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Seduction of women teachers in Shenyang

Seduction of women teachers in Shenyang

Wu Chunyan is my school teacher in Shenyang. engaging escort in Long island is 25 years old or so, 167 height. Ten
Divided flavor, well-maintained, looks the same as the first marriage of the young woman. During her classes, I always like to see
Twisting her ass look big, and my heart wanted to touch. engaging escort in Long island was my teacher, I always control myself
The Qinian.

The day just after May Day, the weather warm up. Wu teacher wearing a tight skirt, revealing the beauty of two soft white attractive
The legs. 25-year-old attractive mature woman I saw a thirsty body. The whole class, my eyes are on her
Body up and down round and round, Toumiao her sexy body. Her dignified temperament coupled with a mature female charm, full of
I could not resist the chest to the seductive charm.

Few days my face has been red hot, do not know what is going to happen.

One night, a birthday family input on the students, ask someone to dinner. Wu Chunyan also. I
We booked a hotel in Shenyang two tables. Hotels in the heating still open, into the house was hot, I saw Wu
Teachers will coat off, toast, when seated next to her each time when the eyes look down Wu Chunyan teacher took the opportunity to chest,
A glimpse on the edge of the breast skin and soft white micro towering attractive cleavage. Although this is a glimpse not by much, but this is swing one soul,
I have been excited with the lower body.

Suddenly my chopsticks dropped to the ground, I bent down to pick up, only to see her on my knees next to close,
Two attractive white legs half exposed. I can get a glimpse of thigh a few full round of the skin, the temptation
Too stimulating. I slumped over the eyes are constantly aiming to under the table. Wu Chunyan teacher instinctively immediately double clamped
Legs, found that long together, not drooling.

Go under the table looked bare to see their two Fentui half, smooth and tender light, bright attractive indeed. Beyond that I
Looked, suddenly our four-phase project ... ...

I'm afraid of what engaging escort in Long island said, I did not realize I just smile Wu teachers. Meaning that the eyes do not blame, but also failed to pull low
Skirt of the action, the two soft white folder knee still half bare legs. I emotion. Next, I do not mind
Given drinking wine, the end of the time, Wu Chunyan like the teacher as if drunk, to the students leave. My hair
Then introduce ourselves to send the teacher home.

I got escorted Wu Chunyan teacher, went straight to her home. On the floor, the teacher opened the door. I thought at this time
She really drunk, felt her body against my body, is very attractive. I Toumiao her sexy mature body,
Desire shot up, cock stiff, but that is not hands-on abuse.

Wu Chunyan teacher will readily shut the door, Fan Shen leaning in front of me, I felt a Fengting soft, and smell induced
Body fragrant. Her eyes exudes fire, Fenlian shy, Jiao Chen said: "Give me what ah?" I looked at
Her sexy shapely body, staring.

Then I felt her hands hooked to my waist, one hand was pressed on my lower body ... I know tonight
What will happen. I could not help this time, hugged Wu Chunyan teacher Jiaoqu, face to-day cover
Way to pressure up.

We necks intertwined, warm wet kiss up ... I went right down exploration, rolled up her hand slid into the coat
Skirts, little panties across from Wu Chunyan Fu teacher round Alice's buttocks. Wu is a teacher to concentrate on sucking my tongue
Head is no psychological will fall below.

I finger pick the edge of open lace underwear, tight feeling Wu Chunyan teacher Alice's ass plump, smooth and delicate touch play
Of. Finger and then along the inside edge of the lace underwear, touched by the Wang Qianmian after hip, palm up and live nice bulge
The plump mons pubis, hand contact with the soft thick domesticated hen pubic hair, the middle finger to pull the inside ... ...

I feel that the mysterious bear tender slits already wet. My middle finger in the charming Xuekou light plug light twist, she
Said she did not think I am so bold so soon destroy their holy private parts, from lack of moisture Nenxue pass receiving nectar
Waves of bone to a strong acid, itching, extreme pressure has long been a strong lust counterattack. She looked tempting,
Gasping, Xiumei Weicu, flirtatious blurred, given ecstasy moaning ah Well, then Jiaoruan weakness of paralysis
Soft in my arms, left to the mercy of.

My left hand sliding down from the Wu Chunyan teacher's hip, fingers picked up the skirt trailing edge, from the palm of your hand after the briefs
Ditch shares at the probe head bandage, a finger stroking Juhua Lei from time to time around, and so forth rubbing her round plump arrested two
Film bottom, and occasionally in her ass clamping reflective cracks try to reach, to the sexual secretion dripping Roufeng exploration,
Peng Zhu Wu Chunyan the teacher's right hand still plump mons pubis, labia dexterous fingers stroked meat tenderizer, sexual secretion stream of emission,
Pubic hair wet mud.

Zhang Yuan from time to time came the wonderful soft inner thighs touch the roots, but also over the right even to Juhua Lei at Roufeng
Probe to go. Intersection with both hands, although not at this time, but his hands to force pressure on the mons pubis and Juhua Lei, middle finger food deep wet meat
Seam, like the beauty of her whole body from the Roufeng porting.

Which long-Kuang Wu Chunyan lonely torment worthy of such a stimulus. By red-hot face buried in my chest, mouth breathing,
Xiangshe twilight. Bursts of lower body trembling, twitching hole wall, the body hot, stir up desires which makes the body Jiaoruan weakness.
I can not believe is so easy to succeed, the teacher force creamy soft skin, showing that at the usual respect for excellent support, maintenance
Properly, really moving stuff. The private part of a mysterious attack by man, very sensitive, defense immediately dike,
Rapid Chunxindangyang, desires intolerable.

Wu Chunyan think that it is an honest woman, not like a general dissolute woman; see her pure and noble weekdays Johnson
Footer at the moment in their own hands and fondle provocative under mildly groaning, lust waves, I felt an instant metamorphosis sensuality
Sense of accomplishment.

I head down, looking up her tender Xiangshe, beautiful hands and hooked my neck, face out hot tongue
Up to greet him. We cross each other in the air, tongue licking the number, she took the initiative to ask Xiangshe around my tongue licking a while,
And then swallowed my tongue mouth, and suck and suck up my tongue, sometimes nibble play gnawing my lower lip.

I will leave the Wu Chunyan tongue teacher, their hands in the Wu Chunyan teachers to concentrate extremely Roufeng wet and muddy
Gluteal cleft at the raging enjoy, and she faded into the underwear also support the lower edge of the buttocks. Our strong sense, a pipe, a
A Gu, has been let loose to her when to breathe.

I looked nice in white and chest wheezing and downs, seductive bra has never been exposed to many chaste and tender is the school milk
Many fellow men has long been coveted by fantasy, they also only peeping afternoon, but now stand proudly in front, from left to be
The kneading has do whatever they want, even while I endure the penis Roujin. Chiffon shirt into his left hand behind her, like
Untied lace bra, Wu Chunyan teachers shy whisper: "front."

Out of my right hand up, untied her shirt buttons, the middle bra hook in the ring at the finger pull of a release, unlock
Lace bra, jump up one pair of soft white and trembling milk ball. Wow, a pair of beautiful breasts! My hands all
Took her a breast, and vigorously rub together, touch soft plump, soft with firmware. Index finger, thumb picked a small clip
Qiao slightly at the nipple, rolled rotation.

Wu Chunyan looked at one pair of men holding hands in their breasts rubbing violation, and the small of his own ten-year-old
Students, to stimulate her first affair, God can not help but cry uttered groans of the long swing hearts of people ...

I stuck his tongue down from her left breast from the lower edge of licking, licked all the way round the lower part of the breast, tongue, breast shells to pick
Under the first number, then open mouth and the teachers sucked into the left internal mammary half white and tender mouth, tongue and suck and suck, and gnawing and sucking
The nipple in his mouth, his left hand still kept kneading right breast. She can not stand, arms and hugged my head clip,
Squeeze tightly to his breast.

My nose and lips are squeezed, deeply buried in her Feng tender breasts, nipple sucking is gnawing teeth can not help but slightly forced.
Wu Chunyan teacher Jiaohu out loud: "ah ... ... pain ..." but his arms still hugged my head, could not bear to let go.
My tongue Shaoxie, cheeks posted over the cleavage, strong attack from the right breast the same round, while the right hand free again
Dropping her degree sexual secretion trickle of Roufeng.

Peng Zhu was a shower and she begins to wet her teacher Rujian waves of itching and pussy pumping even as a wave of excitement
Together, is weak knees, stand, I quickly escorted her into her bedroom.

Jiaoruan weakness of Wu Chunyan bed, his eyes misty, separate from both sides of shirt, bra strap still hanging in
Arm, cup drop on both sides of the breast; skirt pulled to the waist, lace panties sliding his knees, thighs snow
Attractive white, thigh, between the soft thick black pubic hair wet light, delicate labia valgus, is obscene wet tight holy Roufeng
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