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Shy young woman

Shy young woman

"You ... you want to do? This is a matter between us, and little by nothing! You let her go ..."

Yu-Bin and small in accordance with this handsome couple, forcibly abducted by a group of men to a metal factory, small by Aron and Michael was pushed to the corner, Yu-Bin is mountain dog from behind grasp the wrist, pain in front of Yuan Lord, who mocked.

Yuan Ye malicious sneer, said: "Well! Let her! You owe the money I put out to people!"

Yu-Bin a pale face, hoarse, said: "Now ... now I have no money! But I will also. You put a small first by go! To do her thing."

"Ha ..." six men face grim laugh.

"Money ... ... you can! Anyway, a lot of people from very small according to earlier has been like it! Than happy to let everyone happy ... ... ... ... Hey it."

"You ... you had ... ... was premeditated ... ... beast! Let her go! Big deal ... ... big deal to lose my life, you ..."

Yu-Bin and now I realized that God and Shen Yuan set a trap so that the total investment in him, leading to debt and bound to come here today, is to encroach little by the original, can not help but angry, anxious to shake up.

Yuan Yu-Bin Ye to pick up an iron bar on a poke in the stomach, Yu-Bin screams, pain pale face distorted, his legs are soft down the mountain carrying his dog's neck, strong arm From his cross caught the next pass through the crucial point of his fiercely to his thin body lift.

"Hey ... ah ..." a man of the most vulnerable parts of the attack, Yu-Bin more mournful wail together.

"Quieter!" Spring Aberdeen angrily cry, hands footed.

"Smack! Black! Pop ..." Yu-Bin cheeks constantly fall and hit his face is bright red handprint, nose and mouth are ejected blood.

"Stop!" No small way by her husband watched was tortured: "will not hit him!"

tolerant escort in bronx is aware of their body they want, to the safety of her husband, her efforts to suppress his emotion, showing hatred Yuan Ye big eyes staring at a group of people.

"You let him go it ... I know that you want, I have people here ... ... ... ... anything you want to do just anything, as long as my husband put first."

Little by pale lips trembling, tears have been transparent in the eyes of watch.

"Sit down!" Yuan Ye little cold by the command.

By as little as others of the lambs, and a slender pair of legs, close to the wall to sit on the ground of obedience, a large portion of the thigh from a white skirt conceal under exposed, showing off and moving the legs could have wearing , now it has become the most regretted things in her heart. And that six animals to see this beautiful young woman forced to obey the appearance of moving children, with her husband watching his wife in the side of the playing child prostitution fancy flesh, but they are unknown excited.

Michael and coyotes moved to a table, Aron went to a small reduction in the corner by the front, a huge figure shrouded live her sight, was filled with fear by a small but stubborn personality made her put a still calm.

Aron looked knelt at his feet, trembling with fear clearly has been, still wayward 瞪着大眼睛 of beauty, excitement Yat more fat in his face. He bent down and Yin Xiao, two shy little by extending its tentacles, small under this reaction can be reduced to the corner, but the back has no escape route!

Raising her dislike and fear the face to the side of his chin as far as possible, just to see her this way, Aron crotch Flanagan cock up on top of already hard and pants, sweat larger hands by touching the small smooth slender thighs.

"Well ..." Little by tightly shut our eyes and sorrow breath soon.

This is the first man to be offensive should not touch the skin encounter, Aron is shameless that her reaction was because of his affection, but more light caress them. His shortness of breath Nongzhuo and, by listening to the small ears feel awful and disgusting, tolerant escort in bronx Yao Zhuochun uncontrollable shaking up the body, the back is also close to the wall desperately bent and legs, Aron in fumble on her thigh, it was not even into his skirt in.

"No ..."

Ask to the delicious rump finger moment, according to no longer tolerate a small cry out, Aron saw her like frightened deer-like response, pinch force more deliberately ask plump ass meat.

"Do it! ... You stop ... you ..."

Little by crying begging, desperately pressing his hands skirt, but is also hard on the King's men can not stop the brute force, Aron rough sweaty palms literally into her thighs clamped two doom gap, thigh The skin is pink inside.

"Da point! Bitch!" Aron Shisuizhiwei's Bankai her a pair of slender legs.

"Woo ... ... stop ..."

Xiao Yi seized the edge of two hand tightly on both sides of the skirt, but the skirt has been pulled faded to near the thigh, between the legs and white panties long been seen, Aron panting, bloodshot eyes, a Little by hand Banzhu knee, a hand on her thigh stroked arbitrary smooth skin.

"Do not Stop ... ... ... ..." Little is still known by life in the struggle.

Hated man touched this place, let her whole body from the goose bumps.

"Aron! Hold over everyone to play with it! Their enjoyment of a person ah?" Yuan Ye suddenly subdued.

"Yes!" Aron respectful answer by the small opening.

Just been bullied by a small reduction in the corner the body bent forward, sobbed exciting, hand-hand guarding the chest pressing skirts.

"Bitch! Cooperation point! Otherwise, your first repair man." Aron turned to loud to her Chihe.

Little by Jiaoqu trembling, tears rolling down Shoubu Zhu, Aron bent down grabbed her right hamstring and shoulder, a small body under this tightening can be bent and your legs want to escape.

Aron angrily said: "You do not want your husband to survive yet!"

Never felt so small by helpless and afraid, the men around her body rubbing against their will if you bring misfortune to her husband, and blank brain chaos, only to give up struggling, shut our eyes and let them dispose of it!

Aron picked up, tolerant escort in bronx went to the center of a large table inside her down. Small oblique sitting on the table by shy, she have the courage to look around and personnel, for men the figure from four different mountain enveloped her.

Yuan Ye adulterers said with a smile: "Then you let us look at your body now! Themselves off, one can not stay, or I chopped off the man's second child." Knife play on the words end, the In A Bin thigh drew a blood hole, Yu-Bin wail legs holding up immediately.

Yuan Ye cruel smile: "This is for you to see his wife and told her to obey, or you have suffered to eat."

Small husband was watched by a knife, it can not help but cry aloud: "Stop ... stop ... I beg you ... I will obey it! Happy as long as you can, to what I can."

See these people mutilation husband, had put a calming no longer hold down the lapel, the prayed aloud in front of a group of fierce kinky man: "I'm off, I will obediently off ... ... Do not try to harm him the. "

She was afraid one of these people are not satisfied with her husband lay violent hands again, then hurriedly began to unlock the chest of buttons. On the wearing of a personal pink shirt, white short mini skirt is lower body, the fullness of the breasts tightly wrapped in the clothes, the waist is slender and Xin long, people can not help but want to forcibly grabbed her from behind can not resist. Hearts chaos by side unbuttoned small, and still afraid of tight skirt twitched exposure.

But sadly, the skirt is too short and too narrow, she is not obedient to sit up and shrink, tempting thigh almost exposed to the hip, and so sexy and beautiful young woman was leaving them around in the middle their disposal, all the excitement of a man staring at her for a time until swallowing, breathing site only Nongzhuo.

Dolphin release the button chest, tight skirts had more top-down to both sides of the open, surrounded by bra plump white breasts, cleavage deep and tight, I did not expect her shoulders and waist so slender, plump breasts are so rich, if you want to dress like attractive crack stretched.

The presence of men mouth water to flow out, according to a small heart thump thump of dancing, is the thought of another man in front of her husband was forced to take off their clothes, let her shame by body heat.

"... Forgive me ... ... Yu-Bin ..."

I'm sorry her husband's guilt to spread from the heart, sad feeling that her whole body sweating, and even began to numb the scalp, the courage to lift her head, tears hanging in the men watched, one by one carcass peel their own ... ...

Buttons are untied, she bites Yaochun took a deep breath, took off from Xiangjian clothes on, and then slowly slipped from the arm, the Icy attractive dressed carcass there are low cut with spaghetti straps The Silk underwear, small arms by could not help but cling to his chest ring, full breasts was squeezing more attractive.

"Lift your head!" Yuan Ye raise a finger under the chin small.

She tears in his eyes looked sad shame the desktop side of the strap from the white Xiangjian quietly slipped down the sexiest parts of a woman attracted the attention of these people.

However, Yuan Ye is also not to be touched by her charming look, he's pretty rude of her cheek upon her child prostitution and said: "and then de-ah! Like spoiled it? First inside the bra off, and then off skirt!"

Little by shame and wept: "Can it be like? People will be embarrassed ... ...."

"Stop living ... ... ... ... ... ... faster by wearing small clothes ... ... Do not listen to the words of these animals ..." to see his wife were forced to undress these kinky fun gang, Yu-Bin can not help but Xiuyou angry howling up.

"Shut up! Waste!"

Mountain dog a bitter turn around their feet the lower body slam Yu-Bin, Yu-Bin eyes immediately discolor painful wail.

"Stop ... stop ... ... I know how to do ..."

Mountain dog stepping on Yu-Bin, Yin Xiao messy little by looking at clothes, small men by avoiding the eyes of the evil Tan Yin, accept their fate in hand to unlock the clothes hook strapless bra, full of very soft two groups of breast immediately pop up. Hot weather with shame, making the body was sweat soaked, full of skin sticking to the lining of the inner surface of the printed looming flesh, quivering on the Routuan, there are two lovely pink bump.

"Why ... why do this to me ..." Little by whole body hot shaking with shame, tightly hugged his soft breasts, sad Chouyan up.

She does not help, but only increase the appearance of the eyes of others sexy and excitement, coyotes excited shouted: "Continue off! Let us enjoy every day you appreciate your husband hold with the kind of lascivious acts with the body dry, hey!"

Flushed with excitement Yuan Ye.

Small drop in the chest by a tear soaked Baoshan, flesh-colored breasts become more transparent and attractive, she knew she had no escape possible, even if sad or cry and then go off to continue until the naked so far. Accept their fate unlock her skirt hook, straight legs with toes slender hips high Hing Wah Street West, bite the Yaochun, shaking off the skirt ... ...

"Wow ... ... so beautiful!" There is only issued excited men sigh.

One pair of uniform and complete repair straight legs emerge from the toes, legs, thighs to the buttocks showing a perfect and pleasing lines, the small turned by shame, and now her pants only wearing a sexy lace high turnout underwear, tight and hot wet sticky thigh makes all the sweat.

"It's punctual, how to start we do?" Yuan Ye hand on the shoulder by a small, self-Guzhe said. Trembling arms around his chest by a small, sweet, almost half-naked body in front of so many men are cruel to watch.

"Took off this get in the way of things, bitch! Wear so many?" Yuan Ye sudden loud roar in her ears. Little by sudden Chi He was shocked, Yuan Ye already laid hold of her shoulder straps down firmly on both sides of the small tear.

"Yeah ..." Little by screaming loudly, the torn body of the shelter crashed to split.

Yuan Ye the hands of two thin cloth on the floor, messy and a small panic hands tightly guarded by the fullness of the breasts. Coyote Chi He said: "Hands down to!" Violent seize her small wrist and pulled her hand down on the table.

"Do not look ..." Little by Youxiu afraid eyes closed, face turned to one side.

Carcass has charming exposed naked in front of men, and flexible full breasts still quivering, pink Rujian is attracted everyone's attention.

"Let us appreciate appreciation of your body now!" Mountain dog hanging on tightly Xiao Yi's arms, her shoulders had to shrink back, the elongation is more attractive breasts.

"It's lewd ah! The breast is often a man must eat tofu, right?"

"The shape of the nipple is very good, color is very pretty, must often go to maintain it?"
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