bad son." Then move the white body, to the shiny side

Huiying his mouth issued a proud smile, "Ha ha, shiny prefer teacher Mimi ah!"

Shiny pout, said: "No, Mom, Mimi, as well." Then the chest at the mother turned mouth
Thick layer of fat bite up, compared to mother's nipple, shiny prefer mother's milk soft white meat,If you really want to eat like a mouth stuck in deep fat in the chest Zhou Min.

Shiny footed, and soon the effort, four large breasts have been rubbed shiny red and bite of the play,Still remained above one lovely teeth marks. The nipple has four lovely high tilt, two women look Blurred, mouth slightly open, obviously enjoying shiny this rude play.

Shiny like shit, like squatting on the bed, two women commanders, "Mom, in front of you, the teacher, after you Surface. "

Zhou Min knowingly lying across the front in shiny, with her little hands holding the shiny tilt cock, overwhelming level corner Degree, will that big purple glans into his mouth, with lips to her neck back and forth, tongue Coronal licking around sometimes, and sometimes provocative horse eye.

Then Huiying's face is buried in the crevices ass shiny, shiny tongue in the asshole on the naughty play, hand TV drama is not honest playing two hanging down OVA.

Shiny eyes closed, lower body are all sensitive areas of the mouth of these two mature women occupation, and his hands To seize the two women's hair, wild swinging, encouraging them to work harder.

The two women mouth are all tired stiff, reluctant to leave it shiny body. Shiny glans in Zhou Min
Under the moisture of saliva becomes fine shiny, very beautiful. Shiny pointed to two women said, "You do not say A surprise to me, and not to lie. "

Huiying, and Zhou Min laugh, all kneeling lying in bed, their fat, white big ass stick up, face
Toward bright. "Shiny, mother and teacher to give you today, big penis and find a new home oh two."

Shiny Waizhaonaodai thinking, "two new home? Before his penis is in the mother and the teacher's mouth And vagina sleep ah. What new home ah. "

"Little fool, what I have to lick your place ah." Huiying shiny smile said.

Shiny suddenly realized, to two fat ass in front, looked carefully two small chrysanthemum. Teacher's Chrysanthemum Is red, my mother is brown, also with a few long-hairy. Move his hands were two cute fart Eyes, get a deduction.

Two women sounded messy bedroom moans. Shiny middle finger has two teachers and were not into the Mother's anus, Zhou said, "shiny, reach into your large penis come."

Shiny stood up, holding the thick penis, pointed at the mother brown anus, forced a huge
Zhou Min glans into the rectum. Although anal sex before they are studied on the details, know that some pain,Zhou Min, but it shares the pain is enjoying the cool shade, cold sweat from her forehead to stay. Shiny, but do not know my mother Feelings, his tight asshole clip was a good comfortable, continue to where to do so.

Huiying Zhou Min little asshole watching her son's large penis was distended so poor, near-tragic listening Zhou Min Shouting, think shiny big cock for a while will be stepping into his rectum, she was afraid.

"Ah the son of ... ... ... ... ... ... you tap it hurt a good mother." Zhou Min, but cries in shiny ears In the stadium like the sound of gongs and drums, the advance of his more hard.

Soon, shiny sparse pubic hair has come into contact with Zhou Minfeng full big ass. Severe pain almost Her syncope, look back to her own son, shiny watch with great interest is their connection, eye Where the vices revealed she told her shiny does not take into account the pain.

Sure, all shiny in his cock into her mother's rectum did not, did not stay to do a little moment, then in Zhou Min and not fully relaxed asshole vigorously pumping up the penis in the anus and out very smoothly,Shiny forehead cropped sweat, he wiped his hand with a shout, his hands lying on the Min Zhou big ass, buttocks A strong back and forth with.

"... Ah ... shiny light point ... ... ... ... ... ... mother's asshole ... ... ... ... to split the" like mother more pain Hard shiny more exciting, Zhou's call will be followed by greater efforts to improve shiny. Gradually, the cock in anal Door activities smoothly up speed faster and faster.

Zhou Min sense only after the hole bustling, itch, and shiny like a long-term drying out of the penis after strenuous Out a long thick stool, even though pain, but pleasure is self-evident.

"Ah the son of ... ... ... ... ... ... mother's ... hard ... ass ... ... so comfortable ... ah ..." Zhou Min lost, Pain and pleasure along with her crazy, her crazy shaking his long hair, big breasts, like chest
Autumn in the gourd is ripe swinging.

Huiying Zhou Min seems to be enjoying to see the way, I have been too small shiny buckle asshole began to itch,She climbed the Min Zhou and the body, lying down, mouth to latch onto that shiny big testicles hanging on, his hands grasp the Week Shuo-sensitive breast hypertrophy of soft, rub together.

Min Zhou and see Huiying covered with long hair in front of the lower body, excited her mouth in a small bread-like Huiying Genital random Tianshi Zhao. Shiny and her mother out of the fluid flow junction along the shiny testicles into Huiying Mouth, Huiying savor, a shiny penis show show unique taste, more of a smelly anus Zhou Min Foul taste, she excitedly sucking, free hand in Min Zhou and get wet vagina buckle up.

Bedroom, two mature women everywhere, filled with the moans and boys messy. With the tip of the high-decibel sound Zhou Min Called, an Aiye from spewing out of her vagina, playing in Huiying on the white breast.

Shiny anal penis out of her mother, knowing her mother climax, the "original anal sex so cool!" Shiny Think to myself, I do not know the teacher's ass is not as cool and mother, he looked forward quickly into the teacher's rectum.

Huiying kneeling from the body, latch onto a big shiny glans, immersed suck. At the moment, Zhou has been weak Lying in bed, the poor asshole is also a large sheet, to see which red gut.

Shiny not wait, he's cock out of his mouth came on Huiying teacher behind. As with the first shiny Zhou Min sex, Huiying is shiny buckle over the asshole has been completely closed, a small red chrysanthemum is a tight one Together, expect a shiny insert. new york escort

Huiying screamed, a long cock into her fragile anus, "ah ... ... ... ... shiny slow Teacher hurts like a point ... ... ... ... "The sound is useless to beg, to listen to the ears turned into shiny cheering,
Shiny hard of pumping up.

Huiying pain out of tears, Zhou Huiying kneeling in front, won goes like a pitiful little face
Like someone who has one, "said English, all right, one will cool." Then, with his lips Hui Wen Zhu
British screaming mouth, the two women cooked up the shameless kiss.

Smelly mouth feel Huiying Zhou Min, and certainly wanted the taste of their own anus, kissing her more vigorously To. Min Zhou and remove the mouth, Huiying cries again sounded, but not about pain, but comfortably groan,Looked at his son's penis thick friend Kara Hui's body in and out fast, she can not help but hum Up.

"Shiny hard ... ... ah ... ... ... ... ... ... operating death I die the teacher's cheap ass parade ... ... ah ..." Huiying Is such a happiness would call bad language, that does not conform to her people's image of teachers.

Zhou Min crazy bite her lovely nipples, his mouth still babbling, shiny body with the impact,
Head does not stop to play in Min Zhou's chest. At this time, Zhou suddenly smelled an odor, she saw the son of the sun With the above covered with yellow stuff, the original Huiying fecal incontinence is a shiny done.

"English, you are my son to Baba all the grass out, good Xiuren oh." Huiying Zhou Min nipple bite
Loose lips cracked a smile.

"Amazing shiny ... ... ... ... ah ... ah ... the teacher stools are dry out ... ... it was great ..." I do not know Shame Huiying shouting.

Shiny pinch your nose, "the teacher Baba stinks, ah, shame shame shame ..." inspired shiny stronger odor Abuse, desire, penis hitting Huiying ass, the sound issue pops hands vigorously in that they White and fat ass on the beat.

"... Ah ... a teacher ... ... I shot ..." shiny shouted, and the pace has accelerated noticeably, Biede red face.

"Fast, hitting the teacher his mouth ... ... ... ... ah ..." shiny face before quickly went Huiying, Zhang will be that Ma eyes open mouth aligned teacher, Zhou also knelt down, her son did not want to miss the delicious semen.

"Rip" an shiny white liquid from the penis spews purple, shiny shaking his cock So that his semen can be evenly shot the teacher and the mother's mouth, face.

Two mature women hugged each other tightly, four large breasts tightly affixed together, they own mouth Zhang Pakistan enjoying the shiny shares semen baptism. Finally, a small point shiny horse semen from the eyes of smoke, hitting Zhou Min's Mouth, closed her lips, tongue protruding lips on the back and forth in Tianshi Zhao.

"My son's semen is delicious. Ah ..." She carefully pondering over.

"Teacher, you put my penis dirty, you should lick it!" Shiny tone of command, said.

Huiying smile, do not hesitate to shiny that the glans covered stool in your mouth, a strong suck.
"It seems that their stool is really smelly ah." Huiying heart muttered.

Shiny penis in the mouth Huiying down law-abiding, out of time is clean. Huiying spat it
Despair mouth, "really stinks!" She said, blushing.

"The nerve to say, looked at the house so that you confused, like the toilet." Zhou Min said. Two mature women looked at each other,And emotion-laden kiss together, stroking each other Big Tits, share a taste of their mouth.

Shiny look of these two shameless woman said, "It's two big tart!"

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