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He raped helpless outing

He raped helpless outing

Live today because there is no decoration, scar with his associates who are hanging around. Although this city has been a long time, but because of forced living's sake, they do not have extra time to go in this bustling city in experience the joy of life. They found that rape can not only bring physical endless happiness, but also retrieve an economic, although the money each person assigned to each person's head can not be considered paid too much, but this is something for nothing, and also in line with the taste of these predators. So today after listening to Huang's proposal to scar the city's eastern outskirts of the mountains, while enjoying the scenery, while looking for suitable prey. But they did not take a morning to see the target, then seven people into the dense woods to escape the heat of the sun that, at this moment, three beautiful women into their line of sight.
"Kuai Diana, so slow, I knew certainly do not take you to." Walk in front of the Ming Rui walked briskly from the mountain trail to go over. Followed by the Ming wearing flight stewardess uniforms, and carrying a big bag of cloud Lu are lagging far behind in front of two people struggling to catch the pace.
"Hey - too much, you put everything on me, I said slow!" Cloud Lu stopped, pushed out of its mouth to the Ming Rui complained.
"Well, well, to me, you quickly go." Ming route to go back, took a heavy package, like the flying cloud Lu immediately, like a bird cage ran out, catching up in front of Ming Rui. Older than his sister as a 6-year-old sister, Ming Hang always care of his 17-year-old sister, with her high school classmate and good friend of Lu Yun is no exception. In order to meet the Ming Rui "I wanted to go out and play," the desire, even the clothes she had just stepped off the plane too late for the cloud with his sister and Lu went to the outskirts of the mountain climbing, but the chosen people to go wayward Ming Rui not walked the streets, Ming Hang left to her temper, from a few deserted mountain road began to climb, can no one thought this road ambush sinister ... ...
Backpack which is very heavy, Ming Hang back up felt very difficult, but to let his sister is good fun, Admiring escort in ny did not say anything, but she and Ming Rui and the cloud Lu farther down farther really is an indisputable fact that she has been gradually can not see his sister, and finally went to a tree next to, she stopped. "You two go ahead, I will catch up to." Ming cried in front of course, the answer is far from Rui Ming came: "I know, sister." Hear the voice of Rui Ming, Ming Hang's heart put down, She went to the tree, put down the backpack, ready to close your eyes to rest a little while. Ming did not feel the danger of flight arrival, until her mouth was a large hand tightly covered. She suddenly opened his eyes, but found that the two stand in front of the penis.

Poor Ming flight with no chance to resist being dragged into the woods behind the depths of man, the other two Jinjindegen the Ming Hang, fear in front of the pretty child will slip away. Ming was finally dragged a giant aircraft Shupang, before she could react, the scar on the hand probe into her uniform skirt severely tear to pieces of her underwear, and the broken piece of cloth thrown to the ground, three man's eyes again and again swept obscene Ming Hang sexy body. Her white and slender legs because of fear and trembling slightly, in the woods under the dim light exposure emerged a temptation to gloss, a pair of thin white hand efforts to resist the criminals are black hand stretched her body, with black hair about her struggles and swinging, moving the Double Vision filled with confusion. See here, they already can not wait to scar up sitting on the ground toward the beauty, his dirty hands full stretch of the Ming Hang tall chest, and that exudes the smell of the mouth is pointed at the Ming-induced flight people Yingtaoxiaokou pro down. Ming Hang dodge desperately trying to escape the evil of that kiss, but how can she resist a desire ridden criminals do? Scar finally succeeded, he was forced to Wen Zhu Ming Hang, kissed his face in front of that nightmare of pure woman.
But Ming-Air has teeth, tongue and then let into the slightest scar. Upon seeing the release of the scar to seize the full bimodal hand, pinch the nose Ming Hang lovely, not over a minute, breathless flight Ming finally opened his mouth, knives open his hand, his tongue immediately wrapped Ming Airlines Xiangshe. Aaron A Qing looked excitedly at the side, watching them be strong and kissed the scar Ming Hang, then wrap the body of a woman to be uniform so that they can imagination. Scar enjoying the joy of kissing with Ming Hang, Ming Hang futile struggle to get rid of and led to his feeling of immense interest. His hands are not idle, separated Ming Hang stop hands put that uniform shirt buttons one by one untied. Ming-Air has been a blank at this time of the brain, she did not know what the three men wanted for her to do, do not know their fate will be, do not know Lu Ming Rui and the cloud now how. But no more time for Ming Hang to think, because the scar suddenly raised his head, his hands to the sides of a steak, that pieces of uniform T-shirt next to slowly fade Pianxiang.
"Do not - you can not - ah - no -" Ming Hang desperately to stop it slipped from her coat, her mind clear, his clothes every little one, leaving less and less on their own time , but the help of the Aaron A Qing, Ming Hang scar or take off the coat. Then he reached into a white T-shirt Air Ming, the Ming Hang wanton rubbed smooth skin, Ming Hang unconsciously twisting the body, escape the clutches of scar. Looked at his face filled with fear and disgust of beauty, scar grinning a cry, his hands shoved a force, that white T-shirt has been torn, and Ming Hang the white wolf skin resulting in three eyes showing. This has inspired the desire to scar, he grabbed Aaron's hand dagger, close to the Ming Hang trembling skin gently pick, bra strap crashed and broken.
Scar on the right hand a dagger, while the left handed Aaron back to the Ming Yifu on Air towering peaks, white bra to fall to one side. Ming Hang's voice sounded the same time "do ---- ah - help - ah -" standing next to Aaron and Aqing already contain himself, rushed in to seize a person of a breast force Ming Hang kneading them, Ming Hang plump and elastic peaks feel good, look forward to two more scar next action. Aaron and Eqing scar look, a smile then shouted: "Fuck, you both anxious to see a chick will be plenty of time for which you both speak ah." Hearing this, Ming Hang's struggle is more intense, she do not want these three to win their first night the devil, do not want their virginity at the hands of these three predators destroyed.
Pushing forward with her hands clutches of Aaron and Aqing want them to stop this indecency, kicking his legs bent over to untie the name of their dress scar, but the scar has not slowed down the pace of infringement, the Ming Air barrier he solved under the Air crony Ming, Ming Hang the dress uniform of faded from the body down. "Ah - no ---" Ming Hang screams coming soon, because just tear off a scar on Ming Hang underwear, now that the secret of beauty will be totally exposed to the scar at the front: a cluster of tempting to block a looming black jungle Ming Hang it so that the mystery of the Holy Xuemaibizhang three gangsters, beautiful belly flat and soft, see the side of Aaron journeying out of the saliva. Scar has been high in the crotch of the penis stand up, it seems about to launch out, he deftly took off the red high heels Ming Hang, followed by a flight of Ming has torn knee stockings, grasping The two live in Ming Hang as lotus-like smooth white Xiutui, bowed his head to kiss the private parts in Ming Hang up.
Tongue kept playing with Ming Hang that man has never been exposed to the labia, After a child, scar looked up, Yin Xiao Ming Hang asked: "You fucking a virgin, right?" Ming Hang tight teeth off, ignore the problem of scar obscene. Scar and can not let go, he stretched out his right hand in Ming Hang rough touch to touch the genitals, "in the end you say that?" Scar right hand suddenly grabbed the Ming Airlines clitoris. "Ah ------ do not - I answer you - is - ah -" How can we tolerate such attacks Ming Hang?
She immediately called out the sound. "Well, is a child. Ge Jige very luck ah." Scar stood up, three criminals laugh so Ming Hang shudder, Admiring escort in ny kept Dengzhe on the ground, for fear there would be any man pounced to but her resistance is futile, so Aaron and Eqing scar caught Ming Hang turned her over, Ming Hang been put into tummy looks like, scar easily grabbed her waist at this time of the Ming Hang brain reeled in her eyes, a white lily had been broken, fell a mass of black mud on the ... ...

Aaron according to the meaning of the Ming scar Air hands pulled the tree next to A Qing holding migrant workers bought a new digital camera awkwardly behind with the Ming Hang, afraid to miss any of these animals can make a shot of excitement - pock-marked with a dagger in the side of the aircraft arrived in the Ming on the right breast, "Get live tree, or I cut your breast feed the dog." Ming Airlines can not obediently submit, would be more forced to struggle together, she Lu Ming Rui and the clouds know at this time must also be slash, she bailing out to save his sister, the sister of love so I do not know where it came from Ming Hang courage to seize his open mouth Henhendezhao Aaron The right bite to go, Aaron's right hand immediately release the pain, followed by a bite she Aaron left hand tightly. Ming Hang vapid life so liberated his own hands, but when she was ready to get rid of scar firmly grasp the hand of his waist, a hard material to withstand the fiery pussy of her, Ming was once a flight has never been not seen despair.
She turned round, saw the scar is to align his penis the vagina, when the Ming Airlines has lost just struggle of courage, Admiring escort in ny prayed behind the animal: "I beg you, do not like, do you what to I will give you anything. "Ming Hang hear the voice of Scar, raised his head grimly answered her. "I'll Fuck you." Ming Hang's body immediately shake. The original scar has to squeeze into the penis of her labia between the two, Ming Hang virgin land never touched a man apparently can not afford the huge scar Yang, her perineal muscles tightly stretched up, vaginal in the muscle starts to contract, but all this did not stop the slowly advancing Flanagan hard object, leaving scar of Yin Xiao Ming Hang scared. She hopes to keep his many virgins dedicated to their loved one rather than being killed these demons, but now no one to save her if all the terrible will become a reality, think of it, began to twist his Ming Hang body intends to break free from the hands of scar, regardless of the ultimate can not escape, Ming-Air are not willing now to be broken at the scar. But it did not, but let her struggle sparked anger behind the scar. "I will let you move, I am his mother die you speak."
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