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To sell his wife's first husband, helpless

To sell his wife's first husband, helpless

Prologue we are unemployed in the last century,
In that laid-off frenzy that swept the country, I and my wife in the same month became unemployed, I
In 5000 there was a medium-sized state-owned enterprises engaged in the quality of work, after graduation from secondary school
In this factory, I am confident it is competent for the job, I still get a college staff college diploma, but
Everything did not keep my job. I remember when the last out of the factory door, tears of laughter meat and leather master
Personnel manager do not laugh ┅ ┅ my wife a week after I have been laid off, "optimal combination", and naughty escort in Long island is a
Excellent textile workers, in most men's eyes, naughty escort in Long island definitely considered a beautiful woman, the main workshop of obesity
Office early on her dreams, she never did succeed, the workshop several women are his plaything ┅ ┅ negative
Debt-ridden textile mill was finally merged, but good sycophant workshop director, deputy director of riding on the throne,
Again rejected his outrageous request, my wife laid off.

My wife and I have little savings, wanted to do a little business, so you can finally feed their families. Year,
My cousin in Shenzhen that break back, from his mouth the first time I heard "venture capital" in this term.
However, the term became my nightmare began. In his repeated lobbying, we will give him all the money
Investment, shown with the first quarter, he returned to our dividend 30 percent, driven by the interests, I
And my wife started the relationship that we all can think of, to borrow a huge sum of money to a cousin, a six-figure,
As you might guess, the money is like a pebble into the sea, and instantly disappeared, with the disappearance
Along with my cousin ┅ ┅ we really become a proletariat, owe a bunch of accounts of the proletariat. In order to
Avoid debt collection, we get a train south, mix half a year in the south, finally found here is not suitable
We, humble and narrow academic skills so that we can only engage in the formation of physical labor. One day,
In an old newspaper I saw a news about the content is false traffickers who sell the fraudulently obtained money, the
And escaped with a woman. In the South I feel like I heard people say is called "release aircraft" or something.

I began to re-examine my wife: whether in ancient or modern, my wife is definitely regarded as a U.S.
Female, beautiful face, black hair Rejoice, devil figure, measurements 36,24,36. She
The breast is very beautiful, large and tall and straight, red nipples the size of the areola in the coin against the backdrop of particularly lovely;
Her pussy warm and close, but every time I have very ecstasy. This stuff, no wonder so despicable that
Fat salivate.

In the dead end of the day, naughty escort in Long island had offered to do the line, but was severe tongue-lashing I rejected, I
Every day can not stand the feeling of being put on the green hat. Now we want to face this dilemma, I told her
I proposed the idea - to sell his wife. She even agreed to, and I know she loves me. So, I started
My career in the pseudo-traffickers ┅ ┅ economic differences affect the development of the area also affected the area of ??social life,
Including marriage. Many areas, especially in remote mountain villages, the poor, local women are married off, and the field
But do not want to marry in, creating a lot of "bachelor villages." So trafficking came into being.

First, we went to the southwest province, I put my wife to sell a 40-year-old bachelor, that home
Partner when seen such a beautiful woman, eyes staring straight only my wife, so we cheat because the initial
He exposed many of the flaws are not found. I smooth get 5,000 yuan. Rural brigades in agreement
Hall waited two days later, my wife came back, we fled the place, that even my old bachelor
Have not seen his wife naked. Had the initial experience, we means more and more mature. I put my one year
Wife sold nine, deposit far more than 5 digits long.

Is not always so successful, that his wife was finally done by others, although she fought back, but
Or in the "laws" of assistance is "What is done can not be undone," she escaped after four days, the eyes red

We returned to the city, the first time in that city's most upscale of the three-star hotel stay for one night. Her full day
Foot wash bath for an hour, then, we love crazy, she bites my shoulder out of the blood ┅ ┅ night,
I said in her ear: "We made enough to go back debt, then a new leaf ┅ ┅"
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