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Lustful girlfriend - girlfriend first lose your virginity

Lustful girlfriend - girlfriend first lose your virginity

My family economic conditions, poor childhood I have been working hard to get, because I know the only way I can succeed way, so I graduated from high school has very good performance into the well-known universities, access to university life is are inappropriate, because the students here are mostly among the children, their life is my life, I expect, every day watching them back to the dorm or with a different woman to the hotel, I can only use cold water at night themselves sober.
Until my junior year, scholarships and tutoring and other income to enable me to get rid of the poor class, but also at the same time she entered my line of sight, she called the blue, my term is small Sichuanese, height is not very high is only 160, but naughty escort in Queens  has a unique Chuanmei Zi soft white skin, slender legs, firm buttocks and Alice. Breasts like Yuangun strong, looks gentle and delicate, like it very much like Ferrero Rocher beauty pop music now.
We are beginning to understand English in a debate, our portfolio is gifted with beauty so normal that we left in together, we have the same experience, she is born poor people, learning is also very hard, so we feelings between the very rapid development, we live very happy day drawing near, the only problem is that our economic problems, so she found a part-time advertising planning.
Six months later, we have first sexual relationship, because I was the first time, it was soon over, from then on, all parts of campus have left the footprints of our intercourse. She told me she had a boyfriend before her first time in college before, as a birthday gift to her former boyfriend. I did not ask her past, because I think my condition to have such a girlfriend she is very satisfied.
Near the end of junior school near our own ancestors had a very simple room, began a formal cohabitation, but also from our nightmare began here. Her work is on two days each weekend classes, junior fast-examination, naughty escort in Queens  suddenly busy almost every day to go to work, but also come back very late, sometimes until midnight three more, and most strange is that she monthly menstruation is messy, twice this month, she said that poor sales, CEOs to meet on the body, that is because too much stress, I never trust her very suspicious there are other reasons, until one day she came back at midnight to go directly to a bath, I found her skirt off a lot of sticky and fishy liquid, men know that this is the semen.
I was furious, her naked from the bathroom, pull out, asked her, she was very sad that in the night bus to come home to do was indecent assault, there exhibitionist shot in the semen of her body, naughty escort in Queens  quickly ran home and immediately went to take a bath, I was speechless, but she fell asleep that night, I do not mind Fanlaifuqu segment reflected an ugly man standing behind her, with a thick penis in her slender , tender thigh friction, and even let her hand rubbing, ejaculation in the last picture on her skirt, I was not only angry, in fact, I found some more excitement and stimulation.
Also my penis erect, I desire an intolerable pressure in the blue of my body stand up, almost with a tear ripped off her underwear, and non-resistance of directly inserted into it, the strange thing is I flirt without any even very smoothly into her body, inside the warm, lubricated, or even wet than before, I only have a few twitching a lot of water out, this time the blue woke up, I looked at her eyes, She looked at me, suddenly shed tears, no language, I understand, my dear woman, my girlfriend's vagina pure mind, there are other men's semen.
I like the moment fall into the abyss, the original firm, is also an instant hot penis slide out of her vagina while the man's semen out of many, I stand up lying next to the dull eyes looked at the roof, I have too many words to ask her, but this time I actually could not say anything, sitting next to the blue has been crying, did not speak, so we stayed to the day dawn, I clearly see her beautiful face, and I also know the shed between her legs to see the dirty liquid. She and other men of the liquid, so that the screen again to stimulate me, I feel blood rushes on the head, also took to the following head, I once again erection.
I like animals, like flapping on her once again into her body, blue like my move was scared silly, frightened at me, until I began to twitch just crazy instinct of resistance, weeping, said: "Do not, please, forgive me, I love you." Her words more exciting to me, I was unmoved, to exhaust all efforts to dry her, I asked her, almost shouting: "Why are you This? Why go to bed with another man? Why lie to me? "I shouted to her side while vigorously dry her, the strange thing is this time I did not urge to ejaculate until tired of lying on her body did not fire . Blue to hold me tightly, have been saying in my ear: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I love you, you do not leave me? After what I heard you." I try to use a calm voice said to her: "You tell me the truth, do not lie to me, I can consider to forgive you." Lan said while crying out off the side.
Blue is the first time virginity two weeks ago, in fact, we can think of, she was director of sales from the first day of work on the blue started to play her mind, no wonder the girls do not like blue and inviting such a man must be wrong with , and their director I've ever seen, more than 40 years old, tall and strong, typical of the North Han
The way it is, the day blue companies are working overtime, to eight o'clock at night, they find an excuse to call her into the Director's Office, was made director of the desk behind them, to do his blue opposite, did not find any, they suddenly Director called her to his side, said there is a computer file to make her look, and so blue that they actually went over the penis has been director of the dig out from the pants, and the computer which is showing pornographic films, blue dumbfounded at the time, did not wait for her to reflect over, clinging on by their director of a lie in his lap, and blue when we should cry, their director over her mouth and said: "You do not barking out a lot of my colleagues, not afraid of shame you called, I am anxious mess, I let out all your clothes tear up watching, orchid really not shouting, just trying to push him, let him off his clothes, blue cowardly to director succeeded.
Director-hand grasp the hands of anti-behind blue, single-handedly pulled the waist of her skirt and blue can only lie on his legs twisting the body, and her breasts just the pressure in the erect penis has been director of director of large hands kept the white in blue on the bottom and thighs walk back and forth, her mouth non-stop praise
Body beautiful, petite blue in 2 minutes was director off his shirt, thick fingers, director of Portland's private parts in the stirring constantly, blue body is very sensitive, only one will secrete a lot of sexual secretion, director of fingers stained sexual secretion on blue blue lips, said: "You see you have made spring, and not to install a pure. Having picked up a girlfriend to let her lie flat on the desk, immediately bow to his girlfriend two or pink nipple in turn allow smoking on the mouth, while his girlfriend's sexual secretion stained fingers constantly circle her clitoris, teasing his girlfriend after he has such a high passion, but there is a reason, when he so when his girlfriend gave him oral sex, resolute resistance, making the penis, director of the secretion of fluid Nianman handsome face. At this time director, do not insist, and
The high lift of the penis directly inserted into the body of his girlfriend, his girlfriend Menheng a cry, tears streaming down, not Guannameduo director, only the twitching body before and after his girlfriend's sexual secretion, more and more have been streaming down pussy to the anus. .
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