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Dry and well-behaved wife by others

Dry and well-behaved wife by others

I am a kinky wife lovers, like to see a different man and his wife have sex. Appearance is a virtuous wife, the heart lustful woman, after my training, has now become a chronological whore. I like to see his wife by another man Choucha look, others like to listen to her moan beneath. The following article is true, note that I and my wife's life by, in my line Posts son, is hoping to know more friends, so his wife to enjoy sex more. My wife, Zhou Yang, 24 years old, height 162, weight 50KG, teachers. I love and Zhou Yang has been eight years, married for four years, no children. To be honest, in eight years, we almost tried all manner of sex, running for eight years, eight years after, so we no longer have the kind of sex between the feeling of passion, although do not feel tired, but I felt quite dull ... Later, I read some articles about the couple exchange, I feel very exciting and would like to try, so he and Zhou Yang at the time talking about sex, engaging escort in ny at first did not agree to (a woman thing, are). I slowly straighten her, and finally one day, I plugged her in, I asked her: "Wife, want to try the taste of other men, ah," engaging escort in ny said softly turned out: "ah" ... ... From that point on, I took her to an adult Web site, watching the couple exchange articles. At the same time, I also posted online postings in this regard, Zhou Yang and paste the photos, leaving a QQ number. Soon, you get a response, that someone sent a message, said Zhou Yang beautiful, very feminine, some say, there's even a direct dare say she wanted to do.

Zhou Yang and I looked at these messages, very excited, here are wet, I know, she has begun to like this feeling. Slowly, I began to hope that such a thing can become a reality. In early 2003, my very good friends and a drink, he said to me: "You Zhou Yang really good." I said: "Really? Not, let you taste the taste of her?" He joked to me, What did not say. I Since then, Yang has been weeks and he hopes can occur even between. As a result, intentionally or unintentionally, to arrange for him to come to my house, often with Zhou Yang went out to play with him, and from time to time they made together two separate opportunities. Finally, when a friend sent me a message and asked me to say that day is not true, I said of course is true. So, we sit together and drink, confirms my thoughts. The day finally came, I remember it was a Saturday afternoon, wearing a miniskirt Zhou Yang a friend and I went to the bar, very few people, three of us sat on the attic of the box drink and chat. After an hour, did not even occur, I am a little anxious, he said to them, I go buy some food. Then down the stairs to his friend, sending a message and told him if you want, you seize the opportunity. I deliberately stayed in the downstairs half an hour, and then quietly upstairs and gently walked box door, a look, weighs, or the two of them actually look like when I came down for two sitting on the sofa. No way, I had walked in, sat next to a friend, and then we sat in the middle called the Zhou Yang Zhou Yang obediently sitting in the middle of my friends and the location, we began to drink.

After about half an hour of it, in my hands, the friends tentative right hand resting on the shoulders of Zhou Yang Zhou Yang did not object, this is a good start. Then again a friend of his left hand on the thigh Zhou Yang, Yang this week gently shaking a bit, but did not express resentment. Friends of courage gradually become larger, the left thigh in Zhou Yang's swimming, the mouth is also a week of sun and slowly close the earlobe. This is the most sensitive parts of Yang Zhou, a friend put out his tongue, gently licking Zhou Yang's earlobe, I heard a week of sun sent a gently hum. Then a friend reached into his right hand slowly from behind the clothes side Zhou Yang, Zhou Yang and gently stroked the back, while the left hand is holding a week of sun's face, her face turned to one side. I saw two hungry mouth getting closer, their tongue stir in together, frantically kissing, but this time, friends have been quietly left hand slipped Zhou Yang's chest, kept kneading the Week Yang's breast. My heart is beating very powerful, such a scene, is the first time I saw the following, has raised the bombs. I can not help but to touch hands with Zhou Yang's thigh, tongue licking her other breast. At this time the sun has been eclipsed Huarong Zhou, genital sexual secretion is guilty of abuse of disaster, and her little hands do not know when friends have been inserted into the trousers, holding a friend's penis kept Taonong. This exciting scene, seems that only I can control, and the two of them apparently has been unable to extricate themselves. My mouth conspire Zhou Yang ear, and asked: "Wife, what? Fun?" Zhou Yang did not answer me, just nodded his head. I asked: "want to eat his chicken eight?"

Zhou Yang gently, "ah" sound although very light, but my friends and I have heard, really heard. Friends are consciously Tuoliaokuzi, long penis erect in the hard ground in front of Yang Zhou. Zhou Yang is also very consciously squatting down, his left hand gently grasp the friends penis, slowly near the mouth, tongue Tiannong out with friends, glans, and then slowly into the mouth with the penis and gently a friend with a mouth Taonong penis, right hand kneading his scrotum. Side of me, and this time did not care that much, took out the penis, crazy Taonong with, not a few, the semen will be spewing out. Zhou Yang at this time is not a normal face and dignified, as selflessly as whore licking penis sucking friends, friends of both hands are kept kneading her breasts. Processed semen of me, came to Zhou Yang behind, gently hold up her ass, then slipped out of her sexy little pre deliberately put on pants (in fact this small pants in the process did not seem to play a role even because friends never even see, I looked at her pussy has been opened up, like a mouth to eat meat, have the sexual secretion is not that big of a small wet pants, I said something, "You do it, do not waste time," it kicked like a friend to pull up the Yang Zhou. friends sitting on the sofa, Zhou Yang facing him, legs apart slowly, kneeling to him. Zhou Yang pussy with both hands to gently break apart, and friends with his left hand held his stiff penis, conspire Zhou Yang of the hole, then I saw Zhou Yang's ass to sit down quietly, the penis will Siegen and friends into, disappearing between the legs in Zhou Yang Zhou Yang, "ah" shouted, then began to shake up the ass.

For the first time in front of his face her husband by another man inserted, this feeling should be very exciting at this time of the week the sun has not shy to start, replaced by a complete stranger insert his penis pleasure of the body . Clinging tightly to her friend's neck, white ass shaking constantly, friends, holding hands tightly Zhou Yang is the buttocks, legs desperately to his penis to my vagina area sent Zhou Yang, constantly Choucha. With friends penis twitch, Zhou Yang's hidden when the labia majora, sexual secretion continue to flow out, the penis has been a friend to flow along the top of the sofa. Zhou Yang constantly shaking their ass, so a friend of the penis more deeply into his body, above Haoru being a friend of his hands kneading, is also friends with the nipple in the mouth. Two of them to dry in full swing, as if completely forgotten my existence. I asked one: "Wife, cool it?" Zhou Yang did not make the sound, but he kept groaning. "Answer me, ah, Zhou Yang!" I said, "You is not cool in the end was great?" Answer when Zhou Yang adding that "ah" sound, still continued their game. No way, I had to mouth leans her ear and gently said: "Zhou Yang, you say ah, to sensuality, ah, stimulate his thing, so as to better dry you, ah!" This sentence seems to very useful, Zhou Yang really lustful cried: "Oh, husband, and he did I am thrilled ... ... ... ... ah, chicken eight a long, hard ... ... ... ... Well, good comfort, all to the people's efforts to reach the top ... ... ... ... Oh, ah ... ... ... ... nice "sound better than the thousands of spring called aphrodisiac, to hear such a lustful cry, my friend's penis in Zhou Yang body Choucha faster.

They do play for a while, friends of another position, Zhou Yang is very obedient from him down, turned and knelt lying on the sofa, ass is on us. Friends walked over, but he did not hurry to insert, but hand to touch Zhou Yang's pussy, with your fingers to fiddle with her clitoris. Zhou Yang of course, can not stand this way, the wave and shouted: "ah ... ... ... ... tickling, not ah ... ... ... ... Kuaia, quickly inserted to ah!." Friends heard her, still quick with your fingers fiddled with Zhou Yang of the clitoris, said: "even inserted to ah? Sister-in-law, you clearly point them!" Zhou Yang swinging his ass, father father sound air and said: "a good man, hurry Well, hurry up your chicken eight inserted to, ah, ah fuck me hard!" hear the words of lewd and friends will conspire Zhou Yang's Xuekou penis, with glans grinding with Zhou Yang's vulva, is no insert. Zhou Yang can not stand this torture, and shouted: "ah, hurry Well, quickly inserted to ah!! hurry up!!" I saw a friends ass, penis will be straight into the vagina into the Yang Zhou "ah ... ... ... ..." Zhou Yang send a very satisfied moan. Friends escorted Zhou Yang's waist with both hands, lower body constantly before and after exercise, penis in Zhou Yang's pussy face and out, with the penis of Choucha, there have been sexual secretion dripping on the sofa. At this time, my penis have a response, hard starting up. So, I went in front of Yang Zhou, dig it out, Zhou Yang seeing this, it is immediately included in the mouth, suck. In this way, we finally realized the first time a real sense of the 3P, a friend in the back doing the Zhou Yang, Zhou Yang to help me oral sex. Perhaps this is the scenario too exciting, not long before a friend in the next several Choucha violently after the surrender, but fortunately, he was conscious in a pinch, the penis is taken out, the thick semen jet to Zhou Yang's ass above.

I also very disappointing to disarm in Zhou Yang's mouth ... I have surrendered and friends, still seem to get enough sun may be weeks, it is clear she is not to climax. No way, she had rolled over, sat on the sofa, his hand touched the clitoris masturbation, hand rubbing his own breast, bass with Johnson: "How you this useless thing!!" Made me and friends face to face, is ah, the two men failed to meet her. Finally, Zhou Yang in their own hands or the help to reach a climax. In the process she went downstairs to the bathroom, when I asked about my friend, "How does it feel?" Friend said: "The sister-in-law really best ah", hearing this, my heart very happy. In this way, I and Zhou Yang finally tried the first three people have sex for the first time 3P. Zhou Yang of very satisfied penis friend, she said it like this long and hard penis, penis like to be inserted so that the taste. Later, and we had several friends and we both have fun, until a friend to the field ... have begun to taste extra-marital sexual Zhou Yang began feeling like this, from the beginning will become the go, engaging escort in ny and I said, like the feeling of being two men serve. Since then, Zhou Yang often on the QQ, chatting with some friends, and sometimes I even see her and talk, while at the computer masturbating. I persuaded her video chat with friends, but she do not want to, she said she did not like this face to face chat, see each other, just like text flirting, but also like real to do. Soon, many friends in the face, Zhou Yang selected process. Zhou Yang, and he talked many times, each time chat for a long time, sometimes late into the night. On the Internet, very polite way, not like some friends, a passion for video is to come to see each other naked (Zhou Yang did not hate the quality of such people), and Cheng never mentioned such a thing, not even asked that the video with Zhou Yang, he had seen, just the yang of a life according to Zhou only. Time to talk a long time, naturally there will be a meeting of ideas, not process, morale can only find the opportunity to travel here to visit our Yang Zhou, Yang Zhou, but he promised her a certain point of view, and Yang and Zhou agreed, If that time to meet, feel bad, but we would eat dinner together, chat.

In July 2003, we agreed to a meeting with the G time. Prove that it was one afternoon, we made an appointment and five points in the process we met in a McDonald's. Zhou Yang that day dressed very sexy, wear low-cut on a small tape, wearing mini-skirts, T-small pants, suspenders Bailei stockings boots plus leggings, very hot, I know, Zhou Yang was like at first glance will captured the hearts of each other. Process is, in 4:55 my phone rang, followed by McDonald's will appear in the doorway. He wore a white T-shirt, high greatly, we can recognize him. We greet him, he naturally came to sit down, remove the bag from the gift given to Zhou Yang Zhou Yang is very happy. Then we have a chat, eat, nothing like a stranger, more like long-lost a friend. 8:00 pm we came out from McDonald's, Cheng proposed to sit in the bar, I talk a bit and Zhou Yang, That's good for everyone to understand each other, so they went to three bars. Zhou Yang of today's dress is too provocative, in the bar the door, there are many men can not help with the eyes of "strong" her bedroom staring at her, this made us two men with her proud. Go, we recently found a location away from the dance, Zhou Yang sat between me and the way. Subsequently, that is, drink, dance, chat, bar the atmosphere is very sea, and we play very fun, of course, drink a lot of wine. Way to take advantage of time on the toilet, I asked Zhou Yang: "Zhou Yang, how, you can feel it?", Zhou Yang at this time has been tipsy, her biting my ears told us: "ah, I want him Oh ... ... okay? "Zhou Yang agreed, of course I none, as long as she likes like. From the bar came out, is more than 0:00, I drove, Zhou Yang and Cheng then sat down rear seat, rear-view mirror to see through the process with the right hand round the week of sun, while the left has put a week of sun in the thigh touched on, and Zhou Yang is the innocent girl's shoulders against the process. Really exciting, did not think they actually can not wait this time, in the car to transfer from the situation. I saw the way the hand has been slowly touched Zhou Yang's skirt surface, the two lips do not know even when attached together. Bar not far from the communities we live, for a while, we're home, they had separated. Into the house, not the process seems to have the courage in the car, a bit stiff, sitting motionless on the sofa. Zhou Yang and regardless of him, humming a song to the bathroom shower.

I sat on the sofa and the way, asked him: "How do you feel my wife?" Cheng said: "It's good, good sexy, too hot, and just in the car I almost ..." I smiled and said to him, : "go to the bathroom, I think she definitely want you to go this time the" process has been encouraged, undressed, into the bathroom. Everything is natural that, long before they came Zhou Yang bathroom lustful moans. I quietly went to the bathroom door, I saw the way through the door is hard to dry my weekly sun ... ... After about half an hour, Zhou Yang nestled in the way the body out of the bathroom, so I am surprised that, They actually were wrapped in a towel. They came together, sat on the sofa, kissing frantically, as if I do not exist, although they wrapped in towels, I do not see their actions, but I know, towels below a certain way in touching the hand of Yang Zhou breast, and Zhou Yang's hands must be in Taonong the G's penis. Zhou Yang finally remembered me, and looked at me, a little shy to say: "My husband, you have to wash Well ..." I understand, Zhou Yang in suggesting that I leave ... I went into the bathroom and found garbage lost a bucket of used condoms, ah, they still conscious. So I came out from the bathroom when the bath, living room area has no one, and they left on the sofa draped over the towel. The bedroom door open, I went to the door gently, as a way to see characters lying in bed, Zhou Yang was selflessly licking sucking his penis. I went in to see my way, smiled at me, be greeted, Zhou Yang also turned looked at me, and then continued his oral sex. I came to Zhou Yang behind, hand touched her pussy, sexual secretion that is already committed abuse, the wet was horrendous. I stretched out a finger and gently rubbing the clitoris Zhou Yang Zhou Yang Roudong with my rhythm, constantly shaking her white ass, throat issue "... ... ah ... ah ... ah ..." the voice of , sexual secretion dripping down my hand. She spit out process penis, to look back and said sweetly: "My husband, do not Well, you touch the people tickling Oh, do not ... ..." and then asked way: "I have to lick you? Comfortable?" Cheng did not answer, just hand pulling Zhou Yang, interrupted him oral sex, Zhou Yang also be happy to continue to suck in the way of the penis. Hey, this little tart, not really ... I saved his head low down, break apart and Zhou Yang pussy poked out his tongue with a tongue to her clitoris. Not for a while, Zhou Yang will not stand it, rolled over, let me continue to tease her.

At this time, I found the hard way do not know when the penis has been put on a condom, is it that Zhou Yang's mouth to his set up? Zhou Yang has mastered even when such a technology? In any case, the facts have told me, Zhou Yang and let him speak, and I certainly got the message on the way: "You come, she wanted a ..." Zhou Yang will be very conscious to kneel on the bed, ass against the process, but also kept his left hand touching their vulva. Process which bear such temptation, lift hard and chicken eight straight weeks of Yang Yin Xue inserted into. Zhou Yang began Langjiao up: "The way, hello fierce ah, how this powerful Oh, did I thrilled ... ... ... ... Oh ... ... ... ... ... ... Shuangsi ah ...", while she called, while hand back stretch, to touch the scrotum process (later she told me, do make a man more excited, the penis is more rigid). Zhou Yang Cheng hand on the Bottom, was forced to Choucha, Zhou Yang's pussy penis in and out, and disappeared the next. I see the side is horny, penis up too much, and was very uncomfortable. 3P is the true meaning of the interaction of three rather than two people to do to another person to see, so I joined in. Zhou Yang and G using a kneeling position, knees Zhou Yang, Cheng dry her from behind, I lay down on her face following Yang Zhou, Yang Zhou with his tongue to lick the clitoris, Zhou Yang is very conscious of my chicken eight included in the mouth. Zhou Yang has been stimulated to be crazy fast, followed by strange men twitching, here is her husband licking smoking, and mouth and also her husband's penis his mouth, at this moment, she could do, is to enjoy two man brought her immense pleasure. I constantly below the clitoris licking Zhou Yang, the process of violent action, sometimes not carefully licked their binding sites, and even process the scrotum, so more to stimulate the process, process it quickly shouted shoot the. Zhou Yang is clearly not satisfied, turned, grabbed my chicken eight, sat down, squeezed it into their vagina. Zhou Yang in my body twisted, Cheng Zhou Yang from behind holding, holding hands, stroking breasts Yang Zhou.

Zhou Yang turning his head to respond to the process, and kissed him deeply, I am forced below the top up, want their guy more deeply into the body of Yang Zhou. After a child, Cheng stood up, I saw his penis above even wore a condom, really funny. Zhou Yang to help him very gently removed the condom, and the tongue licking the glans on the net the way the remnants of the supernatant, and then with the way the soft penis into the mouth. Zhou Yang's ventriloquist is really first-rate, long before the process will be in Zhou Yang penis mouth revival, standing straight in front of Yang Zhou. Zhou Yang was satisfied with his right hand to seize Taonong with it, another hand in the way of the site between the scrotum and buttocks touching the tip of the tongue in the process of the glans penis to play around. Perhaps a medical student who is very sensitive location on the human body solution, a little way only insisted on without reservation a week of sun hitting the semen of the breast above. Love has always been clean Zhou Yang at this time do not mind, applied by hand to process the semen on the body. Really exciting, and I will soon be launched into a week of sun bullet body. Zhou Yang with me to orgasm, soft stall on me, left with the sexual secretion of semen from her pussy out slowly, flow sheets ... This evening, the three of us slept in the same queen bed, sleep in Yang Zhou the middle, one side of the way I hugged Zhou Yang, caressing her, like a queen as she was very happy. Middle of the night, I stumbled to wake up, hear the week in the sun gently moaning, hands up and down her thighs and touched things the hard way that even a week into the sun but the way the body ... ... ... ... We spent two days at home, two days time, we not only eat, almost did not go out, all at home, Zhou Yang of his semen is almost drained.
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