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Beautiful young woman very kinky

Beautiful young woman very kinky

Nearly on the company's financial department of a manager Xiaoxiao (a pseudonym), hey, damn cool.

       This job must show bitch's mouth, ah, lick my backyard flower was like a ten million insects crawling into my intestines, my little brother was happy to lick like gods!

       The 28-year-old bitch, pretty moderate, more slender body, is the wolf like! Last year marriage, her husband was the director of purchasing, business relationships, but to find out exactly what this couple. The young woman probably before his family was poor, now have some money, a little attitude problem. Vanity strong, but extremely stingy greedy.

       I can all the conditions, but also too many girls hearts and minds, like this woman, you know very well the wolf's brother, Oh! Oh also very exciting! !

       The first few months, the new company a factory in Hubei WH, her husband transferred in the past, this opportunity to the next, and began to eat her out, her husband before he could feed her, how is the week before not out of the wolf can not eat too fast to see, took no action in January after the woman take the initiative to call about my "XXX (I), evening free it? how long time do not give me the phone? really Renzouchaliang ah! Pharaoh had left our home is not the same, ah! "(pretending to joke tone)" where, this time comparing him! not all your financial out, let me supply the door business living death! This evening you eat a meal, we communicate communication ah? I pick you up from work. "

       No, you go first set food on the street XXX boxes, I herd "(an opening that is to eat seafood ah! Oh, I eat abalone, wash your abalone me!), Followed by two month, ate with a gift, I did nearly 10,000, but go show this woman show, full of deep scheming and spent quite a few means by which hard work is not the table. Single sex life is simply behind the value for money ah! " XXX, come to my house tonight! Always eat you, embarrassed, try this today, Miss craft. "I can not, your home who does not eat me!" "Do not say that the devil, and three months do not come back" (Hey, Me, seems finally to eat abalone a late today!) Went to the pharmacy , bought small pieces of blue pills, a box of 12 packs Durex, should be enough of it!

       The so-called craft, do not say, not people eat, the U.S. approach, in order to meet the little brother, my stomach has only wronged. Plus green tea with the old trick of champagne, a few glasses you'll feel almost the same. The first two months has been to lay a foundation, and today a matter of course ah! The so-called wine chaos of human nature, coupled with Rulangsihu lonely young woman. Under her half-hearted, less than a minute, put the lie she almost bare. Uh, she wore a transparent white thong, white pretty hip only its narrow central thigh with a cloth wrap, such as rope, muslin round of soft white ass exposed on both sides of the egg, the idea of ??people rise to bite one. I look younger brother to hold up the tent. Transparent front underwear reflected a dense clump of shadows. The panties were thin front-end as it seems Ben can not hold beauty pubic hair from the mons pubis, two group of thick black curly pubic hair on both sides by the front-end underwear exposed. It seems that tart is well prepared ah!

       I lay in her crotch, trying to take off her panties, Simple escort in bronx pulled my hand, "Do not, do not take off, you are so good." I rely on, I hugged her, gently biting with teeth delicate earlobe, also in the expansion of the tongue stretching ears. That the right hand gently kneading medium size, excellent flexibility of the Breast, and still a few pinched her little nipples, until it is the same as a small cherry stand up.

       Xiaoxiao frowning, a hard flick of expression, mouth slightly open, issued a "huh" sound. I softly asked: "how, but also play do not play it?" Xiaoxiao blushed, looked at me, does not speak, his hand holding my second child, gently Taonong with, not at your fingertips I paddled in a circle on the scrotum, I really can not stand. I bowed my head, white neck in Lin Shiyi licking, moving slowly and kissed her on the chest, into his mouth with the nipple sucking, tongue in her pink areola round and round. Start up the excitement, holding my head tightly with both hands, put my head down on her breasts, mouth vague, said: "Little X, hard, hard ..." I certainly in force, and almost licking off the tongue. Women who have several large sensitive area, namely, ears, nipples, clitoris and anus, of course, a woman's inner thighs, toes are also sensitive areas, some differences between each, but wrong to where to go, I'd like to try a few more in the Xiaoxiao body.

       I touched his hand at her pussy, panties are wet piece of tape, it seems she has some stand up, I turn swept down, a drill into Xiaoxiao the legs, so she rolled over to gently lift underwear up mentioning a release, and stimulate her pussy, tongue in licking a soft flap hip, a finger stretch before rubbing her clitoris across the underwear. Xiaoxiao's ass pushed back, "Little X ... ah ... do not ..." I licked her underwear across the gluteal cleft, but also with the top tip of the tongue into her Daisy in bud. Xiaoxiao writhing body, and rump also began a tight one tightly clamped my tongue, I know the time, over her body, a latch onto her pussy, but also is the top of the suction , forced her legs clamped my head, pussy gust of contraction, I could feel her underwear across the vent when the body how strong the impact of sex fluid. March really do not know, "Day" flavor''Yeah, when I do not give up her body to vent, or tongue in her pussy at hard Tianshi Zhao, walk hand in her body, which makes her nipples very strong, not a few , the finish is not back in my mouth again, she vent "thrilled, hello powerful, love you! let me wait on you about talking slowly pulled my pants down.

       Surprised to find Simple escort in bronx gently held my cock, exposing a malicious smile. I was her two little hands a light, soft grip, the body Xuemaibizhang speak, the whole body seems to make blood rush to the body down, nod still is getting quite up, her head gently pinching cock, see it change both red and coarse, Yingkou slightly open, gently with the front end. I immediately felt himself startled, difficult to overcome, "Oh 。。。。。" hugged her head. "Ah" sound, she will Yujing latch onto less than half, straining Tiannong up. Grabbed my hand gently stroked two faint it, I tried to be patient, lower body wrapped in a mass of Ectocarpus case among the soft warm light, and shocked to run into some kind a soft top, but it is beautiful purple-red explore with the tongue is thin, micro-touch access, bursts of melted fleeing Bai Hai, sometimes I do not know where to get high, suddenly strikes a soft thing licked backyard, skills can not describe, had a nephew than the professionals all machine (Could she studies too?), I had felt boiling hot pants, was handling her warm tongue some incense, mood Fen Teng has reached peak, but managed to extreme pressure. At this point no longer contain himself, following her upset, and kissed her lips, her hands are stroking, one hand pinching her peaks, following the other hand just to touch, that hairy genitals, and some wet feeling. She separated from some thigh, rubbing my convenience, while her hands hundreds of times touched my Kuajian, I reached out a finger, facing the vaginal opening on the brief inside. She was my second child while Mo Nong, while breathing with eyes closed, her two lips, one clip one clip, the clip in my fingers, while sexual secretion also flow out. My hands sticky, water-Tang Chu came to know her, but also in the vagina in the twitch of a finger. Xiaoxiao said: "Do not play this, Come." She said as she grabbed my stiff cock and guide it to jade hole, two labia are one of a forward.

       "Do not cover it? All right!" I asked her, said as the piece of tape on the underwear side-tracked by side, I was looking at her slimy pussy one into the room, you can feel the glans to be tightly Roubi circle around. Like a feverish child feeding inside, a smoke, a pair of legs she also automatically ring on my ass, she uttered a groan, I am too much force. One in the end, her stand on my legs on the bottom is the hard disk with tightly, his hands and hugged me.

       Look at her lustful look, I have high desires of the more prosperous, and more fast twitch up. Xiaoxiao between his legs from my hips moved to the waist, the pants are shaking empty. I hold her hand Fentun, a finger touched her anus, where the contraction was too severe, Xiaoxiao also Langjiao more fiercely. But here there must be every woman's erogenous zones! Where can touch a woman greater pleasure, any woman can not tolerate such a powerful pleasure! I have a lot of women who tried, each time they ecstatic, extremely passionate.

       Xiaoxiao no exception, "ah, I, I was going to die." Simple escort in bronx took a deep breath, Yumen like waves of water as the tide and to Bobo. I wore her clitoris penis, but also a burst of rubbing, grinding. "... Ah ... you do not wear, and I ... I can not stand." Her mouth is called a no stop, the body is another torsion and tremors, and a fine meat everywhere shake, spray, such as Yu-dong sexual secretion Quan. I asked a flushed her: "how, you Neat huh." She laughed: "I, I comfortably dead." Suddenly, her body trembling plays a strong, two errands, hands tightly The wolves I, two discolor, big mouth panting. I just felt there was a hot hot hot slime poured on my penis from her mouth a suck a suck womb of coming out ... ...

       Xiaoxiao after orgasm, the vagina my penis wolves again, expanding, shrinking, as if sucking like feeding a child, surrounded by my hot glans. She hugged me, to my second child is also aware of the hard to stay in her body, said: "Imagine you are so strong." I said: "You know my bad, right, you cool, and I can not cool it. "I am one of her rolled over in bed so she Pafu, Fentun high tilt, I aimed at her pussy, from behind one into the house, she just had orgasm once, but it is very tight pussy, tight circle around my dick. I Choucha very slow, but also the resurgence Xiaoxiao confused Yinxing, "huh Wu Wu," ringing up. "I want to insert strong it?" "Ah ... ... ... ... Kuaia force ..." "really want it?" I did not get inserted to speed up the rate, continue to ask her. "Ah ...! Beg you ... soon ... you ..." But she saw begging fails, even use the tone of coquetry. For pleasure, really a lustful woman! I ignored Xiaoxiao of coquetry, continue to use the slow speed Choucha with, do not fiddle with her clitoris by hand. "Ouch ... I die ... itch ... ... ... ... ah ... you are not fast good hard ah? ... ... Do not make me ... you ... fast ... fast ... Well ... Well ..." Xiaoxiao's voice shook with. As the role of the drug, the more my dick bigger expansion, horny, anxious to vent. Xiaoxiao second child I felt the change, Taonong more powerful, and I could feel her pussy tighten, and suddenly, her spasm, pussy violent contraction, a heat rushed to my second child I can not stand up, speak, second child of an acid, while a more severe impact to Xiaoxiao screamed aloud: "ah, I, I was going to die, so hot ..."

       Orgasm, Xiaoxiao lying on my chest, "Well it was great, much stronger than my husband, I want to die, the first time I saw you wanted to you, the following to flow!" Face looked at me, and lowered his head. Tart is now somewhat embarrassed. Xiaoxiao from the bed to take some toilet paper, but also to cover the body are under the blankets, polished beauty. Xiaoxiao After the climax, Cream Pie lovers, and as early as the sheets are wet a large, pussy place is muddy. Xiaoxiao was next to come up from the toilet paper to wipe off, you want to retake some toilet paper, I hasten to bed and then take a handful from the toilet paper, grabbed his left hand Xiaoxiao, stretching his right hand was holding the toilet paper quickly said: "I to somehow. "extended hand has arrived in the thigh root.

       I gently explored in Xiaoxiao wipe the thigh with two or three at the right hand still pressing the root of her thighs, clinging to my left hand ring force Xiaoxiao's waist, and pressed her body on the bed. I lifted the quilt, watching from the beautiful Xiaoxiao Yu-yi, her shapely plump, charm and lovely, it is the most beautiful woman, when rounded white thighs, pubic hair black velvet fine, clean bright; labia wet slit faces the prospect of the title, ecstasy swing soul.
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