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Days of fornication with female colleagues

Days of fornication with female colleagues

I was living in the south, and this year more than 30 years old, was brought home very poor, rural origin all know, is not to say bitter, cattle, chopped wood, insert fields, cooking ..... little kids city, poor children early masters thing. So my parents taught me from childhood, we must study, and only go to college, to wear shoes. I was young, 80 years is a popular saying: 'admitted that wearing leather shoes, enough to test on the home farm sandals'. I read very hard, has been admitted to high schools and universities ....... read the Medical, five years after graduation, the family is not poor personnel, assigned to rural hospitals, doctors do a very ordinary. Two years later, took a fancy to a teacher, became a home, then have the child, both parents give money to a house in the city, 800 for the month, I pay 1500 + bonus 1000, also of 2,500 yuan, wife the teacher does not any money, wages around 1200, lived a very quiet life ....... to rest on my motorcycle home --- city, men 125C, Wuyang Honda .... rural areas on the case. Doctors no weekend, it's your turn to rest, you can go home. Lived a very quiet life .......
This quiet life in a new female colleague came in after work, is broken.
In 2006, the new into a female nurse, then, rural hospitals are small, 40 workers, so to whom, to what people a day pass over the entire hospital: original new nurses in other township work, far from the city, because Fashionable escort in bronx transferred to the city where her husband, she educated, do not tune into the city, can only come from a little town near the hospital, they came to our hospital. Her family was very nice, her husband has the car, a house, and so on ..... urban
A few days later, only to see her come to work with ordinary people, looks very ordinary. (At that time no thought to what happens between us)
Very calm day, a year later, what I told her no, with other colleagues. Until the year 2007.
2007 is the Year of the Ox Chinese major shareholders, the stock market to 6124 points, ah, I just bought more in 2000, earn some money (of course, lose it all now earn, and also quilt yet, Cana), then the money to buy a cell phone, the Nokia N73, see stock quotes, no patients, will be able to take a look. And at noon, just after, I dormitory, open the computer, the operation of the stock. 1:00 pm to 3:00 did not rest.
All this is the computer into the sky, I bought a 2002 computer. Celeron 4, the assembly, the computer the past few years a number of problems, so I am a computer through, usually many of my colleagues asked me to help, because it is the township, to understand the computer less, I became a clown.
In 2007, Fashionable escort in bronx has just bought a new computer, many problems have often asked me, so that we more familiar. While playing the smile, but never thought about what will happen ......
The happening is one thing, the day Fashionable escort in bronx called me to see her computer, is a yellow umbrella Rising Antivirus, Rising we used all know, the Rising, a virus can not kill, an umbrella become yellow, like a turtle, like grandson. In fact, this is the Trojan horse, well, I went to her quarters, busy for a while, to help her do a good job, and was about to leave, things happened: I got up, she sat down, she is wearing short-sleeved, round neck I just saw from her chest to her breasts, very common, with my wife about. (In fact, in the South knows that the South is small woman breast, a hand grabbed a), and coincidentally, she suddenly turned and this time she saw me looking at her chest, her low head and looked at his collar, and then straighten the waist, so I do not see the.
Collected from the neckline to see women's breasts have friends all know that bending is the only way to see. And I was about to go, she suddenly had another question, what now can not remember what. Anyway, I was in her left, looking at the computer, say, simple, just reach for the mouse, how to know, things turn here: I just take the mouse hand through her chest, a move, they ran into her chest. She flashed back, and I do not know what brain fever, or, actually turned, hugged her shoulder. Hand and shoved her from the breast into his collar, where .......... comrades, ah, ah ..... I turn now do not know what courage was, a 30-year-old man I, never had had an affair, usually just to see A piece, hit his wife over the years is a woman. I do not have it where you like nature of these friends, there have been so many of the affair, one-night stand, I have not even been to HI Hall, ah, even the doctor usually have not touch female patients by ah .... .. live 30 years, first touch a woman outside his wife's breasts, then a lot of courage to ah ......
Besides since I reached into her neck, the touch is touched her breasts, but time is too short, her people a shrink, a hand push my hand up, his mouth Hey bang, I quickly to hand out, and I have no further move, watching her eyes full of anger blame my eyes, the two face flushed, and my heart was fierce ah then, at least 120, the atmosphere was that, ah, I do not know what a good, only quickly went out.
Leave her house, back to my house, I sat nervously as the tip, do not know how she would like, our relationship should also be, but hand touched her breasts, she has reason after me? ....... I grew more and sit less than a. The consequences are related to light after the I do not speak, or even serious colleagues are not done. I am restless day afternoon, move to the nursing station to see her not on the afternoon classes, so disappointed, I only kept pace in the door department, or chatting with other doctors to cover up his mind uneasy.
Finally, when to eat dinner in the cafeteria met her, I was eating, Fashionable escort in bronx came in, looked at me, eyes removed immediately, her woman sitting there, but also with their female colleagues to talk about her smile, What problem does not seem to do. . . I thought that when it put down a little bit.
In the evening, 9 o'clock, I took out her cell phone to send a text message, I said to her: 'angry yet? 'At that time I just want to know her mind is how to think, would a result on the line. After a long pause, she was back: 'for you, I get angry it up'. Oh, she is thought that way, I thought she was angry, when you see her text messages, according to live the joy of my heart I feel the clouds feel, I feel the sky is clear, the sun is bright .. .. she said these words 'for you, I can not get angry,' I do not condone crime? .......
Sure enough, the next day at work, met, she did not do the same equipment, we were feeling, she as usual, take a medical history folder to ask me, as usual, I discuss the patient's problem, but --- everyone seems deeper the relationship ......
Day in day by day, I had the relationship with her has changed, because in normal times, I care about her more, for example, tone, greeting, meeting the eyes, look at me from her eyes can see, we do dangerous place to go to develop. Ten doctors nine colors, as well as a day to eat, she is also, as we change to eat that yellow becomes a joke, can not remember what the yellow is that a joke, anyway, I have a physician said: 'You touch the most appropriate '. This time I said: 'I will not touch the ordinary, to touch it touch the best'. I remember when I finish the sentence, she heard, physical shock of the earthquake. I mean is, if she is the best, and do both. There are many, many details, here is not to say.
Over days or every day, little progress was not .......
Some people say that you work at night, her night shift, you are not a lot of opportunities? I want to tell you that it is difficult to round one night I told her the same time, perhaps once a month. Even if the turn, you can not on her in the duty room on our hospitals, small units, nurses, physicians, obstetrics and gynecology, three duty room together, and obstetrics and gynecology is that several women tongued woman. Simply impossible.
And at this time, something happened, I got hands.
That afternoon, we are working, and we are busy, a voice of a sudden quarrel over, and the nursing station where the issue, and we came to see doctors, parents turned out to be a noisy, his son, fever, bit on the fight, but his son was 1 year old, playing the scalp needle, blood vessels and to find but not, she played a few times have not hit on the child's parents is simple --- very powerful people in town, open hook machine, at home a little money, great temperament, parents see a child playing a few times have not hit on distressed his son, got angry, stop condemning her, we came to the doctors scolded the parents still her.
The difficulties of a nurse in here, you hit 100 children ninety-nine hit, but not on a hit, it will provoke condemning. In fact, even the best nurses have not hit on when I do not know of friends think so?
She began as silent, and scolded scolded chanting, but then that woman scolded a few very nasty, what 'You rotten dead .....' Hey what's what. Anyway, hard to hear, she worried, there is a character who is not? She would top a few, and very red, the instrument allows big trouble, woman have rushed over, pushed up the first matriarch of her, she was pushed back several steps. She is also angry, but also pushed the woman about this man that even under the angry, condemning thunder, rushed over to beat her, and I saw, did not want to go across the frame, the young man see me coming, even angry, said: 'You are she who, none of your business. 'And then pushed and shoved me, who open the great ah hook machine, and I unguarded, was hit once pushed Shitai next corner, back pain was that severe, but even worse, he's another hands shoved my nose, my nose bleeding immediately flow out, next to other physicians met with all have tried to mediate, leaders came and took it back to the men and women are advised. Next to the nurse gave me a cotton swab, plugged nose, I had a young age who is easy to nosebleeds, nothing strange, but the waist hit the stage sharp, painful death, I insisted on going back to the department, to sit down also hurt, I thought the stock, why not take the opportunity to slipping into the dorm to see the stock? So please a fake, back to the dorm to rest forget.
I have not had any, took a bit of safflower oil coated on the day watching the stock.
Suddenly, her message came: 'how are you? Also bleed you. '
I thought a hot, back to her: 'all right, do not flow. '
She went back: 'Thank you anyway, not you, I do not know how the. '
I am back: 'small one. '
This time, I thought that music, at least I like to help her and, feeling a little hero to the rescue
I sleep a bit after reading the stock, to dinner, I called a physician to help me on my Dafan dormitory, eating to the plate when he won the canteen, other colleagues ask me how, this guys exaggerate my condition, that I stand up pain, how and how, he has always been a blowing of the people (but also like to thank him, not his or not a matter of). She heard in the next, back to busy eating quarters, she immediately hit ** to me.
I saw her, picked up, she was very anxious to say: how well you hurt
I said: Nothing like ah
She said: Dr. M said that you shall not lie in bed move?
I said: there is little.
She said: Thank you anyway.
We chatted for a few, are now forgotten.
At this time, I suddenly flashed a bad idea: why not take the opportunity to lure her to me?
This is also a bad idea, it is this idea, our deeper into the relationship.
I want a good whole process over and over again. How how to hook her, how she came to do ...... how have these experiences of friends have come to understand, prepare in advance to make your day really restless.
A little bit of time has passed .....
To 0:00, I sent a text message to her. (Why not send text messages **? Have experience of friends all know, bad things open, text messaging can help you)
I gave her the message: terrible pain, sleep. (Well before testing the waters)
If she is shut down, and it wasted.
But God is helping me a short while, her back: how to do that? Do you have medicine?
I am back: there is, but the twist is not transferred to the coating. You come and help me painted ah. (The meaning is clear, so late in the night, called her over, dangerous ah, she does not deny, that to my next, if she refused, but her conscience, but because of her injury I)
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