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Learn how to swim the best kinky

Learn how to swim the best kinky

Landlord since the last girlfriend was enjoying a meal of it away that they show, the landlord seems to have Sisuizhiwei, often after a variety of reasons to find a home to find his girlfriend would like Kai oil, he often pick up some sort of gift to cake Please join us to eat, then take advantage of his girlfriend peek at her chest when bending tea. Although I knew the landlord's intention, but my girlfriend likes to eat snacks, but eat and invited colleagues can take to eat, but now I miss their company's main source of snacks, but also made me more popular . Moreover, his girlfriend did not wear underwear every time, every time I looked at her chest when he bends over looming, and the color seems to be without the old man to see the kind of expression, little brother is always angered the following inexplicable excitement.
One time we ate watching TV chat, girlfriend joked: "If we eat this fat then the landlord is responsible for the cost of entry weight loss program." Landlord said: "The more exercise you can swim more than a thin, Why, like a lot of money nowadays those stupid flowers, but not necessarily the effect. "the old man can not think of the color out so insightful words.
And when his girlfriend said he does not swim, the landlord some surprise, said: "little sister! Really can not tell you landlubbers, I see you body so slim, you always thought it relies on the maintenance of swimming! Else so Well, I have a friend is a community administrator, but it will swim, their swimming pool where almost no one, simply ask him to leave when I went free when you coach it! "
Very excited to hear his girlfriend, but the trouble people embarrassed. When I see the eyes of the landlord lobby girlfriend seems a bit color, do the nasty idea of ??what? I am very curious, just like his girlfriend, said: "Since no money, of course, good! But I also want to learn how to swim." Girlfriend see I am also interested on the happy promise, so the landlord just like we agreed to start next week class.
The day finally arrived, the landlord took us to the community of friends, I see only a general indoor swimming pool just 13 big, no wonder no one wants to use. The landlord's friend surnamed Chen, 40-year-old is very robust, and see that often look like swimming, but I think, since it is the landlord's friends, must have a problem, or who would so kind, sacrificing their holiday free of charge to teach us to swim?
** We are each other to the locker room after the replacement of their bathing suits, we first for the boys after a good swim trunks in the pool next to the warm-up, his girlfriend wearing a bikini, with a short skirt, which is a popular style last year. Girlfriend one out, I found the landlord with the Presbyterian movements are stopped, staring at his girlfriend has been watching intently, Lao Chen also said the loss of his girlfriend: "The young girl! Body is so good, skin is so white, her boyfriend is very happy Oh!" My girlfriend and I smile, but I can see the eyes of both of them seem to have bad intentions.
When we do warm-up exercise together, I see the four corners of the landlord with the Presbyterian swimming trunks were bulging, his girlfriend had to do warm-up slip in swimming trunks when looming in the back of the old man when the two colors is to look cool show the same.
Damn! I know there is no free lunch under the sun, I must have this naive girlfriend and today was ... ...
Presbyterian jumped into the water after the warm-up done, frog back to the last freestyle, butterfly and then back and forth, I see surprised with his girlfriend, all hastened to quickly teach me! Ch'en said: "Sister, you wait, let me teach your boyfriend." Took me to the side and help teach me holding the side of his practice to fetch water and ventilation, as this is the first step in learning to swim, then ran to find his girlfriend.
Damn! I read it on the line, but also you say it? Well I do is fool!
And this time had their own tour in the next frog to his girlfriend's landlord direction, then certain things happen I know, a little on the direction they move to in order to hear their conversation. First Presbyterian girlfriend was easy to remove the petticoat, suspected his girlfriend it does not follow suit, but the landlord also said to help, Lao Chen went on to say: "The young girl, wait a minute will teach to the butterfly, so soft and look again waist can. "divers then called his girlfriend to lie down to do the operation.
When his girlfriend straightened, the Presbyterian girlfriend hand on the waist even cried a little higher, Mom! Teach you to swim with this trick? The landlord knelt down to suppress his girlfriend's feet to prevent sliding, I saw the front of his girlfriend both constantly raised triangle saliva, lie down and not even when the Lao Chen's hands away. Damn! You did not touch enough ah?
So after a last look at a few times I finally discovered that every time his girlfriend up in the Presbyterian very time, supporting the waist in his girlfriend's hands I take advantage of the swimming trunks down with his girlfriend. Wow! This little trick is too much, though I am unwilling, but little brother was excited, I have no strength to kick, but holding handrails afloat peek.
Successive up and down, his girlfriend has been unable to close swimming trunks, showing two large joints, combined with the landlord to his girlfriend's feet a little more to the relocation, making the Ku Feng is more spacious, even I can see his girlfriend through the Ku Feng fair complexion ass.
Then the landlord makes a wink to the Presbyterian, Presbyterian eyes with a strange smile on his girlfriend, said: "Little Sister, you did as a highly slowly listening to my password to do, beautiful girls swim butterfly, but the beginning will more difficult, you have to be patient Oh! "I think his girlfriend might have to now indulge in the Yongji Presbyterian like a fish, they had not found that two-color old man's intentions.
The next Presbyterian also knelt down, and the landlord one side pressing his girlfriend's feet, when straightened his girlfriend when they close peek at his girlfriend's Ku Feng, the situation is somewhat similar to the last paint brush. They both see the dead staring at his girlfriend's ass, but also called his girlfriend fight on, I did not notice even closer.
I found his girlfriend because his legs open relationship, not only can see the whole tight ass, asshole can also be even a glance, as the clear analysis of degree, as long as the watch the old man to muster the two partners know, but better The most important part is not covered Goof.
After a few seem to see enough of them, let his girlfriend rest lie flat, I get rid of prostitution but also for the eye and called his girlfriend a tone. I did not expect a Presbyterian after his girlfriend called again, this Presbyterian and escorted his girlfriend's waist, pressing his girlfriend's feet Xianggang landlord started, when his girlfriend straightened, the Presbyterian called his girlfriend to follow the password of this swing around the waist, his girlfriend did as instructed to do. Divers parade like this? I'd like to see you What the hell!
I actually found that careful observation of the original Presbyterian shaking in his girlfriend to the left, also followed the end of inclined side of the pants, the Rotary will be in the hands of his girlfriend left waist swim trunks back up a little, shake the right turn to the right Shique swimming trunks down a few times right after I found that his girlfriend has been slowly revealing the labia. Wow! This move has more powerful, but the landlord seems to be in command of the same from time to time to the Presbyterian wink.
After a while, Lao Chen nodded to the landlord, I found that even when his girlfriend of swimming trunks to wear has been crooked back, pants at the end of only the left part of the labia close, exposing the entire Nenxue and some pubic hair . Dry fuck!
Then his girlfriend looks like a Japanese film, like A, but Admiring escort in Long island was also totally do not know! And do not forget, girlfriend feet are separated from the landlord, but also outside the labia slightly open door, inside the labia minora and the sensitive urethra hold up in his girlfriend when they still show in the eyes of the landlord.
The Presbyterian his girlfriend make it longer, even at a time when the landlord took advantage of his girlfriend shake hands and feet ache a bit distracted when his girlfriend out his tongue touched the private parts, they see his girlfriend did not respond, let her lie down and rest before it up again a few seconds; girlfriend began to shake the distraction, the Presbyterian to help hold up with his girlfriend the entire arm, and asked her to be patient. Experience in just after the landlord more boldly with the tongue to touch his girlfriend the entire way to quickly licked the genitals. Dry! Even I did not so much played his girlfriend, watching his girlfriend play by outsiders so 3P, I really angry but cool!
Lao Chen said that their hands are sore after a few times with the landlord for the seat, and then skillfully separated from his girlfriend to see Ch'en, feet, tongue gently licking his girlfriend the entire labia, and he seemed to be more daring, more time spent not only the tongue for a long time a larger, even the landlord can not just touch the vagina he tilted his head into his lick. I think his girlfriend must be really tired, or that part of my usual little touches on the sexual secretion as long as the DC, how to open them today to open two dead old man licking were ignorant chaos?
Sure enough, Admiring escort in Long island said he hands and feet, waist, have a very sour, and today can not continue to learn how to swim, just listening to the landlord to make a wink Presbyterian, Presbyterian just like his girlfriend, said: "It does not matter! The beginning of my students are like this, later on adapted. "
When ready to get up when his girlfriend, Presbyterian shocked and quickly grasp the feet of his girlfriend, his girlfriend was astounded, Lao Chen explained that the fear of muscle strain, Twist the end of exercise must be done before we can, so to swing once again hold up his girlfriend. I saw the landlord with the Presbyterian and just the opposite action to girlfriend's swim trunks down and slowly wear is, then I know that they are afraid it will be found emptied his girlfriend, his girlfriend was rushed to restitution, and that death Lao Chen actually did not forget to wear swimming trunks in the last lick my girlfriend before and a few private parts.
In exchange for ordinary clothes we are ready to go home, said sorry to his girlfriend and the landlord of the time delay Presbyterian, but no progress, Presbyterian considerate to appease his girlfriend, said: "Never mind, next time will be better." Landlord also make fun of with Lao Chen said: "how! I ** The students' attitude combined with high temperature, not the cover too, right?"
Ch'en gave him a look to respond, his girlfriend did not really understand, but also followed a smile, then we say goodbye to each other's laughter and agreement next week bye.
I think the situation is still present in addition to his girlfriend, the rest we all know is just what the landlord!
Learn how to swim (below)
Quickly over a week, I was carrying the landlord and his girlfriend came to Presbyterian learn how to swim, and Presbyterian has long been waiting for a ready pool. We replace the swimsuit after a pedestrian doing warm-up exercises, and Presbyterian, or call me as their first practice, but he took two mirror painted with a black pen of goggles strange to me and his girlfriend, and we said: " This is my own way, you can concentrate on the case in the invisible, feel the body floating feeling. "
Damn! That's so nice! I think you simply afraid to play my girlfriend will be found it! I can not believe this stupid old man colors, so a little scraping with a fingernail just put two small holes began to practice kick.
Then the two of them and trick divers called his girlfriend to do exercise, but also to wear goggles, how his girlfriend said we should wear it now? Then the landlord said: "I believe we are right, but our teaching professional you!" His girlfriend so he began to wear warm-up.
Like last time, they use the same technique after exposing a private part to be his girlfriend started Presbyterian Qingtian her pussy, then the landlord endure even stand up out of her second child, straightened and lying down in his girlfriend with a penis gently rub her labia, the landlord said: "The young girl! you today seem to use the alkaline battery, up to now have not shout tired!" his girlfriend said triumphantly: "Of course! to me every week of enhance their practice every day, afraid to live up to your expectations, how? my kind of student is right! "
Presbyterian listening, happy that good! Good! Then more excitedly shouted the password: "One, two, one, two ..." and his girlfriend as motivated as movement up and down harder. Damn! I have this naive girlfriend's pussy does not know their second child is now being used friction with the landlord.
May be too excited, a short while the landlord could not help but shoot out, but fortunately did not shoot him in his girlfriend.
The landlord after they cool swimming trunks on the restoration of his girlfriend, ready to start practicing water swimming. Girlfriend removed the goggles to see the landlord a little tired, but also loss he said: "No movement will be Leia? Physical refuel myself again!" Damn! This stupid woman you just have a cool white people, but also Jiaoren to refuel!
After listening to both of them color the old man, also pointing to each other, said: "To refuel you!" And meet to Yin Xiao ... ...
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