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Evil female doctor

Evil female doctor

Linlin feel very uncomfortable, and Admiring escort in mahhatan sat tight waiting room, looking at the ceiling of their own force, to make
Avoid eye and the amount of young secretary contacts the counter, the young lady looked at the secretary, Ms. anxiety, and
Secret calculations, Admiring escort in mahhatan found the woman about once every ten minutes to see watch ...

Linlin recently felt pressure to be about work pressure nervous breakdown, she complained that around all things,
Even in the virtually isolated itself, this situation until Ruiqi Er call her later ...
Ruiqi Er, on the phone she told Linlin, a caring friend she made to her initiative, and hope
She can help some of Linlin busy, when Admiring escort in mahhatan told Linlin who he is when a hypnotic, Linlin think of the ancient
Witchcraft and witch legends such as ...
She knows there is a lift in front of her friends constantly, Linlin always think this is a scientific age, this
Meaningless things she is not adopted. Admiring escort in mahhatan also politely decline many times.
Linlin's physical and mental fatigue until finally proposed to her serious protest, in that an important meeting,
She suddenly felt dizzy, my mind suddenly unable to organize any thoughts, in front, she can not speak
She's been trying to up the report and shame.
After she's hiding a dark, quiet home in tears, thinking she was helpless things, and try to
Efforts to organize out of control emotions, my God ... her shouting in the end who can help her?
'Lin-Lin, I Ruiqi Er, are you? I know now you need the help of friends, do not you
? '
Linlin took the telephone handset, sad teeth without speaking.
'Believe me, we are women, I know the difficulties you face, how bad you think
Friends, how she is concerned about you, she always told me that you encounter difficulties, she was worried about you ... you can tell
I have some of you, right? '
Linlin sitting, dazed look the table, she did not want to tell anyone, but do not want any damn
Sympathy, she just wants quiet ...
Rui Qier voice is so gentle, because Linlin is not hung up the phone, she's sitting there not moving,
Ruiqi Er said: 'Linlin, really, to my office, I guarantee that only you and me, we face
Conversation, of course, it is very secret, you should understand that this is an opportunity not you change your
? Tomorrow afternoon I asked the secretary to arrange a date for you ... '
Ruiqi Er gentle sweet voice prevented Linlin wanted to escape the idea, Linlin really feel the mood
Many real quiet, but she clearly knows the heart, she still did not dare brave promise, she chose silence ...
Ruiqi Er seems to understand both sides do not speak about a few minutes later, she said: 'Well! Linlin, I can
Imagine we will have a happy interview, it was a real help to relax your appointments, tomorrow 5:00 pm
Point of view, you have my address ... '
Daze, staring Linlin this phone, nodded.
Ruiqi Er soft voice floating in Linlin's ear, she murmured, after a few minutes she suddenly awoke
To that he was holding the phone in a daze, she hung up the phone, but admitted feeling a lot better inside ....
The next day, do not know that he is nervous or hell, Linlin's voice from time to time the old feel Ruiqi Er
Reminder of his own soul, to remind her that she can help.
Linlin feel uneasy, like Rui Qier wizard is opened, place in a mysterious shake of the magic wand
Son, and made her surprise, her mood has improved, curious, she decided to visit Ruiqi Er
She whispered whisper, whether Ruiqi Er or anyone even think about her hypnosis ....
Linlin uncomfortable sitting in the waiting room, trying to avoid that the Secretary of the doubt in the eyes ....
She heard the office door open, she saw a woman, it is a about the same age with their
A woman came out through a short corridor, smiling toward the counter, she was to open his bag, opened the
A check to the Secretary of the lady.
Secretary of the face, wander the dazzling smile, followed the woman send out the door: 'Goodbye, Kerin,
See you next time .... '
When the secretary told her: 'Lin-Lin, Rui Qier can immediately be will meet you, please wait a moment'
Linlin looked nervous secretary nodded Miss out ....
Linlin looked out the window, was a sudden sound startled, gentle voice that was once in her
Home phone, she looked up that Ruiqi Er has been standing in front of her, she did not even notice the feet to Ruiqi Er
Step sound ....
'Oh, my dear Linlin, you really come, I am glad, my name is Ruiqi Er,' Rui Qier one pair
Bright brown eyes looking at Linlin sitting on the sofa ....
Linlin stand up, Rui Qier out friendly hands, pulling Linlin to the studio, and back against the secret
Book said: 'Sandra, today there are an appointment? '
Cassandra quickly flipping through the time-table counter shook his head, Rui Qier smile can tell Cassandra
Doors locked and the first release from work to go home.
When Rui Qier holding Linlin into the office, Cassandra reveal a mysterious Guixiao, she knew Rachael
Children today will have a good night ....
Ruiqi Er office decor is very luxurious, thick carpet, comfortable chairs, a large office the original wooden
Tables, and a physician to check with the table, Linlin curious gaze of these, which makes even less sense
Security and tension, Rui Qier smile explanation for some of her friends also do something about Chiropractic and other
Massage and so on.
Linlin think of witches, witchcraft, doctors ....
Ruiqi Er Linlin invited to sit down, leaning against it linlin comfortable velvet chair, sat an office Ruiqi Er
Big leather chairs, rotating angle and Linlin She quietly did not speak face to face, gentle smile.
Linlin looked Ruiqi Er was very surprised that she waited, she felt the eyes of a stock can not tell Rui Qier
The mysterious ....
I do not know how long, soft Ruiqi Er said: 'Linlin, tell me why you came here today.
? '
For some reasons, Linlin find difficult to answer, she said evasively: 'work ... pressure ...' Ruiqi Er point
'Yes, Linlin, pressure ... there is so much ... pressure ... live your life in four weeks. '
Linlin slowly nodded ....
'You want to make it out, is not it? 'A hesitant nod, Linlin eyes stopped at the Rui Qier face
'Really weird' Linlin think she hypnotized me but do not say these nonsense, perhaps, she might just want to
She told me to talk about it ... seems to really know, I just want to let the pressure away from me, she understood, Rachael
Children to understand.
Linlin's eyes looked Ruiqi Er, Linlin still relying chair, silent waiting, she noticed why the
The room suddenly became very quiet seems to do?
Ruiqi Er gentle voice came as if from a remote location: "Lin-Lin, relaxation is not difficult, it is as
This easy, as long as you tell yourself you want to relax, and try to let it happen, it will be you, Linlin
, You see, is so easy, so easy ... '
This relaxation, Linlin thought herself, it felt really good, I do not have to be hypnotized, as long as me
Talk about feelings; I feel can get relieving, ... hypnosis, magic, really meaningless, she does not need
She feels that as long as the shining Ruiqi Er, then it is not so difficult to imagine, why I do not know
It? Linlin imagine it is so simple, so easy ....
Linlin looked Ruiqi Er brown eyes, and slowly began to feel as if she is floating in the air, Lin
Lin, telling himself to relax ... ....
Ruiqi Er Linlin gaze, she saw the body slowly relaxed Linlin, Rui Qier Linlin eyes locked.
'Yes, Linlin, it is so easy, you are not learning it, Linlin, so easy, relaxed
, Then you can feel relaxed? '
Linlin nodded slowly, her eyes feel very relaxed, she imagined in a dream, the pressure to be driven out of their own
I was now relaxed, the pressure away, it is easy, so easy, I am learning to relax ...
Her ears seemed full of some strange things, Rui Qier voice ...
And her body felt strange experience, it is kind of strange experience never before ...
'Very good, Linlin' Rui Qier a smile, her voice like a whisper in the ear side.
'Great, you know; because you can relax, relax whenever you want, just tell you from
Have you want to relax and let it happen, would not that right? Linlin. '
Linlin's head up and down a slight vibration, Linlin constantly thinking about relaxing, so easy, relax, put
Loose, so easy, relax ....
Ruiqi Er looked Linlin lips slowly separated from her body soft, loose deep into this chair
, She slowly enlarge the pupil ....
Ruiqi Er feel good, softly said, 'Lin-Lin, you are now relaxed with, very comfortable, relax, you
Themselves have done, Linlin, you tell yourself you want to relax and you let it happen is not it? Linlin
. '
Linlin slight nod and agree Ruiqi Er front view, I did it, Linlin myself with, I am light
Loose, no pressure ... '
'Very good, relaxed, Lin-lin', Linlin nod, Rui Qier continued: 'It is very comfortable, the body following the
Continued to relax, you can allow yourself to relax, no matter when as long as you need to relax ... '
Ruiqi Er sound deep into her mind: 'well, you should be aware of linlin different feelings
, And when your body more relaxed, your mind is also relaxed, your body and mind are combined into one
Now both are more relaxed, feel so good, feel your body more relaxed, feel your
Mind more relaxed, very good ... '
Ruiqi Er deep gaze into Linlin eyes, she saw a dim, also saw the facial muscles Linlin
Presents a serene relaxed, Linlin awareness slowly out of their minds, Rui Qier continue to look dull Linlin 'eyes
, A desire to raise her heart, and her fingers gently back and forth in Linlin stroked the soft body, some anti-
Things wet and soft.
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