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Silent silent, Silent sensuality

Silent silent, Silent sensuality

  Dumb, is unable to speak, can not be obedient disabled compatriots. Defects in their lives so that they can not
To experience the enjoyment of hearing, but can not find words to express what they think, are going to say, only to change
Infinity sign language, to express their ideas to their words.

Random chance, in my four wandering, wandering on the way back to Kaohsiung in the way, I met a
Dumb woman, although I know her, but not easy to communicate, I do not know sign language, had a pen and paper, slow
Slow to write, talk slowly, to finally talk a little looks, because Diplomatic escort in brooklyn is Kaohsiung, so I told
I returned to Kaohsiung her purpose.

Silent write to me: "If you do not mind my house, they can make to my house small few days."

"Inconvenient? My man, you woman, Needing to get along in a room, other people would gossip."

"Not Needing, I have a sister, two-room house, it does not matter."

"All right! But I first statement, I only spend a few days."

"Whatever you want to spend a few days, you go, I will not leave you."

"To Kaohsiung, you lead the way now!"

Dealers quickly to Kaohsiung, the car Diplomatic escort in brooklyn immediately led me to self-reliance Road where she lived, it is a
Building apartment-style four-story building, Diplomatic escort in brooklyn lived on the third floor, is a plateau lasts about thirty-five houses, which display
The decoration, not very luxurious, but show cause moderate, clean, offbeat, you can see
, These furnishings are after some design and layout.

"Excuse me, the room is not very good, you just sit, do not hesitate."

"Where! Well, finishing very clean."

"You sit for a while, I went to get hold of food, you eat what?"

"There are ready-made things, they get ready, not too much trouble, I help you?"

"If necessary, I will find you, you sit and rest well."

Looking Silent constantly busy in the kitchen, and soon had three soup somehow, alas! I thought: if there is
One day I really got married, my wife will not like her, I am considerate, caring for me, I will not and
Now, as four wandering, wandering around it?

Oh, she told me to eat, looking at food, I could not help but look at Silent one, good workmanship, really is the color
Flavor and taste, the meal I eat almost faster Chengsi. After dinner, do a little finishing, Silent took me to her room
Room, and I took off my socks and asked if I want to go to a cool red, a bath, and so will a good sleep, I think Ye Hao,
The weather is so hot, a cool red, would be more comfortable. So I went into the bathroom, shower simple to pick up
Flushing is completed. Came out I told her:

"I feel sleepy one, you are here to facilitate it?"

"Yes, I would not noisy you, you slowly go to sleep."

Blankets a pull, close your eyes, so stumbled and fell asleep.

Half sleep, hazy, I seem to feel someone touching my face, touch my chest and feel my itch.
Open your eyes, it was her, she lay on my side, I feel no clothes on her, and she hands me
Touched, really naked, I want to talk, but she was not seen over and over again, Well, this time really is, "Silence is golden
Sound, "Silent two one unblinking look at me, seems to want to see through my mind, I smile, patted her
Shoulder, patted her face, shrugged his shoulders, put on a little matter like it does not matter, but taking advantage of this time into my Silent
Arms, hands still in front of me than in the West than the East, than I dazzled, confused, confused, she in the end
What does it mean. Finally, she left index finger through more than a fist, stretching back and forth, oh! I was suddenly big
Wu, and I think she is shelling! I understand, this is why I want to bring back her family's intention, because she also
To and I do things that men and women. Why so? I thought you can not help:

"Anyway, I do not lose anything, at most, a few days left to live."

I kept thinking, suddenly Silent printed on the mouth of a sudden my mouth, dark lilac crossing, she and I are really pro-
Gee sound, her carcass friction with my body, pulled up my original instinct bursts, which is also my Big Cock
Was a time when inflation up, my hands is not idle, one hand caressing her breast, and fiddled with her since high
The nipple, the other the side of the breakdown of her pubic hair, while they get a deduction of a woman's most sensitive parts of ° ° clitoris,
Silent experience did not seem bad, hand made tubular upper and lower Taonong with my big cock, I was quick
It! So I am more than a gesture to her to lie down, than the one for ages, she seems to get what the position is ambiguous,
I simply pushed her a, Tizhe Da cock mercilessly until her hole. Inserted Yeah, dry Yeah, I want to kill
Death of this woman does not speak of waves, dry out and die her! Silent was I doing so cool the way, stop the fierce shaking his head,
Hands tightly holding my butt, hips swing more up and down constantly, I comfortable enough, I do not know Silent
In what is called, only to hear:

"Oh, oh ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ah ah ah ┅ ┅ Oh ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅"

I also have to understand no matter Silent hear their moaning cry when I comfort, comfortable and natural on shouting out:

"Oh ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ small waves goods oh ┅ ┅ Oh, you really show ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ah ah oh ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅"

"I Chasi you this pussy, I want to do die you! Good dumb ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ oh oh I quickly deflated ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ah
┅ ┅ I vent a ┅ ┅ "

I ejaculate from the start point to the whole process is ruthless, fierce, fast, but only a short period of six minutes, the
Plug hole, it can be said is the fastest time ever, Silent has been so considerate, attentive,
Took toilet paper, my soft cock, up and down, back and forth, rubbing a clean start to finish, again
Than the sign language, I still do not know, but finally let her come, I saw Silent Hold me soft cock, a
┅ ┅ with imports down

Wow! Her mouth effort, but superior, smoking, sucking, biting, including, sets everything to, made me
Cock and back to life, but also because Silent mouth of lubrication, I hop hop big cock in her small mouth
Bounce, making the Silent's face an expression of admiration and praise, and regardless of my response to her, stand up
I go out to a big ass sitting on cock, oh ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ AIDS

"Oh, ah ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ah ah oh ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ Oh ┅ ┅"

"You're the waves, well, I'll give you play ┅ ┅ Oh ┅ ┅"

"Oh Yeah ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ oh oh ah ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅"

She took my hand and asked me to catch her breasts, in order to meet her, I would be very strong grip.

"Ah ah ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ oh ah ah ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅"

"How beautiful your hole Terrific ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ you really will play ┅ ┅ Oh ┅ ┅"

"┅ ┅ ah ah ah ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ Oh Oh ┅ ┅"

"You quickly vent, right? ┅ ┅ Well ┅ ┅ right, moving quickly and vigorously to turn ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅"

Silent operation at high speed while under the vent. Ha ha! She vent, to get on the ground soft and kept asthma
The gas. This time again that I play, what position should I do? Way with the side to pay for, so I helped put Silent
Good posture, Big Cock Silent slanting straight into the assassination of Lang Xue, the hands raised her right foot, I do not know this to
What is the end position, Bangui not kneel, but fortunately do not have to cost a great big cock pumping effort, at this time, in
My sixth sense, the days seem dark soon. Hey, the door suddenly gave the Qing Xiang, I think I probably know who
I do not ask Silent, how she was when I answer? She inserted only to suffer to enjoy the pleasure of receiving the destroy big cock

"Oh, ah ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ah hum ┅ ┅"

"Little Langxue! Your tired my dick hole folder, so comfortable it! ┅ ┅ oh oh ┅ ┅"
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