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Beautiful secretary oral sex on the aircraft

Beautiful secretary oral sex on the aircraft

Guoli Xiong luggage stuffed into the trunk of the top of the aircraft cabin, and then sat down waltz.

This to their pedestrian package of small aircraft, 40 more than one person casually sitting open, in addition to busy stewardess, extraordinarily quiet cabin. The Guoli Xiong where the company is financing set up in several countries, the scale of interest as much as real the unimaginable to outsiders. Imagine the year from ordinary officer to start, finally made it the point of today's general manager, in which the bitterness of who know, work diligently to do two years of work, only in exchange for the status of today's publicly funded charter business trip feeling hearts extraordinary.
To sit down, and other aircraft to open is always a long process, he put back the chairs lowered comfortably lying on top, slightly to eyes closed up, until the shock when the plane took off before you get him to wake over.
After the aircraft steady, his secretary to go over, softly: "The general manager, which is to schedule your trip, you look okay? The" Guoli Xiong secretary is a Sino-US half-breed, called Vanessa Mae just graduated, did not take long, so get her into the company to be a clerk, was the daughter of his wife's close friend, but did not think Vanessa Mae act are strong, Guoli Xiong and superiors to discuss, put her transferred to The secretary's position, although he was already forty years old, but still feel the temptation of young Vanessa Mae that breath.

Guo Lixiong readily took the schedule to start the browser up, Chen was sitting next to him waiting for Guo Lixiong amendments, Guo Lixiong After reading, feel nothing, looked to one side and a look at Vanessa-Mae, but did not think of my nosebleed almost erupted between Vanessa-Mae wearing suits, black jacket, but can not hide a proud bust, in white shirt and black suspenders bra lace faint if now, the open side of the black side of a short black stockings under the skirt to her entire leg infinitely stretched, already thin, straight legs in high heels, solemn and yet charming. Originally the Yi Miqi tall girls in rare white and delicate skin accompanied by watery eyes, coordinated features exceptionally soft light aircraft, Guoli Xiong mind immediately playing the drums, and finally settled down. The aircraft was shaking all of a sudden the body of Chen Mei immediately threw herself into the arms of Guoli Xiong, Guo Lixiong just to calm down the heart again accelerated.

The captain's voice came from the radio: "I'm sorry, Dear passengers, we encountered a little airflow the aircraft in a short period of time may repeatedly shock, please fasten your seat belts, do not casually walk around, thank you."
The Guoli Xiong quickly to Vanessa Mae up, please, in the public and in private, is not particularly good this inexperienced little girl, in order to cover up just the mood, he deliberately mentioned: the seat belt quickly Well, be careful not to hurt. Vanessa Mae answer out of the seat belt fastened, but pulled to the top of the lamp to turn off.

No one dared move the cabin, this is light like isolated space, Guoli Xiong began restless, usually back to his wife to go out fooling around, and now Vanessa Mae turned out the lights, simply a species of deadly The temptation, although their age can do her father, but Well obviously, Chen is not the kind of law-abiding people. Figured this section, Guoli Xiong quietly unlock the seat belt, his right hand, intentionally or unintentionally set their eyes on Vanessa-Mae Vanessa-Mae reluctantly hiding on the allow Guo Lixiong the right hand to hold his left, Guoli Xiong thought: "Me and . "turned round to the right, the left hand will explore the past, Chen does not know when to unlock the seat belt smoothly pushed up the handrails will be airplane seats interval, and then the people will enthusiastically went up a Guoli Xiong two kiss up.

Vanessa Mae does not appear to the novice, the kiss did not take long to start playing with starting with their lips, the Guoli Xiong earlobe, nose, between the "no intention" emit heat got into the ear where Guoli Xiong, Guo Lixiong take off Vanessa Mae after coat, his hands to make a Pom Pom trend toward the D level to Vanessa Mae chest, feel good and more flexible than outside the lady's chest, Chen Mei Jiao Yin heard, the right hand went opened the the Guoli Xiong pants zipper, and then tear inside the underwear, Guoli Xiong erect rather stout little brother to jump out, Vanessa Mae right hand gently feels, can not help but exclaimed: "A big Guoli Xiong also can not help but triumphantly, Vanessa-Mae's left hand also down to help, after all, the giant root 18CM does not have two hands, is difficult to wait.

Vanessa Mae into the bottom of the left hand near the back and forth in the root touch move, sometimes gently Roudong the Guoli Xiong balls, while the right hand is mainly on the glans near to do to open a bottle of state activity together. The Guoli Xiong Chen Mei before the deduction advantage of this time to take off a bra and her white T-shirt line and two large milk, like shells, like his brother, but also shake a few lights through the first few rows of seats , a pair of beautiful breasts, although large, but no signs of sagging, small areola, the nipple is also relatively petite, but it is Guoli Xiong favorite type.

The Guoli Xiong two hands to force can not wait to caught up, Vanessa-Mae's breasts are obviously sensitive zone for her, her brow slightly furrowed, with a lovely two small eye teeth to bite the lower lip not to sound, but more attractive than to issue any moaning, the Guoli Xiong is the love veteran, firmly grasp the first few times, then relax and open, while grasping the side of the nipple with your index finger to tease Chen Mei, Chen Mei's legs back and forth could not touch the moving is clearly the following reaction has also been, to let her know what to do, but on the plane, after all, is not convenient, the Guo Lixiong then leans her ear said: "got to the hotel to wait on you, first, a good serve under me." Vanessa-Mae slightly shy nod , bending down help Guo Lixiong oral sex.

Vanessa Mae tongue slender but not lack of power, ny oreintal escort gently licking Guoli Xiong horse eye, the thrill of numb feeling Guoli Xiong forget all the women, and that large breasts across his trousers began to shake, plus the environment of the aircraft, there are other people's discomfort with the kind of achievement, a sense of pride so that he nearly shot out. Vanessa Mae licking ten left hand continue to touch the roots back and forth action, hand massage the Guoli Xiong balls, open your mouth and then latch onto the glans of Guoli Xiong, she does not hurry down, but with the tongue in the oral cavity spin around the glans, Guoli Xiong close your eyes and enjoy them, about two minutes later, Chen began to use the mouth Taonong since Guoli Xiong's younger brother, and she also focus on licking the glans following the position of the groove, Guoli Xiong cool doubled days .

Not too long, Guoli Xiong began to feel up his right hand wanton Zhuanie Vanessa-Mae in the chest, the left hand in Vanessa-Mae's head, in accordance with the frequency and depth of what you want hard, Chen did not think Guoli Xiong suddenly so excited, thick and long penis can only swallow half, but every time the top to the throat deep, so ny oreintal escort felt waves of nausea, began to struggle a bit, but the Guoli Xiong very like she's such a struggle. more force, and then suddenly spine place a contraction, a heat all spray Vanessa-Mae's mouth, this release of Vanessa-Mae's head, Chen know their future will be in this Note, regardless of bitterness of semen they swallow down, and then began to carefully use the tongue to help Guo Lixiong clean up the Guoli Xiong feel to heaven, let Vanessa Mae casually take care of his younger brother, until the captain announced that it has through the air the sound came again. before they sit up and began to organize clothes.

Guoli Xiong looked at Vanessa-Mae in profile, I delighted, thought to himself: to the hotel, the more exciting things to living to ...
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