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Last year's winter is so hot and sexy.

Last year's winter is  so hot and sexy.

   One day last year, I feel very depressed, not wishful lot of things work, feel the business level for a long time did not progress. So I took leave of absence, plan out get some fresh air outside, see if you can find new inspiration, to break through the current predicament.

    Now winter, cold, but the North is a tourist city once in fifty years under the snow. I have not seen snow, go to that, maybe take a look at where the disaster, adding there's relief, I will fight again rekindle the passion.

    Maybe day see the poor, in the north of the train, how many times I met my old lover dreams - clear, mahhatan vip escort is also a look tired, my heart pumping a bit. I sat down in front of her, we just looked at each other silently. She is a black soft hair, skin or white that makes my heart beat and very flexible, it seems to bite one. Under the thick clothing, or punch has caused so I can never forget Dong body. Reservoir filled with tears at her eyes, I put her tightly in her arms, mahhatan vip escort held onto me tightly, silently suffer the tears in my chest. I slowly close to her face he found her lips, I just want to force my thoughts pass through her lips, I finally latch onto a dreamer like Trespa Wan. Her salty tears, my tongue licking her lips, the next moment, her soft tongue and I have been wrapped around the Nanfennanshe, this moment our souls melt together, enjoy together kinds of sex and love.

    I slowly moved over the body, blocking my hand, and lifted my hand gently touch the inside of her jacket, because my hands are ice, I can only close to her underwear grabbed her breasts, Her chest also Gongzhuo my hands, hands that came a long absence, the soft, or the like, or as big or quite as flexible. My mother, the index finger of light Nianzhe nipple, rubbing slowly turn with the wrist, while the other hand is stretched her below and find her sensitive at the rubbing, her mouth tongue shocked, this is a move mahhatan vip escort is very sensitive . This play about twenty minutes, until we breathe it apart. Then talk to us after the separation happened. Coincidentally, we also have no female or boyfriend, all the same to the city, is out relax.

    Off, the day also under the snow, but windy, the road has few people, but our heart is very warm, it was late, we find a room. Into the room, my hands stretched over the ring from the back holding the clear, flexible fingers stuck in her breast, rhythmically sweep that raised sensitive land. Although separated by the clothes, but still feel Nannai clear the hot, open it and I pay close attention to her Twin Peaks larger hands vigorously to pass, and it is clear given the intolerable inner desires. My other hand is clear through the underwear, pubic hair on the fingers grazed, sent a clear burst of tremor; my fingers climb pubic hair, touch on the lower body upright and wet, fingers in between the labia cruising, and then suddenly broke into to a I clearly heard the clear sound Jiaochuan, while moaning.

    Clean clothes from my body to be removed one by one, and finally the whole breast exposed, and I bowed his head, open mouth, the clear mountain Xichuo within my mouth, hand to squeeze the breast around pressure, roll on the tongue side of the breast peaks, one in an attack outside, so clear moaning constantly. See clear lustful face, I quickly put his underwear off, put the dyke in front of Rouzhu washed clean, and clean it gently grab it, put out his tongue a little bit of Tim with it, and sometimes walk around the column, sometimes in capitals forward pressure, and sometimes his mouth it; I was the person sharing the soft cool down on the bed, but harder clear head start with the following jagged rhythm in my move , while the mouth to suck suck Chuochuai beat, my whole Rouzhu almost an inch left in the mouth to get clear of moisture.

    I could not help to clear into the edge of the bed, the beheaded arrived in her vagina, she is the sexual secretion into the river below, I suddenly inserted in the end, clear the hole is very tight, warm pack was tight my little brother tight dough, very comfortable, we are long out of breath, and then that hole, then insert mad force, with the Choucha accelerated, more and more clear scream loud, mixed with the sound of the collision , the formation of a penile insert sexual secretion wonderful sound of music.

   Inserted for a while, we transform to the side-in, one hand clutching my waist pumping clean, Rouzhu into the shallow, but caught more cool; followed by high-in, hands and legs were separated from me, almost resting on my arm, below the cave sheets several times larger than usual, accompanied by over-pouring the juice in my back straight and forge ahead to issue a "creak" Yinsheng. Clear issue a great groan, the surging power makes me even more. Every time I have brought back pumping clear trace of emptiness, then again look at the rapid filling, not straight to the top, so that after the loss of substantial clearing a warm welcome. We then also for the several moves, after a spate of hard work, clean the vagina a tight one song, I speed up Choucha increase strength, and finally, I - erupted in the Rouzhu out, Rouzhu spit lava, bit by bit lasing in the chest clean, clear over the breast, around the nipple clean, then slide down the side like a waterfall.

    In this way these days holiday, the day we went to the disaster area to help us whatever things at night, do we like sports. But now we have the time, we like to do with this movement.

   never forgt for one thing,life is short,if you need, New York asian escort would always be with you.

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