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And a newly married tart

And a newly married tart

Speak very directly, up to say she likes sex, but not the climax, and her husband had asked me how
Do. I am asking a patient in every possible way to know, because she is a selfish husband, never to make foreplay more
Do not say kj, but every time loving escort in Long island  should lick her husband's jb, especially in vacation time.

I hope to see such a situation might have a gun on her dry. Began to encourage her to find a one-night stand, and that high
Influx of women's rights, no sorry, nothing wrong, are the original physical needs.
Slowly, loving escort in Long island  began to heart, and said he thought, but do not know how to find.

I would give her about all of them stakes, and said that if someone is not good, will encounter a wrapped ghost, the impact from
Have a normal life. Some of her back off a little, but I expect these are within. I take
Its success, to find her lover about her experiences before, and advised her to find that patience has certainly found.
I finally unremitting efforts, by her own say, "then I might as well find you do."

So I would say, that's good, I will make you comfortable, and we set a time to, open room.
Who knows, she said, a business trip next week, he was her husband, to his house when I can live a few days, had wanted one-night stand, thought
Encounter the situation even more to the night, ha ha. Within a week, every day I talk to her, tease her every day words,
She said she can not wait. Here, we also set to speak the first line of what each code word, because she said
She knew her husband qq password. A week later, I get some clothes on, go!

She went to the station to meet me, a meeting I found this woman show bones reveals a fresh, 24 - 25 years old,
Face to give 85 points, a little there a little bit of fat, 165 of the sub up and down, almost 120--125
Pounds. Have 36c breast look like, not large, but very big ass, little brother so far been to
Twenty or thirty women, have never met such a big ass. At that time my heart felt extremely happy.

The way back to her home, I tried building her waist, her shaking a bit, I thought she was embarrassed, a little tight
Zhang, then said, "Do not worry, I can eat you, ah," did not think she even said that "you do not eat me what is."
To her house (really very far away from the station), I am covered in sweat, she let me take a shower, I went to punch the red,
Came out, and she chatted up, knowing she was in graduate school, she said her husband, in fact, did not
Marriage, is her boyfriend, whatever, that is, two human lives do not come together, not police her boyfriend
Feel that, so she was particularly depressed. We talk to the night did not do anything, I was very eager, but I thought the anti-
There are also several days, and not anxious. Dinner time and I gave her, she said I cook good food. After I finished
They looked for a moment TV, went to bed, lights off, she lay on my side do not move. Up to the present
Only, she has not said and the things I love.

I think this is to not sleep, brother I do not cover, and immediately thought of a trick, I pretended to turn
Body, estimated that moving their faces to her there, and then filled after it is normal breathing, blowing into her neck. Each blow a
, She would gently shaken, and I know she still up, stretched out his hand to touch her breast. I rely on good software, which
Is not she pretended to sleep, and directly over the pro-I. After kissing, I let her lie flat, she began to do before the show, and
Help her cunnilingus, she may be the time to wash a wash brush below, and no taste.

This is her first time licking and soon climax. I estimate that belched and said a lot of your water Ah, I
Drink full. She laughed, really good comfortable, had never tried before. Then she started licking my cock,
Have proved themselves every day to her husband kj people ah, mouth live quite well, and pretty soon I'm going to shoot, and I said we should shoot
, And you spit it out Come on, she said it does not matter, on the radio in her mouth, she sperm can eat, every time her husband
Made him eat. I first met the woman to eat my sperm, Shuangsi.

I hugged her lie down for a while, she kept playing with my cock by hand, soon and hard, and the
I really did. First with the normal position, to have done the next 20 or so, I found her very tight hole, she estimated
Jb is not her husband's great. Under 20, I said another position, she immediately turned over, lifted her ass
Speaking, you do not want to speak from behind (for the first time with exercise, she said before the plug), I said how do you know,
She said she was speaking from behind every time her husband, asked a man is not like speaking from behind. I say that because you
Ass beautiful, come to the parade from behind. I am very hard, because she said no forced her unhappy, look at each operation,
Can see her big fat ass around the chatter about the meat on it than ejaculation are really feeling great.

And operating under the 20 or so, loving escort in Long island  said while speaking while I can not curse her. Did not think she has this hobby,
She said she felt so fun, but every time she said her husband scolded do not export. I certainly no problem, so I
Will Gengshuang, so I scolded, and how many dirty dirty curse, who knows the next 20 or so she ordered a halt, and that also
There is a requirement, I began to find this woman a lot of potential to be tapped Ah. Side of the operation, she said she can not,
Side beat her ass, she likes men a little rough. Ah no problem, I make a hand, beat her ass,
To the end I did not hit her ass red, but she is really cool, called very loud, but also has been criticized
People what the "big cock fuck me big show force." "Hard hit, I was a tart, hard fuck me, I speak dead"
And the like. So cool for 20 minutes or so, I shot a lot.

She said that did not take medicine, I did not take cover, afraid of problems, let me shoot in her mouth, she eat.
We really too tired to die, he fell asleep. The next day, at noon we together, she said this week she was a small class, yesterday
I also speak comfortable day, and this week's lesson will not go. Dinner, we took a bath together, she says she wants
Went shopping, I went with her, in fact, that is, go to the supermarket to buy food, the way she buy birth control pills,
I can shoot in it. Days or very hot, we sweat, and go home, put down the things she said
To take a bath, I do not allow to have sex, she said no dirty ah, I said nothing, she agreed, I recognized her
Really do foreplay, a woman as long as comfortable, she will be able to play so cool you. I really like her ass,
So before the show finished after a while she slowly raised it to her anal sex. At first she does not agree, saying that never
Never tried, I would say that oral sex and foreplay you have not tried, not as cool it.

Who knew she told me a grin, then you lick my ass, I let you speak. You know,
Summer out of a sweat, there can not taste it, but fortunately I was on that hole will lick lick flavored
Road, or boring. In order to be able to speak her ass, I think, and I had her pants off, she climbed down the stick to
From the bottom. Who knew that she asked me to lie down, sit on my face and then she let me help her to lick. I say you are what
A school, she said she usually look at a piece masturbation, but inside things, her husband do not agree.

This is the first time I play, they obediently lay down, off her underwear, and slowly sit on my face, asshole
Just in my mouth, I just licking out his tongue, she can not stand, start meal fierce panic. Last
She was licking me with no effort, the people paralyzed in me. I said that this could speak of it, she said he needed to clear
Reason about. She, like the original and most women have constipation problems, so the family has bowel control. I gave her
Irrigation of the intestines, she said, do take a bath, I say about it, a sweat. The shower, there is a small episode,
Wash half the time I have to pee, she said in her urine, directly, anyway, is a bath.

I am polite, these are the first to play, since there is no such opportunity did not know. I
Go out into her face direct urinary leaning cock, her eyes closed and mouth until I finished the urine, this feeling is really hard to conquer
Describe ah. She immediately said, you know who I am in urine, and I have the urine you. I said well, anyway, immediately washed away,
She said that the urine did not think my mouth, which I do not agree, it seems that this woman hold real bad, what want to play this game.
Finally, in her urine, on my cock. We wash it out. She climbed on the sofa, pushed my ass
Exercise, I can finally speak to her ass up.

Half a bottle of lubricant in the help, she finally entered her ass. She never said that pain, I was pregnant
Had anal sex before she could suspect, lie to me, but it does not matter. She asked me to speak while playing her side
Ass. Finally, I shot in her ass. After a few days, we can play all play, what saliva, strong
Rape and the like. One week in the past, I reluctantly went, and she said no way, her husband to come back, and
And shortly before the good, comes to an end after one did not know, she love her husband. One year has passed, but I
To never forget that experience. Ah tart rare earth
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