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Dormitory - my paradise

Dormitory - my paradise

In college, I am colored, often hide the ladies room peeping what, these are nothing, succulent summer, late at night to sneak into the women's dormitory.

Our school dormitory there are several buildings, including an older, and the location is innermost in the community. Dormitory followed by a small piece of open space, and then the wall, I sometimes take the dark to steal girls underwear (I stole that time no fewer than 20 bras and underwear) and hide out of the window to look inside the MM dress small underwear Tang Chuangshang chat, and then secretly take them hanging on the outside of the underwear to play a aircraft shot above.

And then hang back ......

The middle of the night two, I am looking for sexy women's dormitory outside small Kuku, he suddenly saw a window above the barrier is not. And that hostel just (later observed lived dormitory locals often go home at night), so I had enjoyed the package the day turned into. Into the future a little posing hostel girls clothes, I started out the door of the dormitory inside wandering the corridors of the dormitory.
Approaching the toilet, I suddenly heard the sound of water, I was shocked and secretly seen, they found three girls in the bath. I look around the outside no one will hide peeping outside the specific situation that is outside to look at, wait until the three girls the quick wash when I left the first floor up slow walk (a total of six floor) Anyway, each floor toilets have toilet, bath, really do not understand why so late before taking a bath, but just cheap to me, let me properly appreciate a dozen girls naked ass Xiaoxue class.
The toilet did not wait until each layer was when I was obsessed with having left the left the dormitory to see almost the early morning of 4.

A later time, I often multiply the middle of the night turned into the dormitory, I no longer satisfied Show the class that they take a bath. I want to enter the dormitory to kiss their Xiaoxue. I then in the dormitory corridor inside there which hostel did not locked, and then sneak into, do not want this hostel is really more. Remember the first time into the nervous trembling, take a deep breath, see MM lying in bed near the door wearing only a small pants, I was very careful with your mouth eating her breast, after a while, I feel This girl has happened, I quickly left. And so I entered not Know quarters, eat their breasts and and small Mixue of (of course, many of which are separated underwear) when they are sleeping, and sometimes luck, encounter, then rummaged in several postures or even pull out his penis in the their Mixue gently rubbing pressure, may be I was lucky, never the girls woke up immediately or find.

Impressed me the most profound and succulent, I sneak into a women's dormitory, the girls are on the innermost bed masturbation, maybe mahhatan big tit asian escort was too invested, did not find that I have come in, I bent down close to her, carefully, may be so late I am sure you are sleeping or how is it that she even sent a muffled groan (each room of the dormitory of six beds), after a while, just listen to sound more groans sound, no movement, this time from time dared to touch, and even breathing are simmering, had a good freshman, this girl is still nothing happened, I think it might be asleep, I really could not identify the holding if she resist the idea that I quickly fled, tiptoe went to her bed the middle, I saw her legs spread apart and lying in bed, Xiaoxue hair faintly, gently mouth kiss on her Xiaoxue, a will see no movement, I turn the tongue sticking out, gently licking two, or has happened, I began to really savor this just the climax of Xiaoxue, of course, I still do not have all invested, to pay attention to the movement A, but to eat for a while, her Xiaoxue began to water, she did not wake up the signs, my courage began to slowly increase the intensity of eating.

Speak according to truth, this effort must be feeling, but this girl is still no movement, I guess mahhatan big tit asian escort should be pretending to be asleep, began to gently rub her breasts, feeling her breast is not great, but feel . She still did not wake up like, and gradually, I heard a slight groan, I can confirm that she was awake, just enjoying. So I continue to quietly eating her Xiaoxue, and then hand his pants gently off the penis to liberate, I softly climbed to her bed, a very small experience no bed deceives ring , or capped to wake on the dead, I was up in her gently in her ear, said: Baby, with you Gengshuang. She first hesitated a little, I would use fingers to plug her Xiaoxue, Sure enough, one would she put the leg points open, and then we in the middle of the night two or three of the time, be very careful in the dormitory which sex, but also not sound afraid the other girls woke up (of course, did not wake up me know), she just issued by the climax point Wuwu the sound, and I told her I quickly shot when she actually on the ah a bit, so I bluntly shot in the inside of her small Mixue. Engage in is finished, we quietly agreed place and time to meet tomorrow, I immediately.
Later, the girl will become a gun in the school when the Friends. The reason why the Friends of the gun, because mahhatan big tit asian escort has a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend. (By the way, for the first time we met, only to find she actually even higher than I am, half a head, but does not matter, anyway, and she will play).
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