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Widow of the chaos of small things

Widow of the chaos of small things

Liu Min, a widow, after her husband passed away, with a teenage son and teenage daughter to the city, and that Cheerful escort in brooklyn was less than three years old. Unskilled in the city is well mixed, let alone a woman with two children, arrived at the beginning indeed difficult for her, until Cheerful escort in brooklyn met Lu Lin.

       Min is famous in the village had a beautiful wife, because her husband's death, a man who can not stand the harassment of the village was moved to the city to live, but the experience to know what beauty Lu Lin, Lu Lin three-year-old so is the company's head, oval face, cherry mouth, then one always looks young woman between the unique memorable feeling, coupled with the silvery voice is really stunning world, the company she and her husband open, her husband is a legal person, she is general manager, although the company's gay masturbation secretly to her as an object, but no one dared to face really show it, even the slightest. Because Lu Lin know this person is a management person, usually very serious, even under a little error, but also by her training on most of the day, the light fined month salary, get out altogether weight from home. But the home is different, because her husband is often the starting contact business, so they can see that only a few times a month, each home's large living room watching the desolate empty, they feel a deep loneliness empty. Do not bother to clean up the mess at home, a few hundred square meters of the house as a large utility room, said her husband several times to find someone to come home to pack to pack, to money, she also forgot busy.

       Happened recently with the business to the off-season, day and gradually heat up, Lu Lin a person to the labor market will be looking for a nanny, not into the labor market door when I met Min is a family and I to find work it, Lu Lin saw the compassion they give birth, a few words a very speculative talk, Min not know where to live, her husband has passed away the very early is not easy, he wanted to own a big house so many empty houses, Liu Min, might as well make it to their own lives, happened to also be some chat, is it not kill two birds with it? Good on such a set, so, Liu Mincheng the Lu Lin family's nanny, room and board in Lu Lin family, a few months, the house is not spotless, said the two also became good sister. Lu Lin's husband also put a heart, with such an honest and reliable people to do his own wife's sisters, no longer have to worry about his wife at home, lonely, say orderly clean up around the house, people are pretty maybe day can dip their dirty star too! Men are this way, no matter how beautiful his wife, long, or steal, as wild flowers home to spend it! After the matter can not be expected of him.

       The company's business to the off-season, Lu Lin's husband would not walk far, and every day at home watching TV and DVD, the saying goes, fed and warm, think of lust, Lu Lin family have been very wealthy, couple little things every day at home, of course, love to play curse Qiao, ogle is inevitable, Liu Min is the eye, close one eye only when not seen, but two children can not, not children, and is long in rural areas, low shame that after all head, Lu Lin couples still go its own way, just as if no one at home, but too hot Tianyi Lu Lin is not wearing a jacket even at home, wearing only sexy lingerie dangling in the house, and two more large breast is in contrast, believe it to be bursting out of the bra, bright red nipples and pubic hair black sexy lingerie can be seen clearly separated, Liu Min seeing them face jump, not to mention her two children , the son of a small light one day out of hiding in the house is a little bashful, her daughter, after all, is still small, his eyes staring at Lu Lin's breasts, this is hardly surprising, so good so much of the breast skin and in the village is also how Cheerful escort in brooklyn invisible. Lu Lin's husband also wear very neat, and can be gradually warming as the weather, wear his clothes gradually less and less, until a wearing a vest and briefs, indeed Lu Lin husband not a big guy, even with a small to describe, which is Liu Min inadvertently found that day at noon, the whole family in the napping, she wanted to drink up the water and found the living room TV is on, only Lu Lin a husband sitting, lying on the screen unsightly picture, the penis has an erection, and appears to have two-thirds the size of her husband, but there is almost a year he had no contact with men, and also felt the feeling of a burst Zaore kept turning in the lower abdomen, the TV screen suddenly gives a close-up, this is the first time she saw a yellow disc, previously only heard people say, because it is DVD, picture quality is very good, TV is rear projection, big screen , as real as Liu Min first saw a man other than her husband lower body, but also foreigners, foreigners cock as she saw his arm, like thickness, made her surprise, she was even more surprising is his lower body actually sticky and wet, like the pants of urine, as this is never the thing. Former husband and his love is just a hurry if they do not understand yourself a little pleasure too, this is how it is, but you can see yourself with pleasure? A gust of wind blowing, cold wind, the lower body, she suddenly awake from pleasure in, while no one sees, it quickly back into the house, sandwiched Liu Min has been soaked in their own underwear, carefully back to his bedroom, saw the bed two children are asleep, he gently through the breath, lying in bed, but how could not sleep, my mind always on the TV screen, and that foreigners cock, imagine if Flanagan cock inserted into their wet pussy in the case, is not very comfortable with it themselves? She switched to another, Lu Lin and her husband do not do enough, why her husband also own secretly watching DVDs to vent themselves? In fact, he may not know, and Lu Lin's husband and his wife do not want true that such a stunning beauty does not stop having sex? Force not only Xinyou and although nothing, their guy some short, although eating a lot of drugs, but none bear fruit, Lu Lin lips do not say it though, but relying on a man's intuition that he can feel dissatisfaction to Lu Lin, his wife is a stunner, look plump beautiful, the sight of her own there is a primitive impulse, but each sex are hateful Yeah ------ mouth or hand to let his wife barely satisfied This is a disgrace for him, he knew his wife's desire for longer and more thick cock, but he did not, despite their many years of hard work have a lot of money, but money can not buy such a thing is, he also worked hard , talked to experts and master, but found nothing. This is so like him so successful over the years man has several dozens of women or a woman not his reason, he did not want but have a deep sense of inferiority. Families with two beautiful women, and their own, can only look good but can not enjoy, this is what kind of torture ---------

       Lu Lin woke up, lower body felt a little wet, touched, alas, is the spring Meng Yichang, nothing more nothing, and perhaps in this life have a dream that can not be filled by large Rougun enrich the feeling, the sunset West Ramp, do not want to This is a nap in their sleeping for so long. Washed my face, see Min busy in the kitchen, feeling really good luck, find a such a good nanny, what do not worry about their own mind such a thought, then went into the kitchen, happened to see the ten Min year-old son and daughter are in to help pick vegetables, Lu Lin also work together to squat to help two siblings, the reason may be just woke up, and even forgot to wear underwear such important matters, forget white thighs and almost could not cover the bottom skirt, pink labia and pubic hair black Min happened in front of a large bright son, fourteen-year-old boy is puberty, every day, cranky, and never seen a woman's genitals, Moreover, lower body or a woman so close, let alone every night, or their dream Aunt Lu, and because of the small bright Aunt Lu also develop the bad habit of masturbation. Young man young and fit, only barely below that, up too uncomfortable. Strong rural children themselves, plus a small light to Lu Lin family since the child eat and drink after a good, all kinds of food, especially Lu Lin husband bought some of the impotence drugs do not want to eat everywhere without being prosecuted, Min did not know a few characters, I felt this thing packaged so good, definitely a good thing, anyway useless, might as well let the children eat more nourishing food, the body, they all give a small light and small daughter Hui to eat, a small light was fourteen years old, thick penis itself, coupled with so many aphrodisiac, unleashed no place to vent, only daily masturbation, penis often congestion, a cock to a full kids arm so confused thick, hot day and then not dare to wear pants, Liu Min, a few hard to let his son take off the pants to wear their belts, a small light is not off, there is no way Min. Besides a small light when the guy has been in the crotch as hard as iron, and scalding hot, little light could not restrain it, Teng what took hold up to the crotch, and also kept the Lu Lin was shocked, thinking that the small light pants in the possession of something, see a small light was found Aunt Lu, blush like liver, lowered his head. And Lu Lin through a small bright face, a little bright to see things kept crotch in the beating, they know how it happens, nothing to wear Made in his lower body, suddenly was surprised, Oh, what are is this kid to see, then Xiaohui Liu Min and her daughter back to her side are two gas stoves, Lu Lin a look relieved, quickly stood up and pulled the skirt down to cover the buttocks white, red face out of the kitchen. Light a small fear, but also eliminate a large penis go, thinking over is over, Aunt Lu to make sure we get out. "Dinner it!" Liu Min, a shout, a family of five people have come to the table next to Lu Lin and her husband sit down, Aunt Lu was a small light to see their eyes clearly there is a strange, do not know how it , I just feel confused and his heart, but tonight, for their Aunt Lu are particularly good, always take their food into his bowl, a small light dinner on the first rush back into the house and lying in bed thinking about this afternoon's scene after scene, Aunt Lu thinking pink pussy and white ass, unwittingly like a penis and hard as iron, and how this can be done, if the mother and sister come in how to do, and quickly covered with a towel, can or not, too big, how could not cover all covered, but also kept jumping, at this moment, the door came the sound of footsteps, a small light quickly turned back to the door, the son of the original Min-think today is not normal, so we came look, a look at his son's face dripping with sweat, still covered with blankets, towels put hard a pull, just do not want to see an erection not completely eliminate the big penis son go, that really shocked the Min- , and Flanagan neck and neck on the DVD, and his son that the root has not fully erect. Small bright deliberately blocked his leg lift Rougun, said Mom you doing, just to fall asleep, Min also pretended not to see that mother to see you is wrong, since nothing, then you sleep for it, finish it out. Cold sweat, scared a little light, I thought thanks to my mother did not see, if you see Masi is not strange.

       Lu Lin TV couple moment and then went upstairs, leaving mother and daughter, Liu Min, Lu Lin as the afternoon saw a small light and foreigners can be comparable to the big penis will Chunxindangyang, one night heart was not listless, eating rice, we feel horny, although he wanted to get a small light penis, husband of the Okanagan it can also be the solution to quench their thirst, so the couple embracing into the room. The Min is absent, the son of Flanagan Rougun noon that day brought back deep memories of that foreigner, seeing people affectionate couple, how long have not tasted their own kind of taste, and he can not remember , and casual to do the storm, and said to her daughter, you see, I sleep for a. Daughter just kind of, their access to a television one, good, did not compete and their units, and they said, Mom you go to my house and sleep with his brother, that I went to your house to sleep, then the province will be too brother awakened. Min-a, was very happy, but can not show it. Because her daughter is not small, but these days that more and more feminine Zheni Zi, and then go to bed early that you know it? Light will be turned into a small bedroom to sleep, the house did not light, Min slowly took off his pants, exposing still smooth and elastic, attractive figure, breasts, or so strong, or so flat belly, buttocks upturned , and makes dreams, adapted to the light house after dark, only to find his son to sleep the first time ever wearing trousers, body hair is very thick, muscular body processes, it is really like a foreigner on the disc. Sister thought it was a small light came, also ignored and continue to think of Lu Lin, plump flesh think Lu Lin, Liu Min quietly lie down, watching her efforts to suppress the body's impulse, static and other opportunities, waited ten minutes, a small light body suddenly turned a bit into flat lying, that his sister may be asleep right, Liu Min's big eyes wide open, want to see this kid play any tricks, I saw a small two hands holding his bright Flanagan large penis, kept moving up and down the sleeve, throat still growl, by moonlight, Min saw his son on a piece of thick blue veins protruding Rougun, horse eye still constant outward braved transparent liquid, kept the drop down, a small light do not care, or keep moving sets. Min I watched, there was a burst of mucus out of the lower body mobility, as well as a burst of inexplicable pleasure waves hit, but she did not dare move a little, for fear disturb his son, found her in trouble, but could not help, hand or carefully into the underwear, with the index finger and fiddled with the clitoris, while Ma exciting moment of feeling, could not be called out, but we must control, seeing his son in the set of moving the penis, imagine if the son of his hands labia that nice ah, ears listening to the low roar bright son, Buduoyikuai, Liu Min gradually felt a particularly strong pleasure, to feel like heaven, like, an heat flow uncontrollably from Xuekou rolling out of his mouth is always biting the pillow in order to suppress their own sounds, Liu Min know the climax came, but the little light how this kid does not end it, look at the penis than a small light if they have a big circle, bright red and purple glans, he estimated a hand grip, but surely, the little light at this time heard a loud growl than sound, emitted from the top of shiny glans an vain slurry, sprinkled on the bed and covered with small light their hair on the belly, the son of Liu Min saw that vent over this scene, just relieved, see bright small penis enlargement has gradually increased, takes more than a dozen seconds and erection ever, this marvel to Liu Min, This is terrible, after someone's daughter withstand Yeah, I saw a small light and quickly moved a few units, the thick white slurry and an wave to spray out a small cup full so much. Perhaps a small light very tired, did not rub just be a drag not fully covered in their own swelling of the penis will drop off to sleep, can now desires high when Liu Min, impatient it, although the climax to once, but not enough yet to taste the taste of big cock how willing it, and so on for a while, I heard his son even breathing, Liu Min Ma climb up to find the toilet paper, from time to time put aside to prepare for the need, and then quietly covered with small bright towel away, wow, the son of semen in the moonlight glittering with light, a large beach, regardless of the Min, the son of a hand holding up a big Rouguntaonong , while Taonong side note his son's movement, so as not to wake her son, young people always have to make endless enthusiasm, effort only for a small penis and a large bright Pleiades from its purple head, Liu Min's pants have long kept a watery drip down, and she quickly sat up, sitting across a small light on top of the penis head, too, are some of Min-old suspect this is not rain under the small Nenxue Well, even under the torment of desires not so much, mind to sit down, pop grumble loudly, because the penis is too large, although the spring water is already flooding, it is very difficult at first, but gradually as Liu Min's sitting in, small light at the bottom of the penis finally reached the vagina, on top of the flower, the taste so that Min could no longer bear, hold waited a long time and finally made the shout out, ah, ah -------- - ------- long-awaited big cock finally tasted, Min-down activities with their plump buttocks, sexual secretion, more and more wet towels to the already kicked the side, although the sleep is very little light Shen, but also stand up to such a toss, slowly clear from the confused to see her mother sitting in his body is Yin Jiao, beautiful face, fragrant perspiration dripping, plump breasts up and down with severe back and forth rocking movements, their Rougun being something warm wrap tightly, and finally know how it is, the desire of the fire has been lit, although not known, but the reason he did not at this time has a non-binding. Min did not know a small light was awake, still in ecstasy moaning, a small light one yourself that hot big cock, Liu Min was to be inserted into the stomach to go, while Youteng and Ma itchy feeling reminded her of small light may have woke up and hurriedly looked down, dark and small bright light in the dark eye is looking at himself, face very complex, Min thought to do it all done, do not think so much, and have actually flew about small bright who, with their white and firm's Rujian friction with small light in the chest, two small bright white arm around the neck, Xiangchun click on the small light kiss to the lips, a small light or a virgin, which have seen This battle, I just feel so cool, comfortable than usual masturbation million times, my mind went blank, Min their activities so long, tired, lower body and cock touched junction, obediently, as well as a large portion did not go it, but it is pity for the son they love, they say little light come on you, then a small light stand up to the top to himself, and replaced with men and women on the following formula, a small light do not understand anything, just know what they say himself what to do, a move only the hot cock inserted in Min tightly Rouxue, the Min vexation funny, thought his son silly, even this should be taught, then touched his son strong rounded ass, that Move Yeah, this little light wake up, think of just the mother's expressions and movements, Akira then Dawu, mentioning a delivery, twitching up, close your eyes and enjoying Liu Min, gradually feel small light of the glans of a rose a rose, and holding up their pussy in the uncomfortable, they know that a small light to ejaculate, and then work with the pumping, and sure enough, a small light Menheng soon, chromium generally shares hard cock spews semen, Min DI was trembling, as if promoted to the spirit of a song a hundred thousand meters above the ground, but also escape from the depths of a pussy sex fluid, the two share the water in a sink, drip from the Min of Xuekou out, the two all feel very comfortable, but also gave clean, naked spooned.

       Xiaohui it, on the outside watching TV, reading a long time nothing sets it Gunong from the DVD player, because usually see Lu Lin Xiaohui get several times, so they themselves would use, then open the machine, but the drawer of a few a disc are previously seen, no meaning, they find themselves up accidentally opened a pad of paper drawer corner, I saw a few dishes, above all the English, the other nothing, Xiaohui very strange to see it put up, put one into the DVD player inside, but nothing, just Xiaohui disappointed when the screen hop, there a pair of foreign men and women, as in the living room What is talking, it is a new hot look, as are English, Xiaohui they want to dish out to forget, can not put this idea into action, the screen suddenly switched, the woman to a man's clothes parts are off to a, Xiaohui wondered, they want to do? Xiaohui Liu Min's daughter is due to reason of precocious puberty, so advance to the adolescent mind is always the imagination of some strange, like a man's naked, but the man is just a concept for Xiaohui, a man she do not know variety of structure, but by his brother about a small bright man, and then play the contents of the disc just cause to her curiosity, would like to see men, women to men when the pants off, exposing the foreign men in particular big cock on a woman to swallow, Xiaohui stare, this toy could eat it, but after a while, that's cock more and more men and women of my mouth no less than a good-bye the man , and the Rougun from the woman out of his mouth, according to the woman on the sofa, facing the woman insert a harsh place to pee into it, Xiaohui scared almost to cry out, this is not to be dead yet, but the woman seemed to be very comfortable way, that there is no expression of pain, but discomfort is called up, Flanagan seems great penis in a woman's pussy in and out, that there is no difficulty Instead, the cock on the sparkling, like Nianman water cushions whisper grumble like a step on the mud, and more strange is his pussy mouth itch to pull the old to dig by hand, think of this, Xiaohui own skirt down a faded, saw his pussy mouth drops pattered under the dripping, sticky, finger fill plug, a burst of pleasure spread throughout the body, how is this going on, my mind thought of a few days ago to see to his brother after masturbation, and he has this impulse, this wish does not matter, the body's desire for more intense, just want to have something inserted into their own pussy, can not think of what the specific, and only with your fingers, and looking at the screen the men and women, their fingers Choucha their own pussy, and soon will feel a burst of heat flooded out, eyes closed, quietly enjoying. Pleasure gradually subsided, then remembered too late, to sleep, then wash hands off the TV, washing underwear again, return to her mother's bedroom, but also trapped and tired, fell asleep.

       Lu Lin in turn spent a sleepless night, the husband of their own good, and very at home, missing nothing, but shame is difficult to start something, they can not speak for others, done every time her husband and their love, their old can not have fun, be provoked by their own desires can only be extinguished with a cucumber, while her husband every time after ejaculation and then also try to make their own to meet his mouth, but I do not know why, desires just can not go out on the surface are very satisfied, but wait for her husband After sleep, they always still have to go to the kitchen to find a suitable cucumber to quench their thirst, which is why every reason to be personally took to the streets to buy food, you can see a small light since the big cock has been lost on the cucumber interest, so much Rougun, she has never seen real life, every time I see foreigners while the penis is inexplicable to their heart, never afraid to have it wishful thinking, but can this be true in their own homes , we can say at your fingertips, but they was not any courage, thinking small bright cock, watching her husband sleep in the next, the fire ignited an angry, if her husband has a big Rougun nice ah, thought to a hand unconsciously Moxiang pillow, open a layer of plastic film, which wrapped this morning carefully selected a cucumber, the lump above so that if a woman is born with, and Lu Lin pink little hands, Ding seize cucumber, dry slowly into the pussy not own, because they did not had a baby, not with her husband's penis, the vagina is still tight, like a virgin, one to go into, Lu Lin hit a a trembling, imagine this is a small bright hot big cock, grew more and more excited, actually a plug in the end, not a few on the high tide, and even could not believe, do a small light so attractive, he thought the climax. Ears heard the voice of her husband, Lu Lin packed up their thoughts, while sleepy hit, the cucumber away, lying next to her husband.
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