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I changed a lewd(loving escort in Queens)

I changed a lewd(loving escort in Queens)

   I rented a suite on the outside the university, school, back to the room that day do not know when to fall asleep, while I was suddenly awakened by the sound of the law, take a look at the watch has more than 11 and a half, rubbed his eyes, four to see which side the sound is out.

This is the apartment-style suites, and all boys and girls are upstairs. Sometimes boys will go to the girls that night, and sometimes boys will be back with the girls, but usually relatively small, mostly to take advantage of Friday night when we leave home.

Certainly not to a pure chat, as loving escort in Queens will play next door which is hot.

It seems the girl next door room quiet usually quiet, sex, or the very swing, and I am curious on the wall, I heard her groan, rattle given beds, two physical intercourse is a crash, I wish I I was her, allowing her boyfriend's bustling sprint in the body of the penis, imagine the light let me excited.

I want to touch my lips, touched to the skirt only to find loving escort in Queens had wet underwear.

I need a man, the first time such a strong demand, and I even think he was rushed to the next room to meet my flesh. But would like to go to, I can not, I took off my clothes, went to the bathroom, from the mirror to see myself, I have been very satisfied with my slender legs, fullness in the chest.

I stroked, turn on the tap, cold water can be poured want to rate my desire.

After struggling a while, my fingers slide into my labia, I think, remembering the caress of her boyfriend ... ... that was my first time masturbation, night sleep is still not very stable, because the roommate's boyfriend next door may not have sex for a long time , the whole night They are the voice, really envy them.

       The next morning at six, the phone rings, the phone the other end said he was her boyfriend's friend, to wait seven to go with me and her boyfriend set out to play.

I quickly got up, carefully dressed himself, put on her boyfriend's favorite pieces of dress, dress up in front of the mirror to the beauty of their own beauty, began to wait for his friend to pick me up.

Finally his friend came, but her boyfriend was something loving escort in Queens could not go to a good fun.

After a day of play, return the way I may be too tired even to sleep, dream boyfriend caress, hot hot penis into my body ... I suddenly woke up, I am still in his friend's car.

I feel for the victims dry just a dream, and I seem to feel the end of the wet pants, and my face is more red. I see him, did not look the other way from the morning I have been him, I looked carefully, he, he is also part of sport boy, tall, not handsome, but not annoying.

He looked at me and keeps complimenting me beautiful, blush red look is cute. He did not know what I was thinking, or if he has unnatural to me, I am afraid I find it difficult to resist, so we began to talk up. Traffic congestion along the road, take me home very soon 11, and hurriedly showered, and I deeply asleep ... ...

So after two or three days a stable life, a day after school in the evening, I received his phone and asked if I still remember him? Said to ask me to eat a meal.

I thought a moment, promised him, anyway, all right at night, to get out than stay in the dorm listening to people Jiaochuang right!

I am wearing a tight-fitting jeans, wide-shirt on and he went out, he saw my praise I have symmetry or straight legs, a beautiful long hair, along the way was full of talk about the past, we have a ㄊ ㄨ ㄚ a ㄊ ㄨ ㄚ of play. Finally, we drink to the PUB, I did not drink, but in that atmosphere of, or drank a little more, the topic has become increasingly bold, he is consciously or unconsciously hug me, hold me.

Do not know how much to drink, and finally I passed out in his arms, can not remember how I left the PUB, and only vaguely remember him holding me on the train back to where he lived, he went to bed to hold me, kiss my cheek.

I gradually wake up, I strongly cheer up, wanted to leave, he just wrestled my bed, fierce kiss me, I thought about escape this fate by his torn, and I also really no effort, and had to let him vent.

He undressed, they came off my shirt, spent a lot of hands and feet only then take off my jeans, my underwear ripped off rude, caressing my pussy ... no, do not touch, he just with fingers in my pussy digging, digging pain, I called out.

I begged him not to do so I, he began to spit in my lower body, sucking, rubbing my breasts, then he is not a small thing that teenagers inserted to.

His posture is also a bit strange, he took a few plug not pull out the penis, ejaculation, and he was the fastest I've ever seen ... ... and then he Shuidao beside me.

I was half asleep, the slowly regained consciousness, then put on his clothes, stopped a taxi also like to fly home.

This is what happened after a friendship, ah! The operator did not know one-night stand is still considered to be raped ... ...

And T in a large recreational day I met a boy, not particularly, I just feel he is very funny, it will speak, seems to feel is not reliable. Friendship ended, he said to send me home, I said do not have to. He can not give up hope so quickly, and thus spent a half an hour, I finally agreed and had his coffee.

Stupid! On this when I am old. We talked in a coffee shop there for a while, he said to go back to get a thing to me and asked me not to go where he lived? I stumbled on the way to where he lived.

Once inside, he locked the door, I thought, "Oh! I am a girl home how the effect will be so!"

I want to go back, but it was too late, he's rude to me onto the bed and then tied my wrists, tied to the bedpost, holding me ask Hu touch mess, and I felt his penis has an erection, and wore my triangle.

Soon he was naked in front of me, began to take off my clothes, began to drop cushions with "Terrific body!"

He took a deep breath breath "Good! Good ... I have to dry to cool you dry up!"

Then I felt him take off my underwear, and suddenly he was holding the cock in the pussy at me ... he has bent over me, close enough to smell his sweat, felt his breath. He opened my legs, put his dick lead to the mouth of my pussy, I speak well wet.

He gently put his dick into my pussy, then he pushed my ass, "about to start." I want to.

He arched body, blunt look at the whole root cock inserted into my pussy, a warm things into my body, "Oh ..." I light calls out, and soon the voice of tolerance will be down .


I was his eyes, only by imagination, "ah, quick ejaculation!" I said.

He said, "I do not want to shoot so early, so I intend to slowly dry hole." First, he began to draw a circle with the hips, so you can explore all over my cock every inch of pussy, amused when I started breathing, he was before and after the pumping began, unsteadiness.

I had been suppressing not want to call out, the more I do not call him the more force, and said I should dry to cool, let me stand up. Then I feel I going to die, fast climax, and a burst of pleasure hit, I orgasm.

He found "the pussy in the contraction, the folder was my cock so comfortable, heard, nor read the book that women will contract the vaginal orgasm. Play a dozen women, today, to finally experience."

He slowed down, so I orgasm, being out of breath, and then slowly pumping fast again succeeded in sending me a second climax. This way I can find the climax, he would continue to do so in the end let me climax countless times.

Until my breathing more and more, gradually began to Jiaochuang, "the fast and continue to ..." I am urging, he began to repeat the recovery of the pumping, let me climax, pumping, let me ... ... until my orgasm Jiaochun sound smaller and smaller, he can not stand fast, and a burst of pleasure, he would not leak a drop of semen shot into my pussy, then paralysis on me.

Really thrilled ... ... wake up is almost 10 points, and shows how tired I am. Watching on a large sheet out of the halo traces of semen, he up and said, "I kept thinking, and hard cock up ... ... must be dry turn of the pussy!"

I lay, he climbed with me sucking my pretty pink nipples, fingers rubbing my clitoris back and forth, caressing my pussy, a surge of liquid in the wet bustling run with his fingers, I have wet.

"So soon?" He dick in my mouth to my mouth, sucking, my chattering tongue explore his penis, and he asked "is not like other men with cock too? "

He looked at me, I suck his dick hard, pull out his cock from my mouth, to the pussy plug. Although the ability once, he knows my erogenous zone, so he slowly pumping fast as previously, again I will soon send climax.

Thus he continued to let me climax, but also I do not know how much of the height of semen shot in my body.

Do not know a few times, he finally could not stand, sprint speed after enjoy filling in my tender pussy white pulp, and then pull out the cock, lying panting beside me.

I seem to climax just finished, the body still trembling slightly, "cool, right?" He asked, my eyes closed breathing, nibble the lips and nodded.

Rest a bit, he began to put his dick in my mouth his mouth, sucking, "ah! Terrific!" He spit out a satisfactory comfortable hum.

I gently sucking on the penis is also left in the sexual secretion and semen, by my small tongue teasing his cock and hard up, he would like to fuck me, I refused and told him to let me go, I simply wanted to mouth to suck his semen out. I have beautiful lips, in his penis sliding back and forth, tongue licking at his penis, his mouth until he can not stand, a burst of pleasure, his ejaculation.

"... Ah ... ah ..." I Push to suck his cock ejaculation is, he must think this a particularly long array pleasure, I used this trick to deal with my boyfriend, absorption will not trouble the semen. He wanted to stop me, but it is too cool, until he had finished shooting ejaculation.

Really finished shooting, paralyzed in bed, I think he must have been my semen absorption, and then fell asleep.

12 points, he woke up, in fact, is not he is willing, I awakened in him with his dick, and I want a little bit.

Apart from anything else, he broke my Fentui, began to dry my pussy until he wanted to ejaculate.

He pulled out cock, Koshiro's plan in my lower abdomen strong ejaculation, the results actually only two or three drops, he was really a terrible thing ... ...

That night, I sat in the south of the revival on the number, ready to Kaohsiung to find friends to play, when I was a man sitting on the seat, while listening to a Walkman, while watching out the window at night.

I developed a good body (with 34C). I am wearing a little thin white shirt, yellow mini skirt and geese, when the train stops in Hsinchu, a sturdy body type, age about three years old, stands about 180 cm of Han on the train, sitting in my Next, I did not mind the continued looking out the window.

To the middle of the night almost all the passengers on the train have been asleep, and I have a sleep, so I lie asleep in the window frame on the ... ...

As I Sishuifeishui, I do not know how long, my legs suddenly have the feeling of being touched, I was drowsy, do not think of it, but it actually intensified offensive to my underwear.

I only broke away when the eyes see a big rough hand stroking my inner thighs, and its owner is the man sitting next to me.

When I was ready to shout, only to see his other hand holding a knife pointed at me a lot of art, and whispered to me: "We dare to call it on the face of cut flowers!"

I was groggy, he was badly scared speechless.

Then he said: "Follow me!"
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