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Do you know why young woman shared ?

Do you know why young woman shared ?

   Last September, because the girlfriend and I broke up,because her job is  about female escort service, i can't handle it.and i don't wanna see this woman that support female escort service to many men.  i quit my job in that city. i move out of there.

so  i'm finding a job in internet, left here as the company came to the dormitory had not rented out a three bedroom with a living room.

   I can always rent a house so big a bar. But they can not find a smaller house, no option but to lease advertising posted on the outside. That night came a young couple, of Hunan. They said that to rent an apartment. I was dumbfounded to see that woman on, and 1.65 in height, great body, oval face hair keep a shawl. I thought: beauty ah! ! Not to be missed. Not my wife, watching Yangyang Yan is also good, if we can cool to the better. So at the time agreed to them. The man said he called the Tao, the woman called the cloud.

    I also introduced yourself, and then smiled and said to the woman: We are not just a hundred years ago, and you do with my sister is the same name (which is absolutely true and I told her cousin is the same name). Now destined to live under the same roof, you younger than me, called me a brother right. Never too lose it. Tao and cloud laughed. Cloud it very generous, I heard brother called my heart sweet. They may not be good economic cloud, it is necessary a minimum of a room the next day to move in. Another large room I rented one of my colleague and his girlfriend. 

I was in the company's two classes, I and my colleagues are not a class. When I rest in his work, his rest when I go to work. Cloud and his husband is a factory, but two people on three shifts is not a class.

But still have time together. With the sound of this cloud called my brother, the closer our relationship a lot. I rest at home when their home was always looking for them to chat, watch TV. I do not have television, because the computer does not want TV. Cloud quite like the Internet, at home, when I went to my side is always right to the Internet.

So, after more than four months, summer. Always wear a cloud at home knee nightdress, which revealed faint bra and panties, see my horny. Night always imagined her charming body pistol.

But just look absolutely can not eat is a painful thing, so I started to eat their brains how to mouth.

I heart this day a note to the next line more than 10 A lot of films and novels about the young woman out of the wall on the computer. Then the cloud said: young girl, I give you a room key with it. I go to work when you rest, then also be able to get online. Cloud said: Brother, you are not afraid of me stealing your stuff? I laughed and said: You call me brother I was afraid you steal my stuff? I believe in you! So it was equipped with a key to her. I was heart wanted, but afraid you do not. Do not know what you see when the computer what those ideas. I was at work in the cloud to my room online I do not know her in the end have to see those movies and novels, but I have asked her later, she admits seen. Said either to be seen how I get that started it! Haha! ! 

Set design to after two people in my home and cloud, I will always be in my room she was not to open before the A film, then the speaker's voice is not much difference, but in the living room to hear a little volume.

That goes in the living room when I would open the door and down the toilet or take the kitchen or something. Cloud always blushed at me, but also Miao Miao muster my shorts.

But I did not think the exciting thing to me so fast. That night I was late on the Internet, all three o'clock in the. I am going to bath to bed. Goes to the bathroom and found later under a bath down the bra and underwear have not had time to wash the bowl on it, can not wait to get up and immediately looked at carefully, and then took off his underwear stained with body fluids of underwear wrapped in clouds little brother on the rubbing together. As I cool, I heard "Yeah"

In a gasp. I turned around and saw the cloud I stood staring at the bathroom door to see it. I at once uncontrolled shake up, I saw white spray semen all at once to the cloud underwear.

I suddenly froze, embarrassing not know what to say. Goes down when I have not had time to stare down the small brother watching. Erupted I do not know how to do, and really changed plan as designated Kuaia. As I do not know how to do when the clouds gently came up two steps. Blushed, said: Brother, you is not never done a long time? I am stunned, gently nodded his head. Cloud walked up to me, grabbed my hand gently brother, said: Brother, or I can help you. I heard that, little brother look like eating hormone, crazy childhoods. This kept the cloud shocked, simply say: Brother, you big, good thick. I heard music, and this time also control what. Asked her: her husband's big than you do? Cloud nodded. Hand in my brother back and forth Taonong with.

I am a Louguo cloud, kiss up. On the one hand touching her buttocks. Cloud bottom is not, but very flexible, feels very comfortable. Kiss for a while, I left her lips, kissed her neck, a little bit of licking.

When licked her ear lobe, the cloud, "ah," the hum out. It seems the sensitive parts of her ears, I stepped up attacks on her ears, sometimes licking nibble sometimes with and sometimes teeth into his mouth to suck. Cloud this time in my arms kept writhing body, hands faster Taonong my little brother. I hand the hem of her nightdress into it, touched her underwear, then a thin piece of underwear has been wet.

  I do not idle the other hand, the two shoulder straps cloud Lingerie straps gently wave, sliding down on the nightdress. Exposing the two towering snow-white breast, the original goes to sleep without a bra. I carefully looked at the peak of two charming, peak on the two grapes have been stand up. I am on a gently with grapes in his mouth sucking, paddling with his tongue in the above circle. Cloud this time the people are a little soft, his hands tightly holding my head, the chest is more upward bulging, his mouth kept humming.

I think time has come, a cloud will be picked up, came to my room. Her into my bed, pulled her wet panties a pull down. Cloud lying in my bed, his eyes looked at me confused. I suddenly Pa to her body, can not wait to say: I want to go. Cloud gently nodded, his legs ring to my waist. I immediately aligned with the little brother of her pussy, ass into a force once the top half.

Cloud "ah" and whisper a cry, and I stopped and asked: pain. Cloud nodded: a little, you too thick.

I am pawing at her body does not move, felt little brother was surrounded by an warm feeling, the feeling of really cool tightly.

Did not think the cloud is still married to the person so tight. I gently moved, asked her: still painful not? Cloud shook his head. I am excited to say: that I came. Immediately vigorously moving up, the cloud moves with the constant swinging of my body, lift the buttocks is not also cater to me. Because there is no woman for several months, my action is very rough, constantly twitching, issued a "flap" of the crash. new york escort

Intercourse at two constant water overflow bit. Cloud kept saying: Brother, hard, hard. And then into the points, so comfortable! Soon, they saw the cloud of the body began to shake, no sense of thing with his mouth.

I knew she wanted to come, more force Choucha up. Sure enough, soon, to see the cloud of a violent twitching body, then a stiff. And my little brother felt her pussy gushing waves in warm water to stimulate the body numb me, asshole began to shrink, I know I have come. I began to more strenuous exercise in the next 20 after I was to die, ready to pull out the little brother shot in the cloud in vitro. Who knows I feel the intention of the cloud, according to my butt with both hands, stuck to her more.

I suddenly did not notice, she did not pull out but was made more closely, the whole shot at once in her pussy.

After I shot the whole people are soft, and Pa in the clouds who gasped. We just gently hugged each other after a while children cloud gently pushed me. I know that pressing her, and climb up. Just listen to "porphyrin" bang both of us tightly seal the opening to the local sub. I heard this voice gentle smile, the cloud had red face more red and quickly looked down. I said: do it all done, what is embarrassed. Why do not you just come out, hitting the inside your pussy, how to do if you pregnant. Cloud suddenly buried his head into my arms, whispering, said: nothing. These days is rhythm. I listened to a relief. new york asian escort

Rest for a while, Cloud said to me: Brother, I go back to sleep, Tao fast work. I gently nodded and watched her back to the room. My heart really want to be able to hold her sleep ah. But I thought, anyway, the future still has a chance, Dewan is also not responsible, really great!

until today , i can't believe the thing i do, i find New york escort every month.


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