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The love happen in the 19th Floor

The love happen in the 19th Floor

  I, Jiaoqin Yue, 27 years old, is a technology company's engineers, the company is designing software for financial companies. Yi Miqi four tall, medium build, neither fat nor thin, wearing a pair of silver high side resin glasses, face up against grown very tender to the company more than three years, usually, and finance, insurance, securities industry personnel to deal with often called on people to Big Brother Big Sister, cooked later than I know little of the old, time goes by, saw a stranger I do not dare to call something big, but a fool to fear.

Last May, the company and another computer companies, an insurance company for the development of new applications. To save time, both sides were more than a dozen programmers to the insurance company to open a hotel, including the entire 19th floor, set up like a spider-like machine. This story is a T-shaped, the top floor of the corridor on the left is our programming team, the right is the insurance company personnel, test group, the middle of the corridor is extended out several warehouses.

Food directly to the second floor restaurant, those of us who are lazy, the usual pastime is listening to music, take a look at DVD, more of the Internet, chat, both men and women, do not like the streets.

My machine frame house in 1909, when I report a wearing a white T-shirt, light blue jeans, pony tail girl is sitting on another computer keyboard before beating briskly, she was wearing a pair of glasses, ear wearing headphones, gently humming.

Business groups who introduced me to her, loving escort in new jercy smiled Tian Ran, took off his headphones and spectacles, turned around, her skin white, his eyes because off his glasses, slightly narrowed to a little, thin lips, mouth a little bit wide, Xiu Xiu the clear look of the whole person.

I just nod and smile politely to her, loving escort in new jercy went back with a faint smile, to say the least, and so that we were both laughing, really laughing.

By business group personnel, and I know her name Xu Ying, another computer company's staff, 28-year-old, (I marvel at her young, looks like a 23.4-year-old look, in fact, she was surprised at the same I look not mature enough.) voice when she spoke softly, and waxy waxy, very nice, unlike the native, if the local girl's voice in this waited to speak softly, some people feel too contrived, but she only speak Mandarin with a home audio sounds very good hearing, then I know who she is Lijiang, Yunnan.

From that day on, two of us in a room, is responsible for the early stage of software development work, with the design of the prototype and then to the next group of people, so the test group to another group of people to run all day, this change requires change that, while we follow the design requirements development programming on the line every day few people to disturb us.

Two people getting cooked, and I know she got married at age 23, but after two years because the annual run out, the husband has an affair, they quietly parted. We usually have chat together, more time, the Internet bubble of my MM, and her music. Her clothes always seem to not-for-like, every day that cover the legs of the mast pieces of T-shirts, light blue jeans.

One morning, she went out, I feel a little tired brain, the development of source code on save, log on the network. The sum of these two days with her, has not often go on the website. I am proficient in typing URL, log an erotic website, Wow, the days do not come, a lot of updated content. I have to open a few windows open waiting Benmao beautiful pictures, and then open a window from the first yellow novel, the point of a cigarette, seems to relish. After a will, a little urine, I went to the bathroom, each room is equipped with a toilet, we cooked, and I do not care, they use her in the house.

So I came out, was surprised not help, Teng red face, and she was bent over, standing on the edge of my desk, bent over, click the mouse, colorful beauty of an oral map is displayed on the screen. I stood there, I do not know the past is good, or hide. She found me back, and whipped about to stand up, handsome face a bit red, not quite natural to pull the arrest temple hair, voice, said softly: "Yes, look at this thing, I really do not understand you guys have any good? "said gently wrinkled nose, very cute.

I smiled to her embarrassment, said: "uh ... just idle boredom, casual look, hey, hey."

She Yaozhe Chun, black and white of the eye Ren Xie Ni at me, that air, like a bird the Air people, very touching, my heart could not help a swing. She has turned back to go under the ha, with the click of the mouse to open the first window, I remembered the tone of Norwegian draw out the registered name on the Internet: "Xiao eleven wolves, Gamer, Points 55, ah, ah response is ... , emotions, describing the alleged assaults, if some scenes more beautiful ... "

I blushed, but bad go and turn off, embarrassed eyes fell on her, and saw that she was wearing today is a white T-shirt, tie in jeans, the waist is good thin, two graceful curves extends to the bottom, Wan Wan Ran a junk, the light blue jeans taut. Women usually do this trip because all day sitting posture is not good, not too fat ass is too skinny, like plump, round and beautiful hip is rare.

As she read, smiling face back to me, suddenly I found my eyes right, looked at their own, find themselves bulging ass, not decency in a position in front of a Kazakh man with waist, stood up and busy, shame smile Chen Dao: "mixed kid, see?"

I was surprised, sober him, blushing shame to see her though, is no longer angry look on Shan Xiaozhao said: "Xu sister, did not ... did not see ..." said the performance of their own are just too obvious that , can not hide, Samsam lived mouth.

Xu Ying white at me, back to their own seat, and looked back to normal, said to me: "good work, brother, not a decent man." I say nothing, hang up the network is busy, eyes corner glanced to her side, to see her one pair of legs is also very beautiful, strange, how did not find before.

Moment, I calmed down, nap nap in the afternoon or lazy, play a while Need for Speed, bored, on the Internet under a Li Liang's novels "contradictions Fearless" look, because side sitting lady, I certainly did not dare to be knocked to see anything else. But she usually does not wear glasses, if I look at pornographic articles, she did not know what I see.

Xu Ying probe over to my computer Miaole Miao, I Xuexiao and said: "Look, see Han Han, very healthy, you want to see, I told you web site, own on it."

Xu Ying Liu Mei a challenge, says with regret: "go, no decent point, I want to see, but also with you? I own will not find it? When I see ... ... ~" She found a slip of the tongue, face on a red, Bu Zhisheng had. I am curious to ask: "Xu sister, you behold? On which site you often?" I'm on-line chat, have a few friends tired of talk about anything, anyway, this fig leaf network blocked off their faces, who do not know who, why say anything, there is a Sichuan girl to me to be erotic novels, several passed to her, and just told her a few web site, is also communicated in the QQ look after the reaction.

Xu Ying pretended not to hear and see the essay I READBOOK read novels, and wrinkled his nose, change the subject, said: "Li Liang? His children's novels are written, I like Jin Yong, Gu Long's work, Gu Long's works and words are beautiful mood, Jin Yong's works is more suitable for mass tastes. "

I took the incumbent, said: "Gu Long's works I like each, Jin Yong's novels 'snow white deer shot and groaning, laughing leaning book God Xia Pi mandarin duck', there are at sixes and sevens, says that at least half and not very good. "

Xu Ying said: "Who can not every word a gem, right?" Eagle Shooting Heroes, "a fine enough to make him all the."

I smiled and said: "Oh, people with disabilities that the Department of Literature?"

She asked curiously: "What? What do you mean?"

I explained to her: "That the Department of the book has a serious character flaw, is emotional disabilities, such as Guo Jing has a parent mourning the unborn, Yang Kang was remarried families, children, lack of maternal love Huang Rong, I buy middle-aged widowed , Mu Nianci family was the plague, he is an orphan, in a supernatural romance Quanzhen heroes, betrayal and the West drugs and sister-in-law, there is a bastard, God is the affair of the victims of the South, the North is a greedy beggar great hero, Zhou Botong is mentally retarded, Mei Chaofeng is dead husband's lonely master, Kezhen E ... "I have not finished, Xu Ying has giggled forever, smiling face on the red clouds, said to me: "the wicked it you lose you want to come."

I will certainly be looking at her, a few lock of hair hanging in his forehead, handsome face, small nose, slightly upturned lips ... I can not help but exclaim: "Xu sister, you're beautiful." Her eyebrows at once, blame, looking at me, opened his mouth, I saw a look of sincerity, the feeling that I was really in praise of her, so his face flashed a hint of shame color, his lips a sip did not speak.

I plucked up courage and said: "Your lips are beautiful."

She pretended angry, Qi Gugu muster the cheek and said: "insatiable up is not it?" Said laughing, children laugh out of cells.

I Xianzhao Lian flattering to skin, said: "Tut tut, smile as Oriole Ming Liu, really nice."

She blushed, look askance at me, did not answer, I could see she was very pleased, on the slope donkey, and said: "Oh, do not say anything but smile, smile Allure had, and then dumping the country laugh the. "

Her pout Ren Xiao, deliberately asked me: "I do not laugh, how do you say?"

I head wagging, said: "Alas, this beauty, do not laugh, do not laugh are people captivated, and have a laugh."

Puchi she could not help laughing out loud, his face flush to push me up and said: "Death to you, so I just with my sister."

I stared her beauty, could not restrain the hearts of love, slowly stood up, kind of take her in my arms, kiss wanton impulse.

She looked at me alert, subconsciously picked up a notebook, stand in their own lips, revealing only a pair of gentle, dreamy eye with a point to eat and asked me: "You ... you want to do? Not allow chaos to I ... I want to call people. "

I looked at her like a cute little rabbit askew, confused by her heart itch, but she half-truths to threaten me, I'd not dare, brainwave a turn, deliberately leaned her, making her timidly to the back, face red up again, only cough cough, with milk and milk sound of the tone of the gas, she said: "I ... I ... ..., aunt I'm going to the toilet, what are you thinking ah?"

Then I laughed and turned to leave, but added many surplus arms and legs very neatly, quickly lift the legs up, I spared Rao is fast enough, or was she in the butt kick with his foot, I cry Oh, pretend fall, attracted a flurry of behind her like a princess smiles tenderly silver bells. After such a trouble, a lot of our feelings of intimacy, are usually joking, occasionally I will tell some jokes to her, she was angry Fenquan beat his little me, call me color color, not a good thing

May the sky, no wind and Lengqiao early spring when the sun is warm, clear and soft wind, the downstairs area of ??the flowers and trees swaying in the wind in the late spring, young and vibrant. That day, after a spring rain, fresh air, the road was quickly dried up. I am very quiet thinking move, went to the bookstore visit the shopping, bought two C + + language book, and waltz to go back, passing the overpass and saw a familiar figure, it was her, a sale of pirated CDs hawkers are and what her argument.

I curiously walked over and stood watching the crowd of onlookers, the original pick for a long time she crouched there, did not find the right movie, to go when vendors stopped, said she spent so long delayed his business, not so She bought a few, but also a little bit high asking price, she naturally refused, I guess that is the foreign hawkers are listening to her accent was bullying her.

I smile while watching, she actually did not see me, and some handsome face reddened, an anxious, taste of home, thicker, sticky, waxy waxy tone, he argued the same.

I watch the hawkers in his hand, it is in the new movie out, went and said: "Never mind, three ten dollars, to me."
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