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Love of mother and Plato

Love of mother and Plato

Whether the existence of a Platonic love between mother and child?

I have all day, absentminded, can not concentrate on work. Anyone who has not seen, hiding in the office, even my secretary Whitney also would like to not see. Lest her fuss, because she was too good.

Whitney is the "spin", mahhatan asian nurse escort is the closest to my company, is also a good secretary, the boss know how the police statement of defense color.

If I'm in love, can not be hidden from her, because mahhatan asian nurse escort was well aware of the laws of my life, my day from morning till night to do what must be arranged by her. And she is beating around the bush, called the inklings, and admit I have the feeling of love. I have that feeling? I did not tell her. She only knew that he was a little older than I am boys.

Love this self-volunteered consultant, said: "brother and sister love it does not matter you see Ting Feng and Faye Wong was not called a lot of people envy? Do not miss the chance, a good man is almost extinct."

This is what I need encouragement, because I sometimes feel so indulge yourself. Sometimes an excuse to snoop on my progress, or even ask: "have sex with him did not?"

I'll shame the blush, I have never from that aspects of thought, and that can not happen to have sex with him is unthinkable.

"Whitney, we will not go to bed, just to be with the Platonic."

"Do not fool yourself you do not have confidence do you think he will suspect you are older than he, will not sleep with you, men and women love the situation to the concentration, would love to bed and I see you on his reaction, not only in Plato. "

"You do not know."

He did not understand, because my boyfriend and son. And son love to go to bed? Impossible. Although we almost feel in love a little, it is not real love, mother and child of each other and spend time together. However, Whitney is the so-called "love life" offer proposal, I regarded it used in his son's life. Of course, I would not and he loved to bed, however, add a little romantic atmosphere in their own lives, then no harm done.

His contacts with half joke, then, like a grain of truth. I have no self-confidence, will be fully concentrate on work, school career woman style may be psychological compensation ...

However, with him to regain confidence. He was praising every one to listen to musical notes in my ears, I began to believe their own attractiveness. The men watched on my thigh, my son is no exception ...

Compared to Whitney, my love experience too little, mahhatan asian nurse escort can take her boyfriend out Zhuge Shu, told me that their advantages and disadvantages, including the performance of the bed. I do not have her so open. People think that I have to pursue a lot of skirts, in fact very small. My age, with the debut of men and I are married. Not married too unbearable. Achievement is better than I was young, did not dare climb. To be honest, whenever a man to my gallant, I will be vigilant, afraid encountered inhuman, come to both life and wealth.

Last night, I no mood to sleep, because to see him running back, who only a short period of pants, half-naked body, youthful and fresh. Solid and well-proportioned muscle sense, sense of fresh skin, so I feel an almost certain lust atmosphere. I am thinking about him, and he and I separated only by a wall of sleep, I would like to have a look at his sleeping position and a handsome face.

He is my son! Why am I his heart insomnia?

In the morning before work, he knocked on my door and said to me: "Mom, remember that tonight I have an appointment with you to wear beautiful point, to wear that I gave you a pair of high heels, please? You to wear thin with high-heeled especially good-looking shoes. "

I with the fans in general, spend half an hour to dress up in front of the mirror, to find a match for a pair of high heels. Finally believe enough good-looking, opened the door, I saw where he was waiting for me, and smiled at me. Her from head to toe I am tasting it, he was satisfied I was assured.

He said: "Wow, you are more and more beautiful!"


"About the honor of to such a pretty girl and I eat, I do not know the life of repair."

"Nonsense, do not take my mother to a joke."

"You would prefer that I speak the truth or lie?"

"Of course the truth."

Close to my ear he whispered to me, you really charming, and then gently kissed my cheek a pro, my heart began to resist the beat, until now. Had a very slow time in the office, not in the mood to read the papers. Incoming calls is not his voice, I only half-heartedly.

Opened he wrote me cards and letters, and read it again. He was to write, I love his letter.
He would a letter be sent to my office. He made such as the habits of his letters. We live under the same roof, but like closing his letter. Of course, I reply. What is written?

I am not sure, each other's miss and care.

In the letter, the mother how to express his son's missing? The son also said that what then? I looked and looked, to feel a more like a love letter than a.

Whitney knock on the door to come in, I seem guilty conscience immediately letter covered up. Whitney came to remind me, quasi-5 pm, got off work.

I installed was as if nothing had happened, darted out from the office, Whitney then catch up and asked me to say: "see you this dress, but also about the? Is not about him?"

Her more than this, I recently only one appointment. From the heart tastes like, give her the answer.
Have fun and I have a hunch you have a romantic Mystic of the evening. Maybe they asked you to marry. "mahhatan asian nurse escort whispered in my ear.

I can not explain the Whitney said, it would make my mind waves. I spent a lot of time listening to her for my love life to offer, I understand, and son to eat, watch a movie and she said it is irrelevant, but it made the feeling, but the difference far. I decided that an open mind, go with the flow, the present and enjoy life. These days having a good time, revel it, why he just contradict themselves to evade their happiness?
These days I feel very happy, since my son romance ...

His romance to be our starting point. I took him to the bar to drink, to comfort him. He lost a childhood girlfriend, I have found that she is my daughter-in-law. My son is not inferior to someone else's place and fate are made in heaven, beloved cicada drag other branches, heart pain, frustration is great, but no girls in the world?

Then, we have a lot of time together. He used to take care of dating, ignored me, he said. Moreover, he found that the appearance of his mother was a strong woman, very busy, but is actually very lonely and need someone to pet her.
Thus, the couple would often together, these time jokingly do "dating" him to the vitality of young people and his sense of humor, I am boring and tense raw Zhang added a vitality.

Two mother-child dating will do something? What can be done after work, on holidays, go to movies, listen to the concert on the restaurant, travel ...

Besides working, I began to have a private life. Since we frequented the restaurant waiter mistaken for couples, he suggested that we play a game in front of them to impersonate a couple.
When he called the waiter in front of my wife, I cover your mouth almost laugh.
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